Cuppa Chocolate Teas: A Calorie-Free Treat

Posted: 02/14/2017

Imagine yourself indulging in the decadent flavors of red velvet cake, chocolate banana cream pie or chocolate covered strawberries… but without the calories!

Meet Cuppa Chocolate Herb Tea.

These chocolaty hot tea varieties blend caffeine-free South African rooibos with natural cocoa, fruits, herbs and spices to create cup of pure goodness.

Inspired by your favorite desserts, Cuppa Chocolate Tea is a daily guilt-free indulgence that will satisfy your sweet tooth and keep your wellness goals on track. This line of teas was featured on NBC’s Today Show as one of the top 10 Skinny Foods all dieters should try as well as in “Woman’s World.”

Celebrate Any Occasion with Cuppa Chocolate Teas

Our selection of delicious Cuppa Chocolate Teas is perfect for birthdays and other celebrations. Whether you are hosting a holiday soirée, romantic Valentine’s Day dinner, birthday bash or casual get together with friends and family, add a bit of guilt-free sweetness to the mix by serving up your favorite blend.

Any of our flavorful Cuppa Chocolate Teas would make a perfect replacement to traditional sugary sweets. You can also pair them with go-to goodies like cookies, cakes, brownies, and other treats…or better yet, use it as an ingredient to create your own dessert from scratch! Get inspired with this decadent chocolate strawberry tart recipe, which uses our Strawberry Cuppa Chocolate Tea to add a burst of sweet, fruity flavor.

Choose from 5 Cuppa Chocolate Tea Flavors:

Red Velvet Cuppa Chocolate Tea

Blended rooibos, beet root bits, sweet blackberry leaves, and natural chocolate & vanilla flavoring make this hot tea taste just like the classic red velvet cake you know and love. Sip on a warm mug of this tea any time of day, and enjoy the flavors of moist red velvet cake. It contains zero calories and sugar, is naturally caffeine-free, and is certified gluten-free.

Banana Cuppa Chocolate Tea

Some tea drinkers say it reminds them of a rich, smooth chocolate banana cream pie; others say it is more reminiscent of frozen bananas dipped in chocolate. Either way, the blend of flavors in this hot tea is sure to satisfy even the biggest sweet tooth. This tea is certified gluten free, sugar free, calorie free, and caffeine free.

Strawberry Cuppa Chocolate Tea

This sweet rooibos tea combines decadent carob, cocoa kernels, chocolate flavor, strawberry flavor, and bourbon vanilla beans. Sip on a steamy mug of this indulgent blend, and your taste buds will be reminded of juicy strawberries covered in smooth, rich chocolate. It is certified gluten free, and is also caffeine free, calorie free, sugar free, and carb free.

Peppermint Cuppa Chocolate Tea

Enjoy the combination of cool, refreshing peppermint and rich chocolate in this rooibos tea blend, which combines carob, cocoa kernels, peppermint leaves and sweet blackberry leaves. This tea is naturally free of caffeine, calories, sugar and gluten.

Coconut Cocoa Cuppa Chocolate Tea

This rich and exotic blend combines roasted carob, caramel malted barley, roasted chicory, dates, coconut flavor, cocoa powder and chocolate flavor to create a naturally sweet cup. It is sugar free and low in caffeine and calories.

We know that it can be hard to choose a favorite flavor, which is why we offer our Cuppa Chocolate Tea Assortment. Experience all 5 flavors with this best-selling assortment pack!

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