British Breakfast Single Overwrap

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  • 5 Star

British Breakfast Single

5 Stars British Breakfast Single

from KS on wrote:

I enjoyed the flavor of this tea.

EXCELLENT English Breakfast tea

5 Stars EXCELLENT English Breakfast tea

from CA on wrote:

This has excellent full flavor...not bitter. Loved this tea.

Tasty choice for morning tea!

5 Stars Tasty choice for morning tea!

from NM on wrote:

A perennial favorite on days when you don’t want more coffee to get you moving.

Great tea!

5 Stars Great tea!

from IL on wrote:

Love this tea. Very smooth!

British Breakfast Black Tea

5 Stars British Breakfast Black Tea

from CO on wrote:

I absolutely 💘 💘 💘 this tea! It's my favorite! Has a very nice, robust, smooth flavor, and no hint if bitterness whatsoever! I highly recommend this tea!