Drinkable Desserts: 10 Teas to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

Posted: 06/17/2021

Craving a sweet treat at the end of a long day, but want to limit your intake of sugar, carbs or calories? Experience all the indulgence without the regret with The Republic of Tea’s decadent selection of guilt-free dessert teas

Summon the flavor of your favorite treat — from red velvet cake to gingerbread cookies to chocolate-covered strawberries — with the quick and easy steep of a tea bag. Most of these delicious dessert teas contain zero calories, and they all contain less than five calories.

Dessert teas are perfect for satisfying your sweet tooth after dinner, or for serving on celebratory occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and other holidays. Keep reading for your gateway to guilt-free indulgence.

1.Caramel Vanilla Cuppa Cake® Tea

Welcome to The Republic of Tea Bakeshop! This tantalizing tea was inspired by one of our favorite dessert recipes: old-fashioned Southern yellow cake with homemade caramel vanilla frosting. Smooth, premium black tea serves as the base for this delicious blend, and is layered with carob bits and natural caramel and vanilla flavors.

2.Lemon Chiffon Cuppa Cake®Tea

Have your cake and sip it too with this delightful herbal infusion, with a flavor that is reminiscent of a lemon chiffon cake speckled with sweet coconut and topped with a creamy lemon icing. A perfect balance of green rooibos with lemon, coconut and vanilla flavors.

3.Gingerbread Cuppa Cake®Tea

Indulge in the taste of freshly baked gingerbread cookies anytime of the year with this cheerful and cozy cuppa. Steep a cup of this fragrant red rooibos-based tea and delight in the deep, rich flavors of spiced gingerbread with cinnamon and vanilla. Gingerbread Cuppa Cake Tea is naturally caffeine-free, making it a comforting treat before bedtime.

4.Coconut Cocoa Cuppa Chocolate Tea

Satisfy your cravings for something warm and chocolatey with this best-selling tea. Exotic coconut brings out the fudgy milk chocolate flavor of cocoa powder, while roasted carob and chicory intensify the richness and warmth. Smells positively decadent while steeping!

5.Peppermint Cuppa Chocolate Tea

Is there any duo more delicious than rich dark chocolate and cool, creamy peppermint? This dessert tea celebrates this classic pairing with a blend of red rooibos, cocoa kernels, peppermint leaves, chocolate and mint flavoring. Relish in the healthful, calorie-free and caffeine-free pleasure.

6.Banana Cuppa Chocolate Tea

The taste of this decadent dessert tea is reminiscent of your favorite chocolate and banana pairings, from chocolate banana cream pie to frozen bananas dipped in chocolate. Real banana bits deliver a creamy, sweet and tropical essence, while cocoa powder, carob and red rooibos add a rich and luxurious flavor.

7.Red Velvet Cuppa Chocolate Tea

Delight in the taste of freshly baked red velvet cake without the sugar or calories. Red Velvet Cuppa Chocolate Tea blends herbal rooibos with beetroot bits, sweet blackberry leaves, chocolate and vanilla flavors for a smooth and indulgent cuppa. Naturally caffeine-free and perfect for satisfying a post-dinner craving.

8.Strawberry Cuppa Chocolate Tea

Rich, decadent chocolate pairs with a hint of ripe strawberry in this seductively delicious cup. Red rooibos provides the base in which these two complementary flavors mingle, adding a smooth, comforting and slightly nutty taste. Bourbon vanilla beans deliver the perfect finishing touch to this satisfying cuppa. 

9.Downton Abbey®Mrs. Patmore’s Pudding Tea

You do not need to be a fan of the award-winning television series Downton Abbey in order to appreciate this decadent dessert tea, which boasts the homemade flavors of vanilla sponge cake drizzled with rich caramel sauce. The full-bodied base of premium black tea receives additional richness from the carob bits, caramel and vanilla flavors.

10.Almond Coconut Macaroon Red Tea

Love the taste of macaroons? Sip this smooth, caffeine-free rooibos tea and delight in the flavor of lightly toasted almonds and coconut. Naturally sweet and nutty yet containing zero calories, Almond Coconut Macaroon Red Tea is a delight to sip at any time of the day or evening. 

Experience sip after sip of pure guilt-free indulgence with this delicious assortment of dessert teas.

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