Introducing Organic SuperDigest Teas™

Posted: 01/24/2020

Our ancient ancestors were the first to discover the healing benefits of fermented foods and beverages. Originally, the fermentation process was used simply to preserve foods and help them last, and was a necessary tactic in preventing spoilage. 

Over time, traditional healers and modern scientists alike have uncovered the true wellness properties of fermented foods and beverages. We now know that good digestive health is one of the foundations of overall wellness.

Good Health Starts With a Healthy Gut

Today, consumers are faced with an overwhelming number of fad diets to choose from, each backed by their own conflicting philosophies and rules. In response, many Citizens are ditching modern diet trends, returning to their ancient roots, and seeking functional foods as a remedy for their wellness and digestive concerns. 

As foods and beverages undergo the fermentation process, some of their sugars and starches are broken down into simpler forms that are more easily absorbed by the body. This aids in both digestion and nutrient absorption. As we continue into the new year, gut health is one of the largest and fastest-rising wellness trends on the horizon.

Introducing NEW Organic SuperDigest Teas

The Republic of Tea is delighted to introduce our newest and most innovative collection of teas to-date: Organic SuperDigest Teas. These flavorful beverages take a cue from our ancient ancestors and incorporate premium fermented ingredients as well as added probiotics.

Organic SuperDigest Tea is the only premium tea line on the market that combines fermented ingredients with added probiotics in a teabag. Every teabag contains 1 billion CFUs (colony forming units) of DE 111 Bacillus subtilus, which is shelf- and heat-stable. 

These meticulously formulated teas are available in four flavorful blends that your palate and gut will love. Sip daily and support digestive health and overall wellness in each delicious cup.

Hibiscus Beet Ginger

Delight in the bright, floral-berry flavor of hydrating hibiscus and the sweet, earthy notes of red beet in Hibiscus Beet Ginger Tea. This tart-sweet blend contains a touch of spicy yet soothing ginger to ease digestion,* and is naturally caffeine-free.

Honeybush Vanilla Turmeric

Honeybush is a native herb from South Africa with a mildly sweet, honey-like flavor and a wide range of health benefits.* This herb serves as the base of Honeybush Vanilla and Turmeric Tea, which is enhanced with aromatic vanilla bean and a touch of earthy turmeric. Sip this caffeine-free blend any time of day, from morning to evening.

Cacao Cinnamon Pu-Erh

Aged, fermented black tea (known as pu-erh) delivers an earthy flavor to Cacao Cinnamon Pu-Erh Tea. Spicy cinnamon and organic cacao from Ecuador add a rich chocolatey flavor to this lightly caffeinated cuppa. Add a splash of warm milk for a soothing and satisfying treat.

Green Pu-Erh

Green Pu-Erh Tea is hand-plucked from high-grown tea gardens in Yunnan, China. The resulting tea is light, fresh and well-balanced with a clean finish. Enjoy the fresh, floral notes of honeysuckle and light oolong, with no astringent finish.

Support your digestive health and nutrient absorption with Organic SuperDigest Teas, which are as delicious as they are healthful.* We invite Citizens to sip and enjoy several cups of these teas daily as a part of their overall wellness routines.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.

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