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Quench your body’s thirst and keep it hydrated with watermelon, baobab fruit and a touch of Himalayan pink salt. Cooling hibiscus adds a bright flavor to this tasty and refreshing blend.

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Watermelon with baobab fruit, hibiscus, Himalayan pink salt and monk fruit.

BLEND: Remove a little water from a 16.9 oz (500 mL) bottle of water.Pour in and shake until blended. Enjoy immediately.


organic agave inulin,organic baobab, organic watermelonflavor, organic hibiscus, himalayanpink salt, organic monk fruit and natural flavor



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Citizen Reviews
  • 4.5 Star

Hydration Packets

5 Stars Hydration Packets

from GA on wrote:

Dissolves very well in water, very light taste and now my daily "go to" for reaching my water intake goals

Great product

5 Stars Great product

from GA on wrote:

I live in the Deep South, exercise a good bit, and have found this rehydration mix perfect for me after exercising. I keep a canister in my car so I can add it to my water when I am leaving the gym. It works! The flavor is mild.

'Single Sips' good, but disolve slow

3 Stars 'Single Sips' good, but disolve slow

from FL on wrote:

These 'Single Sips' are convenient, being portioned for standard bottled water. They help with hydration and provide a nice light taste. The only drawback though is that they mix very slowly. It takes more than 5 minutes for the powder to dissolve, even with frequent agitation--not good when you're in a hurry to guzzle. The Apple Cider dissolves even much slower and even then you have to manually breakup the clump--I won't ever buy that flavor again solely because of that inconvenience.


5 Stars Hydration!

from NY on wrote:

Both the watermelon and apple cider hydration sips are getting me to drink more water. The taste is fresh and not too fruity.

So Delicious!

5 Stars So Delicious!

from CA on wrote:

I've been adding these to many of my iced teas for an extra flavor boost - even to my Watermelon Mint iced tea. I happen to love the taste of watermelon so it complements my iced drinks really well. Not sure if the "hydration" factor means that the watermelon powder actually affects how your body absorbs the hydration, or if it's just yummy enough that one wants to drink more. Either way, thumbs up!