25 Fun Facts About The Republic of Tea

Posted: 05/01/2017

In honor of our 25th Anniversary, we have uncovered 25 fun facts about The Republic of Tea. Join us in raising a cup to 25 years of premium teas and herbs, and discover how The Republic of Tea continues to enrich people’s lives through premium teas, education and innovation.

  1. The Republic of Tea was founded in 1992 by Mel and Patricia Ziegler with Bill Rosenzweig. The Zieglers previously founded Banana Republic, which they sold to Gap in 1983.
  2. In 1992, The Republic of Tea introduced 21 premium and innovative teas in its first year to ignite a Tea Revolution.
  3. Today, The Republic of Tea offers over 300 premium teas, herbs, sipware and gifts.
  4. The founders of The Republic of Tea published a book about starting the company. An entrepreneur read the book, was inspired and bought the company just 18 months after it was founded. This entrepreneur was Ron Rubin, and he is the Minister of Tea.
  5. The Republic of Tea was the first company to receive USDA Certified Organic Certification. Today, it offers more than 70 certified organic teas and herbs.
  6. The Republic of Tea is a whimsical place where employees are referred to as Ministers, customers as Citizens and specialty retailers as Embassies.
  7. The Republic of Tea has a unique perk for its Ministers. Each year, it sends a group to visit a country of origin where the premium teas and herbs are grown. Over the years, Ministers have traveled to Japan, China, Taiwan, Sri Lanka, India and South Africa.
  8. Ginger Peach Black Tea was among the first 21 premium teas introduced in 1992. Today, it is still one of the best-selling blends.
  9. The Republic of Tea continues to innovate. It was the first company to introduce 100% White Tea to the United States, and the first to bring rooibos to the American marketplace.
  10. The Republic of Tea is a socially responsible company and has donated over $3 million to our non-profit partners. Click here to learn more.
  11. For our 25th Anniversary, The Republic of Tea has introduced a limited-edition Ginger Peach Chocolate Truffle Tea. This decadent blend features sweet cocoa, roasted maté and smooth rooibos.
  12. The Republic of Tea offers tea classes and tastings at special embassies in order to further educate our Citizens.
  13. Our Tea 101 email series is used to educate our Citizens on a variety of premium teas and herbs.
  14. The Republic of Tea is a founding member of the Ethical Tea Partnership, which is a non-commercial alliance to promote the ethical sourcing of tea.
  15. The Republic of Tea currently offers over 85 Kosher Certified teas.
  16. The Republic of Tea revolutionized the tea industry with both its round tin and unbleached, round tea bags, free of unnecessary tags and staples.
  17. The Republic of Tea practices what we refer to as the Tea Mind®: the perfection, the harmony, the natural serenity and the true aesthetic in every moment in every natural thing. Alert, yet calm.
  18. The Republic of Tea has led several practices in sustainability including 100% recyclable steel tins and recycled packing material from our tea paper.
  19. The offices and facilities at The Republic of Tea are designed by a Feng Shui expert.
  20. The Republic of Tea allows all Ministers to participate in Make-a-Difference Days where they give back to the community by volunteering.
  21. The Republic of Tea was the first company to introduce unsweetened calorie-free bottled iced teas.
  22. All teapots, glasses, mugs and accessories are referred to as Sipware and are inspired by a Sip by Sip Lifestyle.
  23. Citizen Service is of the utmost importance at The Republic of Tea. All calls are answered 24/7.
  24. Minsters participate in a Healthy Minister program that provides daily walking breaks, annual health screenings and athletic shoes.
  25. The Tea Blog is a resource for all Citizens to explore The Citizens’ Tea Library with tea-related questions answered by Ministers as well as Tea Recipes bringing food and drink together.

We look forward to the next 25 years and thank you for being an important part of our Tea Revolution!

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