Downton Abbey®
Two Tea Gift
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Downton Abbey®
Two Tea Gift
  • Gluten Free Tea

This metallic gold box features our two newest Downton Abbey® teas, Daisy and Mrs. Patmore’s Tea, and Violet and Mary Tea. This set is the perfect gift for the Downton® Abbey enthusiast.

Downton Abbey® Daisy And Mrs. Patmore’s Tea: The traditional flavors of plum pudding — baked fruit and spices — are married with the virtuous flavor of vanilla in a premium black tea base. This heartfelt cup is perfect for high tea and is equally good paired with a hearty sandwich or sweet biscuits.

Downton Abbey® Violet And Mary Tea: Inspired by the flora found in a French country garden, this caffeine-free infusion is soothing and sophisticated. A bouquet of herbs such as lemon verbena, peppermint, linden leaves, lavender and rosemary are married with the fresh citrus flavors of orange and lemon. A romantic tea to sip and dream of far-off places.

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Downton Abbey®
Two Tea Gift
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Downton Abbey: A New Era ©2023 Focus Features LLC. Downton and Downton Abbey™ and © Carnival Film & Television Ltd. All rights reserved.

Dimensions: 5 11/16 wide x 5 1/2 tall x 2 3/4 deep


Downton Abbey Violet and Mary Tea — Caffeine Free Jardin Herb Tea: Lemon verbena, organic peppermint, organic apple bits, organic linden leaves, organic lavender, organic rosemary, natural orange blossom flavor, organic orange peel, organic lemon peel and natural orange flavor.

Downton Abbey Daisy and Mrs. Patmore's Tea — Plum Pudding Black Tea: Black tea, natural creamy vanilla flavor, cinnamon, natural flavor, natural plum and cinnamon flavors, elderberries and black currants.



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