Coconut Water Iced Tea

Enjoy coconut water iced tea blends made from a base of organic matcha or organic green rooibos any time of the year. Using freeze-dried coconut water crystals, our premium iced teas are refreshing with every sip. Flavors including healthy matcha, as well as pineapple and mango for a sweet tropical iced tea experience. Each flavor comes with eight large, unbleached tea pouches to make a perfect quart of premium iced tea at home.

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  • Organic Matcha Coconut Water Iced Tea Pouches

    Tea Meets Coconut Water

    Matcha and coconut go together like the beach and a good book. Combined with a sprinkle of premium green tea leaves, this blend features earthy and grassy flavors that pair beautifully with the refreshing notes of organic coconut water. The three work together to keep you both energized and hydrated Sip by Sip.

    Quart-Sized Refreshment

    Eight large unbleached tea pouches are perfectly portioned for making it easy to steep healthy, premium iced tea at home.

    Steeping Is a Breeze

    Place one pouch with 2 cups of hot water that is just short of boiling in a heat-safe pitcher. Steep for 2-3 minutes. Remove pouch then stir in one cup of ice cubes until ice melts. Serve over more ice.

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