Best iced tea ever!

5 Stars Best iced tea ever!

from CA on wrote:

I order bottled iced tea from Republic of Tea by the case. It's simply the best!

Best iced tea

5 Stars Best iced tea

from CA on wrote:

I was first introduced to this tea at a restaurant in my home town. It's refreshing, flavorful, and just a GREAT tea!

Tastes so good!!!!

5 Stars Tastes so good!!!!

from CA on wrote:

This tea is great, lots of fruity flavors and a good tea taste. It does not need a bit of sugar. Please, please sell it in some packaging other than the glass bottles.

Passion fruit green tea

5 Stars Passion fruit green tea

from CT on wrote:

Simply the Best!!

Great tea!

5 Stars Great tea!

from IL on wrote:

Sweetners are not needed for this refreshing brewed tea. It is superb way to cool down on a hot steamy day.

Aussie loves passionfruit green tea

5 Stars Aussie loves passionfruit green tea

from ME on wrote:

I visit the USA several times a year...the first thing I do is get a bunch of passionfruit green tea in bottles and drink them in my hotel room. I am waiting for my first delivery to Australia...This tea is soooooo divine. maria


5 Stars Delicious

from NY on wrote:

Love the flavor. All bottled teas are my favorites!

Outstanding flavor

5 Stars Outstanding flavor

from CO on wrote:

I have had many of the other teas from Republic of Tea but nothing that compares to this, wow! I had it for the first time at Cafe Japango in La Jolla, CA and had to buy an extra bottle for the following day. Wish I had purchased more, it's that good

favorite iced tea

5 Stars favorite iced tea

from IL on wrote:

Hands down this is my favorite iced tea. A few years ago I was able to purchase it at a local retailer in a cardboard box with a spout (much like a wine box). That packaging was more convenient for me than glass bottles. Would like to see it available on the website.

only unsweetened tea I like

5 Stars only unsweetened tea I like

from LA on wrote:

I tried this tea at a restaurant and was pleasantly surprised. It's the only unsweetened tea that I have tasted that I like. I'm going to have to purchase some for my diabetic mom. Thanks for making such an awesome tea!

Best tea ever

5 Stars Best tea ever

from FL on wrote:

This tea is the most refreshing tea I have ever drank. It is so frustrating to search for flavored tea that DOES NOT have sugar. This tea will fill the bill for quenching your thirst and will leave you longing for more. Best tea Ever.

5 Stars

from on wrote:

great refreshing taste without the cloying sweetness of sugared tea.