Celebrate Afternoon Tea Week: August 7-13

Posted: 08/07/2023

What is Afternoon Tea Week?

Afternoon Tea Week celebrates the British tradition of pausing daily to enjoy a cup of tea and some delicious snacks between lunch and dinner. However, people all around the world can benefit from participating in this habit of taking a break in their busy day to enjoy the simple pleasures of tea and light refreshments.

What would it be like to pause and take a moment for yourself in the afternoon every day this week? This little habit could easily lead to less afternoon energy crashes and contribute to mental well-being. If you find yourself protesting that you are too busy to add an afternoon tea break to your day, perhaps peruse this article about the measurable benefits of taking breaks especially when you feel too busy.

Slowing down to savor a steaming cup of tea and a light snack is an excellent way to prioritize a moment of self care in our hectic modern lifestyles. Whether you choose to take your afternoon tea break as a moment of solo relaxation or a chance to share a cuppa with a loved one, you might be surprised what a luxurious touch afternoon tea adds to your daily routine. 

Below you will find some of our favorite tea and tea-themed refreshment pairings to celebrate this week. Remember, creativity is encouraged, and whatever your favorite teas and snacks are will pair together perfectly as you celebrate Afternoon Tea Week 2023. 

Strawberry Tea Tart and Strawberry Hibiscus Tea

For those of you craving summer strawberries and rich chocolate this Afternoon Tea Week, may we suggest this Chocolate Strawberry Red Tea Tart Recipe. This tart marries perfectly with the fruity zing of our Strawberry Hibiscus Tea Bags. The deep and sophisticated magenta color of this hibiscus tea will make your afternoon tea break feel extra luxurious. 

Pear Walnut Rooibos Biscotti and Bold Black Chai Tea

Perhaps you prefer your afternoon pick-me-up with a hint of spice. This Bold Black Chai Tea has the warming spices and caffeine kick to get you out of any afternoon slump. Pair your chai with a nutty Pear Walnut Rooibos Biscotti and you will feel rejuvenated and ready for whatever the rest of your day has in store. 

Matcha Truffles and Black Raspberry Green Tea

Chocolate lovers and those in need of a gluten-free Afternoon Tea Week treat will adore this Matcha Truffle recipe. Green tea is an excellent choice for an afternoon tea break because the tea’s caffeine content is balanced with the antioxidants L-theanine and EGCG. This powerful blend of caffeine and antioxidants has been shown to increase mental clarity and boost mood.* For more about the benefits of green tea read 3 Reasons Green Tea is a Daily Must Drink. A green tea that pairs well with Matcha Truffles is our Black Raspberry Green Tea. The unique dark fruity tang of black raspberry really takes the chocolate decadence of a matcha truffle to the next level. Any loved ones you choose to share this tea and snack pairing with will definitely ask for a second helping.

*This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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