Best tea EVER

5 Stars Best tea EVER

from CA on wrote:

I am a diabetic and am always looking for something delicious that is not sweetened. This is the most delicious tea ever. I never get tired of it. It is so crisp and tasty. I am trying to find it here in LA I just moved here. Thank you Republic .

Its the BEST!

5 Stars Its the BEST!

from OH on wrote:

My spouse received a case of this tea . It is her favorite tea! Sharon is very happy with her gift and so am I.

Awesome tea as always

5 Stars Awesome tea as always

from AZ on wrote:

They call this the champagne of ice teas and they won't get an argument out of me!!

Stop reading. Make purchase.

5 Stars Stop reading. Make purchase.

from IL on wrote:

Begrudgingly tried the Republic Darjeeling Black at a Todd English's Blue Zoo in Orlando. Bottled tea at a fine restaurant? I was shocked that they'd even offer me a bottled tea. The server told me he'd pay for the bottle if it was anything less than perfection. Needless to say, I paid for it. I'm an iced tea lover above all other beverages. I was astonished. I should also mention that I prefer sweet tea to unsweetened. The flavor profile of this tea is so smack-you-in-the-face complex and satisfying that I never once desired sugar. I was on this website and ordered a case the next day. It's that good. I know, I know, it's not cheap. But perfection has a cost. Tell 'em Mike sent ya.

Wow! All Iced Tea is Not Created Equal.

5 Stars Wow! All Iced Tea is Not Created Equal.

from CA on wrote:

Just tried Republic of Darjeeling for the first time. I am a big Iced Tea drinker, and have tried a bunch of different bottled offerings My local gourmet grocer just started carrying Republic's Darjeeling iced tea, so I gave it a try, but didn't expect it to be all that different from others I have tried - but was very impressed. It has a really delicate fruit "bouquet," (kind of a combination of "Granny Smith" apple and chardonnay grape). The taste has subtle flavors of chardonnay grapes. It is smooth, and and semi-dry on the palate. (Sorry for all of the wine snob jargon. I know it is iced tea ... but I don't know how else to describe it.) This has become an instant favorite, and will have to start ordering it in quantity.

Smooth, sweet and awesome!

5 Stars Smooth, sweet and awesome!

from AZ on wrote:

This is by far and away the best bottled tea I've ever come across! Stuff is far from inexpensive, but as a treat to oneself or for someone who appreciates a good iced tea, then it's worth the price. I also buy the full leaf Darjeeling tea by the bag, but this pre brewed bottled stuff is awesome!

Simply The Best Iced Tea

5 Stars Simply The Best Iced Tea

from CA on wrote:

Republic Darjeeling Black Iced Tea is, in my opinion, THE most delicious iced black tea I have ever tasted in my life. It is perfection personified. No sweetener is needed, just pour over ice and drink. The only drawback is that it is $5 per bottle. If I won the lottery, I would have a never-ending supply of this tea.

This is GREAT!

This is GREAT!

from NJ on wrote:

Wonderful taste! It definitely is the Champagne of Teas!

Yum! Delicious, Delicate

5 Stars Yum! Delicious, Delicate

from WI on wrote:

My Favorite!!!

The Greatest Bottled Tea!

The Greatest Bottled Tea!

from WI on wrote:

Delicious with lemon and lots of ice.

Replacing sweet tea

5 Stars Replacing sweet tea

from FL on wrote:

I have been trying to drop sweet tea from my diet, and this is the first adequate replacement I have found for it.

Best tea, Way too expensive

3 Stars Best tea, Way too expensive

from AZ on wrote:

I have had this tea for years as a local store carried it. It was a couple of dollars and wonderful tea. The best ever actually, but not for $5. I bought two bottles just as a special treat, but the extravagance of cost off set the splendid taste and was less enjoyed. Won't do it again,, ever. The price has to come down.

My whole family likes this!

5 Stars My whole family likes this!

from NJ on wrote:

I will buy this again. Tastes great!

Best. Iced. Tea. Ever.

5 Stars Best. Iced. Tea. Ever.

from CA on wrote:

Simply the best iced tea I have ever tasted in my life and I am a bit of a connoisseur. Expensive but worth it if you can afford it. I used to buy it by the case and because it's in glass bottles, the shipping cost isn't cheap. Still, treat yourself. It will spoil you for any other unflavored black iced teas. No sugar added, no sugar needed. Sublime, refreshing taste. Highly recommended!

1 Star

from IL on wrote:

very weak; barely any flavor. the price is ridiculous- can make a whole pitcher myself for pennies. won't buy again.

My Favorite Iced Tea

4 Stars My Favorite Iced Tea

from CA on wrote:

This review is bittersweet. This is the best Iced Tea I've ever had but I won't buy it at $5.00/bottle. I'm knocking 1 point off my rating due to the high price.

3 Stars

from on wrote:

The tea is delicious, but no tea is worth $5 a bottle. I will not be purchasing this product anymore unless the price goes down to make it more competitive.

Southern Gal loves this tea!

5 Stars Southern Gal loves this tea!

from TN on wrote:

This tea is the best. Having been raised in the South, I know my tea and this tea is awesome. Love it with Splenda and lemon (of course). It comes well packaged and is shipped very quickly! Love this this company!