My Favorite Tea

5 Stars My Favorite Tea

from FL on wrote:

I first discovered Ginger Peach tea over 2 decades ago, and it remains my favorite flavor. I only drink iced tea and it is the perfect flavor cold.

Ginger Peach: Truly Best in Class

5 Stars Ginger Peach: Truly Best in Class

from AZ on wrote:

As the spring moves along, the days begin to get warmer. True refreshment is required; hence, the question, "What is True Refreshment?" Fresh brewed Ginger Peach, doubled up for brewing, then after steeping, pour over ice made with RO-water. In my 60 years on this planet (now other planets visited would be on a different review site..LOL) iced Ginger Peach is the hands-down, most refreshing tea ever. It is the second tea I purchased after discovering Republic of Tea. I purchase it every year for Holiday Gifts for my friends, too. Really, it's the best tea ever, and when I want to go "lite" I use Ginger Peach Green. If you haven't tried it... TRY IT. Your only regret will be, "Why didn't I try this sooner."

Tried and True

5 Stars Tried and True

from IN on wrote:

I have used your Ginger Peach tea for several years and have found it to be a slightly tangy tea with a pleasing peach flavor. During this time using it I tried some other but cheaper brands of ginger peach teas and was sorely disappointed.

Peach of a Tea!!!

5 Stars Peach of a Tea!!!

from AR on wrote:

No Southern cupboard should be without this tea. It's summer sunshine in a cup and is great as hot, cold or sun tea!

My first and favorite from RoT

5 Stars My first and favorite from RoT

from CA on wrote:

I’ve been drinking this tea since it was first introduced. I’ve tried other brands of ginger peach, none are as good as this one. For me it’s a warm-weather treat, hot or cold. It ain’t summer without it!

Best Tea EVER!!

5 Stars Best Tea EVER!!

from MO on wrote:

The Republic of Tea has the best tea I have ever tasted!!

Still Love it After 30 years!

5 Stars Still Love it After 30 years!

from CT on wrote:

Ginger Peach was my introduction to loose leaf tea and The Republic of Tea some 30 years ago. I still love it like the first day I tried it. Nothing has changed. I’ve tried to find comparable tea and it all pales in comparison. NO OTHER GINGER PEACH BLACK TEA TASTES THE SAME! I will always continue to reorder this tea.

I have loved this tea for decades!

5 Stars I have loved this tea for decades!

from MI on wrote:

I gave up coffee and switched to the pleasures of fine tea in the early 1970's. I met Republic of Tea in the 1990's & began an affair with Ginger Peach in the Full Leaf style. The flavors blend perfectly and make the most delicious tea iced or hot. (Ginger soothes a sore throat & helps boost one's immune system.) I have been unable to find the Full Leaf Ginger Peach tea in my area for several years. I have been very stingy with my Full Leaf Ginger Peach, using it only for special occasions with others who appreciate the nuances of fine tea. I find that, no matter the blend, placing tea in bags changes the flavor, as well as aroma, of the tea. (Pardon my criticism, but the ginger peach in a bag is so unpleasant that I would rather go without.) I am thrilled to find your tea again so I can steep it daily for myself & everytime I have guests.

Love this tea

5 Stars Love this tea

from CT on wrote:

Have benn drinking this tea both hot & iced for several years & still love it. Not overpowering ginger - perfect!

Ginger Peach

4 Stars Ginger Peach

from UT on wrote:

Great smell, good flavor. Recommend. Note: Seldom give 5 'stars'. This is about as good as it gets.



from MO on wrote:

I have drank the Ginger Peach tea for years! I love it! The teas from Republic of Tea are the best that I have ever tasted. I will keep buying their products.

The perfect black tea

5 Stars The perfect black tea

from WI on wrote:

I love that this black tea doesnt taste too strong because the peach neutralizes it. Perfect!



from MI on wrote:


Ginger Peach Black tea is delicious and versatile.

5 Stars Ginger Peach Black tea is delicious and versatile.

from CA on wrote:

This is a lovely tea brewed hot or brewed stronger and poured over ice. It is lovely for Afternoon tea with finger sandwiches, scones, pastries and sweets. Excellent with curried chicken salad! It can also be used as an ingredient in salad dressings for salads, particularly fruit salads, infused in fruit juices. The spiciness of the ginger with the sweetness of the peach is a perfect balance for a satisfying cuppa.

This product is great

5 Stars This product is great

from AZ on wrote:

The ginger peach black tea is very smooth just the right amount of flavor.

Ginger Peach Tea is Fabulous

5 Stars Ginger Peach Tea is Fabulous

from MI on wrote:

So far this is my absolute favorite tea.

So So Tea

2 Stars So So Tea

from AR on wrote:

I tried this out as a possible alternative to the delicious Mango Ceylon. What I have come away with after having brewed up around 50 cups is that The Republic could make a great Peach tea, but the Ginger is just a bit off putting to me. I will not be brewing more of this particular blend.

Love This Tea

5 Stars Love This Tea

from KS on wrote:

I use this tea in spring and summer both hot and iced. For me, when I taste ginger-peach tea, it means the wonderful days of spring/summer. I have tasted another brand of ginger peach and it was not the same--not nearly as good.

The Best Iced Tea

5 Stars The Best Iced Tea

from AZ on wrote:

Here in the Arizona Desert, I love the Ginger Peach for an Iced Tea... It is the most refresing tea that I have ever had... I fresh brew it, then pour it over R/O ice to keep the flavor crisp and fresh.


5 Stars Love

from AZ on wrote:

I was first introduced to this tea when I worked in a California cafe more than 20 years ago. The fragrance is delightful and so is the flavor. This is an excellent tea for those looking to try something new and not sure where to begin. For me it is like an old friend.

Subtle but nice

5 Stars Subtle but nice

from VA on wrote:

I was very happy with this tea overall, though I am finding I probably like my tea stronger than most, as when I put the recommended teaspoon to six ounces I was wanting a bit more flavor. Since this is loose tea I can do that, and look forward to my next cup. It's very refreshing, though I do put just a touch of honey in, not that it really needs it. I just have a sweet tooth.

Love it!

5 Stars Love it!

from IN on wrote:

Just received my tea and made a pot this morning. It is wonderful. Love the hint of peachy flavor plus the basic tea's taste and strength. Not too strong--just right. This is a new favorite.



from OR on wrote:

This is simply the best mixed flavor tea I have ever tsted. First sip in the winter takes me right back to the balmy days of August. What a pleasant suprise it was the first time I tasted it. It was love at first sip. After many many cups the flame still burns.No it wasn't a frivolous affair but a relationship.

A favorite with the family!

5 Stars A favorite with the family!

from CA on wrote:

I made this tea in my new ice tea pitcher(I purchased from The Republic of Tea)and it is delicious! The peach is so refreshing and the ginger is comforting. I drink it sweetened or not, its just so good! My husband and daughter both love it also!

Very Pleasing!

5 Stars Very Pleasing!

from CA on wrote:

Love the flavor of tangy peach, spicy ginger, and a bold, good quality black tea. Tastes great, hot or iced. In my top five, for sure.

The Best!

5 Stars The Best!

from FL on wrote:

This is our families favorite. My husband is not a hot tea person but this one has one him over. Love the peach and ginger combination. It is just right. Have tried other brands but after the first cup they went into the trash.

Drink yhis everyday

5 Stars Drink yhis everyday

from OH on wrote:

This is my favorite. Drink this everyday, usually my first tea of the day. This and The GOOD Bok every morning. . . how good anyone go wrong!

Full-leaf is better!

5 Stars Full-leaf is better!

from GA on wrote:

I've been a fan of the Ginger Peach tea for a couple of years but until last year I had only had the tea bags. It is amazing how much more flavor comes from brewing using full-leaf teas instead. Love, love, love the summer fruit and tea combination. This is one of my go-tos for ice tea in the summer.

Perfect blend - easy sipping pleasure

5 Stars Perfect blend - easy sipping pleasure

from WV on wrote:

I tried out this blend in a sampler set of three. I loved the blending of flavors and have ordered more for my evening pleasure of sipping tea while at work. The ginger peach has a pleasing note to the palate without leaving a bitter aftertaste that can be found with some black tea blends. Highly recommended.

One of my favorites

5 Stars One of my favorites

from AL on wrote:

One of my favorites. Good flavorful black tea. Both my daughter and I really like this one.

very nice!

5 Stars very nice!

from MI on wrote:

I love peaches, and the ginger is great with it, I was surprised when I liked this one, I originally tried it in your mailer sample, couldn't believe how good! It's great hot, and also makes a great iced tea.

5 Stars

from AZ on wrote:

Love the full rich taste of the leaves.

My all-time fave!

5 Stars My all-time fave!

from IL on wrote:

This has been my Republic of Tea favorite for years and years. I buy it by the bulk because I consume so much of it. It's perfectly balanced and the ginger gives it just the right touch of interest. I don't use any sweetener or milk, and it's just perfect on its own. It also makes a smashing iced tea, so I use it all year. Really, I don't know what I'd do if Republic of Tea stopped offering this fantastic brew.

Peachy Keen

5 Stars Peachy Keen

from CA on wrote:

Tastes slightly of peach NOT overbearing.. Absolutely perfect for iced tea. Because it's decaf you can drink this iced tea anytime.

Fantasic iced

5 Stars Fantasic iced

from WI on wrote:

I love this tea iced. I had a hard time switching to tea without using agave or honey, but this one can stand well on its own (or with a bit of lemon).

best iced tea

5 Stars best iced tea

from MB on wrote:

Best iced tea I've ever made. Even if you oversteep it, it's not bitter at all. Great flavour, and so refreshing!

My favorite tea of all!

5 Stars My favorite tea of all!

from KY on wrote:

This is my go-to tea, my favorite tea of all I've ever tried. It's rich in flavor and a little fruity and a little ginger-y. A wonderful mix of flavors! Don't change a THING on this tea!!!

5 Stars

from MD on wrote:

Delightful! We love it iced in the summer time!

5 Stars

from KS on wrote:

Best Peach tea ever. Doesn't need sweetner.

Gorgeous Tea

5 Stars Gorgeous Tea

from NC on wrote:

Sweetened with just a few drops of stevia makes all the flavors pop. It is delicious hot first thing in the morning, and later poured over ice for some yummy sweet tea.

Wonderful Ginger Peach

5 Stars Wonderful Ginger Peach

from TX on wrote:

I have tried other ginger peach teas and have yet to find one to beat this one. I love black teas and the peach flavor with the hint of ginger really makes this tea delicious. This is a wonderful tea that I will definitely purchase again.

My favorite tea

5 Stars My favorite tea

from FL on wrote:

This is my all time favorite tea. The best thing about it is that it settles my tummy after a big meal. The flavor is just right and not too overpowering.


4 Stars Delightful

from CT on wrote:

Pleasant, smooth tea with nice peach flavor. Perfect any time of day or night for me.

Love this tea

5 Stars Love this tea

from CA on wrote:

I buy this tea by the pound. Love it!

Great tea

5 Stars Great tea

from IL on wrote:

This was the first tea I tried and have been drinking it ever since, 16 yrs

4 Stars

from MN on wrote:

I am not a fan of flavored teas, but this one is really good.

5 Stars

from PA on wrote:

very good hot, but wonderful iced.

5 Stars

from on wrote:

The Best!

Ginger Peach Loose Tea

5 Stars Ginger Peach Loose Tea

from MN on wrote:

A perfect cup! smells so sweet. Served hot with cream, Or straight up and neat. My favorite, by far. Loose is the best. Each cup's a mini-vacation, My peace-filled rest. Try Ginger Peach, hot. Drink it iced in a glass. You'll be smitten like me. Ginger Peach?...Real class!

Light, Subtle

3 Stars Light, Subtle

from OH on wrote:

If you like light, subtle, fruity teas, you might like this one. Personally, I am not a fan because my pallet prefers heavier, full-bodied teas like mate. That's just me, though.