Celebrate National Hot Tea Month This January

Posted: 01/19/2017

Happy National Hot Tea Month! Although a soothing, aromatic cup of hot tea is a welcome sight at any time of the year, it is not hard to imagine why January was chosen as the official month for celebrating tea. After all, there is nothing better than warming up with a hot cup of your favorite blend on a chilly winter day.

There are plenty of ways to celebrate National Hot Tea Month this January, and we have rounded up some of our favorite ideas below.

Sample a New Tea Variety

Always wondered what yerba maté tea tastes like? Intrigued by the sound of fermented Pu-erh tea? Looking for a new herbal tea flavor that you have not tried yet?

National Hot Tea Month is the perfect time to shake things up and sample a new tea variety or two. Give your taste buds a treat by experimenting with new tea types and flavors that you may not normally choose. Who knows — you just may find your new go-to hot tea this month!

We recommend browsing through our many flavored teas to find a variety that stands out. Our chocolate teas are decadent and indulgent (but guilt-free!), while our rose teas are light, fruity, and floral. For teas that are a little spicy yet comforting, check out our Chai teas. Or, for a punch of intriguing and unexpected flavor, try one of our turmeric teas.

Don’t be afraid to be bold with your choices, and to select a flavor you have never thought to taste before. For those who really want to branch out, our tea samplers offer a wide variety of hot tea types and flavors.

Cook with Tea

Thanks to its rich flavor and delightful fragrance, tea is a wonderful addition to many food and beverage recipes. Our Minister of Fire and Water has curated a list of some of the best tea recipes around.

Tea works especially well as an ingredient in sweet treats, and there is no better feeling than pulling a fresh batch of baked goodies out of the oven on a cold January day. Below are some of our favorite dessert recipes that incorporate tea:

Tea can also help spice up some of your favorite snack recipes, like granola and Incorporate Tea into Your New Year’s Resolution

For many people, January is a time for new beginnings and new goals. Quite often, these goals are related to health and wellness. Tea is recognized around the globe for its powerful healing properties, and can enhance and revitalize any existing wellness regimen.

The Republic of Tea’s assortment of detox and wellness teas can help cleanse your body and eliminate toxins, while our SuperHerb Teas contain healthful herbs that may improve your overall physical and mental wellbeing.

This January, try making premium tea a part of your health-related New Year’s Resolution. Whether you’re aiming to ward off pesky colds, slim down or increase your energy levels, hot tea just may be the boost your body needs to reach your wellness goals this year.

Please share which idea inspires you in celebrating National Hot Tea Month!

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