Tea Packaging: Why It Matters

Posted: 12/21/2021

When you retrieve your favorite tea from the pantry and steep a cuppa as part of your daily routine, it is very likely that you are not giving much thought to the tea’s packaging.

However, packaging plays a vitally important role in preserving the tea’s aroma, taste and overall quality. Improper packaging and storage can expose the delicate leaves and herbs to light, heat, humidity and oxygen, resulting in the loss of essential oils and flavor complexity.

The Most Damaging Elements for Tea Leaves

  • Light: Storing tea leaves in a glass jar may look beautiful, but transparent containers will allow sunlight to pass straight through. Exposure to UV rays will cause tea leaves to degrade rapidly, resulting in visible discoloration and weakened flavor. 
  • Oxygen: Tea naturally oxidizes over time, and some teas like oolong are even deliberately oxidized during the production process. But when stored in a non-airtight container, teas can oxidize and lose their flavor more quickly than normal.
  • Heat: Similarly, exposure to high temperatures can cause tea leaves to oxidize. This can occur if you store your tea in a cabinet next to the stove or oven. That said, tea should not be stored in the refrigerator either, as this can generate excess moisture.
  • Humidity: Moisture can be especially detrimental to tea leaves. When they become wet or damp, tea leaves will begin to break down and decay.
  • Odors: Many tea drinkers do not realize that tea leaves can absorb odors from the air. When stored in a non-airtight container next to fragrant spices like pepper and cinnamon, the aroma and flavor of the delicate tea leaves can become tainted.

How Our Tins Keep Your Tea Fresher

The Republic of Tea’s cylindrical steel tea tins were carefully designed to protect the fine tea leaves and herbs inside. They are fully opaque, blocking out all light and allowing the leaves to be stored in complete darkness. The airtight design keeps oxygen, moisture and odor contaminants from reaching the tea leaves, ensuring maximum longevity. 

When stored safely within our tightly-lidded signature tins, your tea will remain fresh and flavorful for as long as possible. After your tea runs out, there are an abundance of ways you can reuse your empty tea tins.

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