Excellent Tea

5 Stars Excellent Tea

from MO on wrote:

This is a great way to try a cup and then purchase what you love ❤️

Excellent Teas! So many choices!

5 Stars Excellent Teas! So many choices!

from AZ on wrote:

I love the variety of teas that you can get in an order. So many choices. It’s good for company to be able to have any tea they like,too! Great tea!!

Love the variety

5 Stars Love the variety

from MN on wrote:

I loved getting to sample a bunch of different teas without having to commit to a giant container of just one flavor. It's also great for guests when they come over to be able to choose from a variety of teas.

Gifts for Girlfriends

5 Stars Gifts for Girlfriends

from UT on wrote:

The girlfriends loved the little package of tea joy.

Perfect for stocking stuffers

5 Stars Perfect for stocking stuffers

from OR on wrote:

I picked up a selection that I am giving to my daughter and daughter in laws as stocking stuffers. Picking flavors that I think that they might enjoy was really fun and it allows some variety this way.

Sample Box is great!!

4 Stars Sample Box is great!!

from CO on wrote:

The sample box is an excellent option to have for those of us just getting into the world of tea. Three of us ordered the sample box to share and to figure out which teas we would like to order regularly. It was so easy for us to figure out which teas to sample and it took less than 5 minutes to complete the order on your site. However, it was so quick to figure out which teas we wanted to try because, unfortunately, there weren't that many to choose from. It would be a dream to be able to order every tea that you offer. But, for now, we would take you adding a few more selections here and there.


5 Stars Teas

from FL on wrote:

I bought a variety of read and have a great taste in every single cup

Best Tea I’ve ever had!

5 Stars Best Tea I’ve ever had!

from PA on wrote:

This company is amazing! I was so pleasantly surprised how fast my order arrived. Then I tasted the tea and wow! I ordered the assortment and so far every flavor is so tasty. Highly recommend.

Custom Tea Bags

5 Stars Custom Tea Bags

from WI on wrote:

I really enjoy getting the custom tea bags you can try out the different flavors. So far I have had all Great teas. Would recommend trying for yourself.

24 count custom tea bag gift

4 Stars 24 count custom tea bag gift

from IN on wrote:

I like and appreciate the opportunity to try a sampling of several different teas. I REALLY wish I could try many more of your teas as a sample. Trying before committing to buy a larger amount prevents me having a lot of tea I do not like and allows ne to spend my money on the ones I really want. I want to try the Caramel Apple Red Tea and Hot Apple Cider Tea Bags and milk oolong, but do not see that they are available as a sample. I can't afford to spend the money on a large size of something I might not like. WOULD IT BE POSSIBLE TO BUY JUST ONE OR TWO OF EACH? Thanks

Great option

5 Stars Great option

from PA on wrote:

If you haven't tried this option, you should. I have done this twice now and seriously haven't tried a tea that I don't love. You get to personalize what teas you want and the quantity. It's nice when you have guests and you can offer a fun selection of tea.

Great Tea

5 Stars Great Tea

from FL on wrote:

Got this package with my 3 favorite teas so far. Glad to have chance to get exactly what I want in a sample box.

My tea

5 Stars My tea

from OK on wrote:

I loved every bit of it

I love tea

5 Stars I love tea

from OK on wrote:

I like it cuz I can order it online


5 Stars Options

from IL on wrote:

I love that I can pick what teas I want.


5 Stars Perfect!

from WI on wrote:

I bought this because I can select exactly which teas to include in the mix and how many of each. This way I only get teas I love. It's perfect. It would also make a great gift!

My favorite!!!

5 Stars My favorite!!!

from MD on wrote:

I love the variety of your teas. From Hi caffeinated to Relaxed. I have not been disappointed.

Best Tea ever

5 Stars Best Tea ever

from MI on wrote:

Love this tea. The flavor are so much more robust than any other tea out there...

Great Present

5 Stars Great Present

from TX on wrote:

Super creative way to surprise the tea lover in your life!

24 count custom tea bags

5 Stars 24 count custom tea bags

from ME on wrote:

I bought it as a gift and my daughter loves it. We have tried your products before and have never been disappointed. As always my ordered was delivered correctly and quickly.

Pick your own new favorites!

5 Stars Pick your own new favorites!

from MO on wrote:

Love variety and picking out flavors to try was wonderful. I have found some new favorites. Only wish all the flavors were available to try.


5 Stars Yummy!

from MA on wrote:

So much fun to try first time flavors without having to buy a whole box! This is a great way to explore wonderful new flavors! Highly recommend ordering this way! Have fun!!


5 Stars delicious

from NY on wrote:

Love the variety of tea I was able to choose from! I received this as a gift once and loved it so much I bought myself this package.

The most amazing tea!

5 Stars The most amazing tea!

from MI on wrote:

I am new to this tea company:). I wasn't sure what to expect. My first shipment of tea's we're delectablly amazing. I had to order more:). Try different new and exciting tea's. It has been an interesting treat for my senses. My taste buds have never been happier. Well done!! Thank you so much for enlightening me to a whole new world of amazing tea's.


5 Stars on

from CA on wrote:

Fast and on time

Custom Sampler Box

5 Stars Custom Sampler Box

from CA on wrote:

I love this item! Its a great way to sample all of the teas you've been wanting to try without committing to a full can. Fun, fun, fun!


5 Stars Mine,Mine,Mine

from VA on wrote:

I love trying new ones times. Too bad no way to exchange with other people. The flavorer

Great gift

5 Stars Great gift

from FL on wrote:

I needed great gift for a friend and I hate shopping in stores. I wanted to give her something she'd enjoy over and over again so I headed to The Republic of Tea. Within 15 minutes her gift was ordered. Great product at a great price!

A Little Variety in my Life.

5 Stars A Little Variety in my Life.

from VA on wrote:

You can pick either 12 or 24 of single packs. Seriously, though who doesn’t want 24?

First Shipment

5 Stars First Shipment

from MI on wrote:

The teas are wonderful. They were delivered quickly, and they are fresh! Will be ordering more!!

An Added Surprise!

5 Stars An Added Surprise!

from AZ on wrote:

I love to include the perfect tea bag when mailing a get well or thinking of you card. The price is right for my limited income and my friends and church members love them.

Great gift to share!

5 Stars Great gift to share!

from IN on wrote:

My mother-in-law who lives out of state is a tea drinker. While visiting her recently I purchased some pumpkin spice latte tea and loved it! So for her birthday I purchased this assortment of Teas for her and me so we can experience new teas together while a thousand miles apart. Great birthday present!


5 Stars Custom

from TX on wrote:

I like being able to pick my favorites.

Love love love

5 Stars Love love love

from MD on wrote:

I absolutely love being able to select different teas to sample. My favorite is the coconut cocoa. Will be ordering a tin of those in the near future.

Flavored teas I liked best

4 Stars Flavored teas I liked best

from HI on wrote:

I purchased the 24 sample of teas to taste & see what I'll be buying next-I really liked the blackberry sage & cranberry blood orange teas! Hm-m-m!


5 Stars Tasting

from CT on wrote:

Loved being able to pick the teas I wanted to try. And enjoy tasting them and picking my favorites to get more of.

Wonderful gifts

5 Stars Wonderful gifts

from VA on wrote:

I have found these samplers to be the best thing for the tea drinkers I know. I gave some at Christmas and also ordered more for the coming year's birthdays, etc. Everyone likes to try new flavors and types and it's a great way to find out what they would like in greater quantity later on.

Custom mixed box of tea

5 Stars Custom mixed box of tea

from PA on wrote:

Love the options, but wish it would have been offered as a 50 bag collection also.

24 of my choice Tea.

5 Stars 24 of my choice Tea.

from TX on wrote:

The flavor of the Tea is beautifully.

Great Gift Sampler

5 Stars Great Gift Sampler

from IL on wrote:

I order these to give as gifts to my tea loving friends. It's also a good way to sample the teas so you can decide which ones you prefer to those you don't. It would be great to include Downton Abbey samplers, since the Downton Abbey pillows are now unavailable.

An Added Surprise!

5 Stars An Added Surprise!

from AZ on wrote:

When sending thinking-of-you or get well cards to friends and church members, I love to tape a tea envelope to the inside left of the card. Whatever the ends with...."and have some tea with Tasha (my adopted Russian Blue cat) and me! They love it. Sometimes I include a cute picture of her (14 in September and I have had her one year). My Halloween cards have Pumpkin Spice!

Love it

4 Stars Love it

from TN on wrote:

I love being to sample different flavors without committing to a whole box of it. However, like other reviewers have said, I wish they would offer more flavors or at least rotate them out a little more frequently (they rotate the seasonal ones from time to time but not often).



from MD on wrote:

I love the idea of being able to sample different teas prior to purchasing the larger pack. However, I wish they'd offer ALL the teas or at least more of them. Another option would be to switch them after a few months.

Expand Choices For Repeat Patrons Please.....

4 Stars Expand Choices For Repeat Patrons Please.....

from NY on wrote:

This is a wonderful idea. I have ordered it many times. I just wish after you've ordered it more than a few times the list of choices would expand.

Great option to sample different teas

5 Stars Great option to sample different teas

from TX on wrote:

I like that I got to choose which teas I wanted and how many of each. I was able to get two or three packets to really see if I liked the tea before committing to having 30+ tea bags of a certain tea in my home. The shipping was really fast too. I ordered mid-week and had my tea in hand by Saturday.

Great way to discover new teas

5 Stars Great way to discover new teas

from AR on wrote:

I ordered this for my sister in law so that she could sample some of the teas. I have recommended my favorites in the past. After seeing all of the flavor choices I ordered one for me too! Overall I will choose tins of my favorites in the future, but the box is cute and works great for a little gift.

Love the Variety!! makes a Great present!

5 Stars Love the Variety!! makes a Great present!

from MN on wrote:

I love that I can choose my own flavors! Having the ability to try one or two new flavors without buying a whole box is excellent!! I use these for gifts for friends, so I love that I can tailor them to their preferences, and then add a couple of my favorites in there!! It would be great if all the flavors come in these single serving sampler sets. Would you consider doing a sample set for the iced teas as well??

Variety is the spice of life

5 Stars Variety is the spice of life

from IL on wrote:

I bought several of these one for myself and gifts for others that also love tea. I love that you can pick and choose and can try new teas without having to buy a full box. But if you have a favorite you can get more as well.

Include friends

5 Stars Include friends

from AK on wrote:


Love! Love! Love!

5 Stars Love! Love! Love!

from AR on wrote:

I am having a wonderful time trying teas made available through this sampler that I would otherwise never spend the money for an entire canister. Thanks you for making this sampler available and please continue to expand the teas available for it.


5 Stars Ermahgod!

from NY on wrote:

Every single tea flavor in there was delicious - I just reordered a whole new sample pack, it's a great way to try out new flavors and let me tell you - I loved every cup!!

Love the Sampler!

5 Stars Love the Sampler!

from MN on wrote:

I have ordered 2 of these sample packs. I love that I can pick what teas and how many of each to try. Its a great way to try teas you are interested in without having to buy a big can/box of it. Thanks for offering the sample packs!

Great Selection for Tasters

5 Stars Great Selection for Tasters

from NY on wrote:

Ordered one of these as a gift. Recipient loved the assortment. I often walk around my local market, wondering why I can't open a container of Republic of Tea, get the aroma, taste one or two of these and one or two of those. Ordered one for myself picking one of each offered flavors. Already picked two I will buy a container of. Excellent way to sample different flavors.

Great Sampler

5 Stars Great Sampler

from AK on wrote:

Thank you for offering these samplers--they are new since the last time I ordered direct. Such a great way to try new teas and share them. I plan to order more for gifts.