Five Teas to Drink During Your Natural Detox

Posted: 06/23/2015

To detox means to rid your body of and abstaining from toxic substances over a period of time, usually a few weeks.  This practice has gained popularity in recent years as many people have begun to take a deeper interest in improving their health and well-being.  Drinking tea can be very beneficial during the detoxing process.  Let us take a look at the advantages of drinking tea during a natural detox and five varieties that will keep your body hydrated and preforming at its best.

The Benefits
There are a few ways drinking tea during a natural detox will help to support and enhance the process.

1) Removes Toxins
The antioxidants contained in most varieties of tea are thought to help flush the body of toxins such as those caused by too much caffeine, food additives, smoke, alcohol and other environmental factors.
2) Aids in Digestion
Teas such as Dandelion SuperHerb® and Biodynamic® Ginger Tea not only taste great, but the herbs used in these teas are thought to help boost the body’s digestive system, further helping to eliminate damaging toxins.
3) Suppresses Appetite
Adhering to a natural, nutrient-dense diet along with hydrating by drinking premium teas can help to curb the urge to indulge in less healthy, over-processed foods.
4) Naturally Energizes the Body
The small amount of caffeine contained in teas such as premium green or 100% white tea is known for giving the body a gentle boost without the harsh buzz that other caffeinated beverages often bring. It is perfect if you need a little lift during your natural detox.
5) Hydrates
Much like water, but with many additional health benefits, drinking tea helps to rehydrate the body and keep it operating efficiently.

The VarieTEAS
We offer a beneficial selection of organic rooibos detox teas as a healthy way to aid in cleansing your system.
1) get clean® – No. 7 Herb Tea for Detoxing
As the name suggests, this caffeine-free herbal detoxing tea contains organic rooibos, milk thistle, red clover and sarsaparilla, dandelion, chicory and burdock root to help stimulate the liver and get clean®.  The Get Clean Stackable Tea Tin is a two-week supply of specially formulated teas available to help you detox from morning to night.
2) get relief® – No. 9 Herb Tea for Digestion
As mentioned, boosting digestion helps to reinforce a natural detox and this flavorful tea is specially designed to do just that.  Organic rooibos, cinnamon, anise, peppermint and stevia combine to soothe and get relief® for your stomach with each sip.
3) get probiotic® – No. 18 Herb Tea for Digestive Health
Another variety created to aid in digestion is our get probiotic® herbal tea.  Organic rooibos couples with the potent probiotic GanedenBC30® to balance and support your digestive system.
4) get charged® – No. 3 Herb Tea for Energy
If going through a natural detox is leaving you feeling sluggish, this tea is was designed to help you get charged® and boost your energy.  Eleuthero, Chinese ginseng and Ashwagandha blend with organic rooibos, hibiscus, gotu kola and blueberry for a fruity tasting tea that offers a natural pick-me-up.
5) get it going® – No. 2 Herb Tea for Constipation
Finally, you can’t flush your system of harmful toxins if you are unable to get it going®.  Organic rooibos and senna leaves combine to help keep you regular while ginger relieves cramping and sweet licorice helps to soothe the gastrointestinal tract.

If you are interested in trying a natural detox, remember that it is important to consult with your physician beforehand.  Along with clean eating and an active lifestyle, drinking caffeine-free tea during a detox will aid digestion, keep you hydrated and help you to reap the benefits of this healthy routine.

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