Paper Tea Bill Gift Certificate

Choose Your Variety
$25.00 - Tea Bill Gift Certificate $25 #70001
$50.00 - Tea Bill Gift Certificate $50 #70002
$75.00 - Tea Bill Gift Certificate $75 #70004
$100.00 - Tea Bill Gift Certificate $100 #70003
$200.00 - Tea Bill Gift Certificate $200 #70005

Give the gift of tea with a tea bill.

Your gift will be delivered in a gift envelope and can be used online and by phone.

Citizen Reviews
  • 5 Star

Got it fast!

5 Stars Got it fast!

from MO on wrote:

Was astounded and pleased at how quickly my gift certificate arrived. Would definitely purchase again.

Best long distance gift !

5 Stars Best long distance gift !

from IN on wrote:

Giving the gift of a tea bill for those long distant friends and loved ones is perfect. Everyone I know that has tried your tea has loved it. Spread the love! Send a tea bill!

Easy, fast, and fun for all

5 Stars Easy, fast, and fun for all

from ID on wrote:

The Tea Bill is a great gift for a distant tea lover. My daughter just loves to get them, and I just love to give them.

Perfect Retirement Gift

5 Stars Perfect Retirement Gift

from CA on wrote:

My fellow tea-loving co-worker retired & loved the very nicely packaged gift certificate I gave her as a parting (for now!) gift.

"Giving" doesn't stop

5 Stars "Giving" doesn't stop

from NY on wrote:

I sent a tea bill to my brother and sister-in-law, for the second time in 2 years. Their pleasure with the gift that "keeps on giving" makes me feel good that I thought of it. She tells me that they drink tea often, but usually do not buy the top of the line like this gift now allows them to do. That says something for the products sold here. I have found the same good taste in all I have purchased for myself. Thank you for a good product, whether the gift is for another or for self - it's good!!