Peach Blossom Oolong Tea Bags

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$10.25 - Tin - 36 Tea Bags #40381
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This semi-oxidized oolong tea grown along winding mountain streams in China's Fujian province produces a cup with a bright flavor and pleasing flowery finish. The essence of spring peach blossoms complements oolong's natural fruity flavor.


Oolong Tea has less than a quarter the amount of caffeine per cup than in a similar-sized cup of coffee. More about caffeine.

Steeping Instructions

Steeping Oolong tea is easy. Simply heat fresh, filtered water to a rolling boil. Then pour water over tea and steep for 3-5 minutes (if using tea bags) or 5-7 minutes (if using full-leaf.)


Oolong tea from China's Fujian Province, orange blossoms and natural peach flavor



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Citizen Reviews
  • 5 Star

Instantly became a fan when I opened the tin

5 Stars Instantly became a fan when I opened the tin

from NJ on wrote:

This tea smells so wonderful. The peach flavor is really nice and goes well with the hearty oolong taste. Have not seen anyone who does not like it.

So good!

5 Stars So good!

from WI on wrote:

I am a huge fan of tea and have been searching for the perfect iced tea. This one is it, hands down. I have had tea from all of the big companies and I keep coming back to the peach blossom oolong. If you like peach, this is the one for you! No sweetener needed!


5 Stars Wonderful

from TN on wrote:

This tea is as wonderful hot as it is cold. I don’t see myself making any other iced tea from now on.

A "Keeper"

5 Stars A "Keeper"

from CA on wrote:

I love this tea. It is aromatic and I like that it has less caffeine than most.

Real fresh peaches

5 Stars Real fresh peaches

from TN on wrote:

Loved the fresh peach taste