Camping With Tea

Posted: 08/06/2019

Can you imagine a more peaceful way to start your morning than by breathing in the steam from a hot mug of tea while surrounded by the endless beauty of nature?

Camping is a time-tested hobby that is continuing to grow in popularity year after year. It is a wonderful opportunity to relax, unwind and decompress…and what better beverage to aid in that relaxation than by sipping a soothing cup of your favorite tea?

If your teatime ritual tends to include fine china and table settings, you may wonder how tea can be incorporated into an activity like camping. Don’t worry—there is no need to pack your teapot, cups and saucers into your backpack! 

Below, we have rounded up some of the best tea varietals and tea accessories to bring along on your next camping excursion.

Best Teas for Camping

Camping is all about escaping from the stress of daily life and reconnecting with nature. The best teas for camping will melt away your worries and celebrate the earth’s bounty with a blend of herbs, spices, flowers and fruits.

Cardamom Cinnamon Herbal Tea has the earthy, robust aroma of the forest itself. Spicy-sweet cinnamon merges with cardamom, cloves, star anise, ginger and other warming spices to deliver a fragrant cup. Close your eyes and listen to the sounds of the forest as you savor this gentle herbal infusion.

During those chilly early hours of the morning, you need a tea that will warm you up and awaken your senses. Maté Latte® Full-Leaf Tea features an exotic blend of Brazilian maté and cocoa for a natural energy boost. Rooibos, almonds and cactus flowers add complexity and depth to this rich, chocolaty brew.

Savor the smoky, nutty flavor of fire-toasted rice and fine green tea leaves as you sit by a roaring campfire with Tea of Inquiry Full-Leaf Tea. This smooth, toasty infusion is gentle enough to enjoy any time of the day; we recommend filling your thermos for all-day sipping. 

Turmeric is renowned for its pungent, earthy flavor and brilliant golden color. Organic Turmeric Ginger Green Tea blends this ancient spice with zesty ginger, aromatic cinnamon and premium green tea. Enjoy a cup of this invigorating blend while watching a vivid sunrise or soaking in views of a dramatic mountainscape.

Is there anything more comforting than sipping a hot cup of apple cider on a crisp evening? Hot Apple Cider Tea contains real apple pieces and a cornucopia of spices, including cinnamon, cardamom, ginger and cloves—perfect for sipping by a crackling campfire.

Best Tea Accessories for Camping

The wonderful thing about tea bags is that they make steeping tea a breeze, no matter where you go—even the top of a mountain or a remote campsite! Many overnight campers travel with a small camping stove, which is perfect for heating water to steep tea.

If you don’t have access to a camping stove, a good old-fashioned campfire will do the trick! Once your water is heated, place your tea bag into a cup or travel mug, pour the hot water over the bag, and allow the bag to steep for the recommended amount of time.

For tea drinkers who prefer “glamping” over traditional camping, a cordless electric kettle is the perfect convenient accessory for heating your water to the ideal tea-steeping temperature.

If you enjoy using full leaf tea rather than tea bags, you can still easily steep tea on the go with a travel tea press. Simply add two teaspoons of full leaf loose tea to the press, pour your hot water in, allow the leaves to steep, and lower the plunger. Your tea is now ready to sip!

travel tumbler with a stainless steel infuser is another excellent way to steep tea while camping. If your tumbler or thermos doesn’t have a built-in infuser, you can use a universal tea infuser to prepare tea in any type of container.

We encourage every camper and outdoor enthusiast to pack a bit of tea the next time they head out on an adventure. Camping with tea will encourage you to slow down, sip, and soak in your surroundings—and isn’t that what camping is all about?

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