Fitness and Energy Teas to Beat the Winter Blues

Posted: 01/08/2024

Do you have a case of the winter blues? Are you feeling the post-holiday slump? When the dreary winter days drag on, many seek comfort in the warmth of a soothing cup of tea. In this article, we outline different fitness teas that can make you feel warm and energized. We have incorporated herbs and teas from around the world known to fight fatigue and boost your mood.* Each of these energy teas offers a unique bouquet of flavors and aromas to brighten even the gloomiest of days. Join us as we uncover fitness and energy teas that are the perfect antidotes to cold weather, low motivation and grumpy moods.

HiCAF® Cinnamon Toast Black Tea Bags

Looking for tea that is high in caffeine? The HiCAF® Cinnamon Toast Black Tea makes an excellent winter treat, reminiscent of that nostalgic breakfast indulgence. Start your day on the right foot with a cup of high-caffeine tea that tastes like warm swirls of cinnamon and sugar.

By adding green tea extract and pure caffeine isolated from premium tea leaves, The Republic of Tea has imbued our HiCAF® tea collection with even more caffeine than coffee. This high-caffeine tea makes an excellent pre-workout beverage to get you fired up. Embrace the energizing warmth of HiCAF® Cinnamon Toast Black Tea as it transforms your chilly morning.

SuperAdapt Burnout Blocker® Tea

Feeling overwhelmed and burned out? Sip on this soothing elixir to combat the symptoms of burnout with every fatigue-fighting cup. This energy tea harnesses the power of Chaga and cordyceps mushrooms to help you feel invigorated and refreshed.

Chaga mushrooms were given to soldiers as a rejuvenating coffee replacement during the world wars. They are also known as the “King Healer” of mushrooms in traditional Siberian medicine. Paired with cordyceps mushrooms, revered by athletes for recovery and endurance, this mushroom dream team will help you shake off the winter blues.

Chaga and cordyceps are paired with warming cinnamon, naturally sweet dates and bright ginger to form a light and tasty blend. SuperAdapt Burnout Blocker® Tea was selected as a 2020 sofi™ Gold Award Winner in the tea category. This is an excellent tea for fitness and recovery. Add Burnout Blocker® Tea to your shelf if you want an energy boost without relying on caffeine.

Get Burning® - Herb Tea for Metabolism

This tea is a must-have if you are renewing your dedication to health and wellness this new year. The Republic of Tea’s blend masters specifically crafted Get Burning® - Herb Tea for Metabolism to help rev up your internal engine. With a rich green rooibos base and an invigorating chili pepper kick, you will reach for this delectable fitness and energy tea again and again.

Get Burning® can help you achieve your health goals with the help of holy basil and cordyceps mushrooms. Holy basil is said to boost energy and enhance your resilience to stress, and cordyceps mushrooms are used by athletes for their purported energy and stamina boost.* So, as you step forward into the new year, let Get Burning® - Herb Tea for Metabolism be your flavorful companion, supporting your journey toward enhanced vitality and wellness with every satisfying sip.

*This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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