Organic Apple Cider Vinegar Single Sips®

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As featured on's "These New Products Turn Basic Water Into a Fancy Health Drink" and "5 Healthy Herbal Tonic Drinks That Give You a Wellness Boost".


Drinking vinegar, as an energizing and cleansing tonic, has been used for thousands of years. Organic Apple Cider Vinegar crystals with organic cranberry and hibiscus essences dissolve instantly into water to deliciously refresh and balance your body wherever you are.

Each recyclable PET canister includes 14 individual Single Sip packets for a two-week supply.

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Apple Cider Single Sips contain no caffeine.

Remove a little water from a 16.9 oz (500 ML) bottle of water. Pour in and shake until blended. Enjoy immediately.


Organic vinegar, organic apple cider vinegar, organic hibiscus extract, organic agave inulin, organic cranberry and organic vanilla flavors, citric acid and organic monk fruit



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Citizen Reviews
  • 5 Star


5 Stars Tasty!

from KS on wrote:

Initially I bought the smaller size because I was doubtful but after trying it ended up buying the larger pack. It's really tasty, a little tangy but not overpowering and the vinegar is helping with my digestion. I will definitely buy this again and recommend it highly!

Very tasty

5 Stars Very tasty

from CT on wrote:

I only had a sample so can only review the taste as opposed to any benefits of this single sip. The taste is great! Smells a bit of ACV, to be expected, but the flavor is more cranberry. I will buy this with my next order.


5 Stars AMAZING!

from TX on wrote:

I can't seem to stomach Apple Cider Vinegar, so I thought I'd try this with all the goodies added. I am hooked big time! I will be drinking this for a lifetime. I drink it cold.

Surprisingly Awesome

5 Stars Surprisingly Awesome

from IL on wrote:

I bought this product because I have heard how great apple cider vinegar is for your to drink. I have a home recipe for a lemon apple cider vinegar drink but I never remember to make it. These singles sounded interesting. I mostly only drink water and tea so my beverage selection gets kind of boring. I don't do sugar or fake sugar of any kind. I was excited to see that this mix has none. The mix dissolved quickly in my water just by shaking it. It has a great cranberry flavor with a hint of the apple cider vinegar. It has a really clean finish! I absolutely love this drink!

Tasty and convenient

5 Stars Tasty and convenient

from TN on wrote:

I bought it because I love the flavor of cranberry and hibiscus, and am interested in the health benefits of ACV. The packets need a little help dissolving, but the flavor is great! Just the right amount of sweet and tart. I have only had it a few days now, so I don't know if I feel any better for it but it is very refreshing.