Sea Salt Caramel Honey Cream
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Sea Salt Caramel Honey Cream

Sea Salt Caramel Honey
One gooey spoonful and you’ll want to dive into a jar and live there (that’s what one fan told us). Happily ever after, of course. Made with fresh honey from Pennsylvania’s Bumbleberry Farms, this spreadable honey cream is flavored with sea salt and caramel.

A proprietary mixture of honey, whole milk, butter, pure vanilla, pure cane sugar, sea salt and caramel created through a long, slow cooking process. Zero trans-fats, 11 grams of carbs per tablespoon. All natural. No preservatives or artificial anything.

This small-batch, artisan-crafted honey spread is the perfect accompaniment to tart apples, morning toast, yogurt, popcorn, oatmeal, cheese, and sweet potatoes. Stir a spoonful into hot tea and transform your cup into a decadently sweet and creamy treat.

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Sea Salt Caramel Honey Cream
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Shelf life:
One year from creation date. Store at a temperature above 65°F before opening; refrigerate after opening.

Our natural, premium sweeteners will add a tasty touch to any cup. Whether you take honey or agave nectar in your tea, we have the natural sweetener for you. Our organic substitutes to processed sugars, syrups, and artificial mixes are sure to make your tea experience more enjoyable.


Whole Milk, Pure Cane Sugar, Butter, Honey, Pure Vanilla, Sea Salt



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