Like These Teas? Here's What to Try Next

Posted: 04/26/2019

When you find a tea you truly love, it can be easy to forget there are hundreds of other tasty teas waiting to be explored and experienced. There is no need to stop sipping your favorite daily tea, but why not branch out and see what other tea types and flavors you might enjoy?

We have made it easy to broaden your tea-drinking horizons; if you see one of your favorite teas on the list below, consider sampling the suggested alternate tea next time you sip. Who knows—you may love it even more than your current favorite!

Like Double Green Matcha Tea? Try Detox SuperGreen Tea!

Nothing compares to the fresh, fragrant taste and beautiful green coloring of high quality matcha green tea. Our best-selling Organic 100% Double Green® Matcha Tea offers a classic smooth, vegetal matcha flavor that Citizens love.

If you are looking for a matcha blend with a more complex flavor profile, we invite you to try Organic Detox Green SuperGreen Tea. This cleansing tea blends organic matcha green tea with chlorella, spearmint and apple, to nourish your body and delight your senses.

Like Açaí Green Superfruit Tea? Try Daily Beauty Herbal Tea!

Antioxidant-rich açaí berries are known around the globe for their deep purple coloring, rich berry flavor, and superfood status. Organic Açaí Green Superfruit Tea blends organic açaí juice with crisp green tea, delivering notes of ripe berries.

Beautifying Botanicals™ Daily Beauty Herbal Tea also features a beautiful berry flavor, along with a bouquet of nourishing ingredients like blue butterfly pea flower, bamboo, and schizandra berry. Both blends are ideal choices for the discerning tea drinker who delights in self-care and wellness.

Like Ginger Peach Black Tea? Try Vanilla Almond Black Tea!

If you simply cannot get enough of the zesty, sweet flavor of Ginger Peach Black Tea, you will love the smooth, nutty taste of Vanilla Almond Black Tea.

Both varietals are made with the finest Ceylon black tea leaves, and offer complex flavor profiles with just a hint of sweetness. Add a splash of steamed milk for a delightful tea latte—the perfect way to ease into your morning routine.

Like Good Hope Vanilla Red Tea? Try Dandelion SuperHerb Tea!

Naturally caffeine-free Good Hope Vanilla Red Tea is a fragrant and satisfying herbal blend that combines the smooth, nutty flavor of red rooibos with sweet vanilla beans.

Organic Dandelion SuperHerb® Tea also features a hint of French vanilla, combined with the earthy, rich taste of roasted dandelion root. Much like our Good Hope tea, this SuperHerb blend makes for a wonderful full-bodied, caffeine-free alternative to coffee.

Like Turmeric Ginger Green Tea? Try Turmeric Single Sips!

Used for thousands of years in Ayurvedic cooking and healing, turmeric has a gorgeous golden coloring and unmistakable earthy aroma. We blended this savory spice with crisp green tea, ginger and cinnamon to create our beloved Organic Turmeric Ginger Green Tea.

Delight in the flavor of turmeric anytime and anywhere with Organic Turmeric Single Sips®. Containing a spicy blend of turmeric root powder, ginger, cinnamon bark, and black pepper, this single-serving packet needs only to be mixed with water before it is ready for sipping.

Looking for more tea inspiration? Check out our list of Citizen-approved best selling teas!

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