Lucky Irish Breakfast

5 Stars Lucky Irish Breakfast

from TX on wrote:

Good stuff! Nice smooth quality.

Superb Tea!

5 Stars Superb Tea!

from NY on wrote:

I purchase this tea in bulk - 200 cups at a time. It's the best tea I've ever tasted, and I drink it all day long. It is full bodied and simply delicious. I brew each cup in a 20oz. container using two bags, and light cream.

Lucky Irish Breakfast Tea

5 Stars Lucky Irish Breakfast Tea

from AR on wrote:

The BEST morning tea!!!!!

Irish morning tea

5 Stars Irish morning tea

from FL on wrote:

Lovely in the afternoon & evening. Will not generally keep you up from sleep

Lucky Irish Breakfast tea

5 Stars Lucky Irish Breakfast tea

from FL on wrote:

My VERY favorite early morning wake-up tea. I've been drinking this tea for several years.

Not impressed with this one

3 Stars Not impressed with this one

from FL on wrote:

I have a small tin of the loose-leaf Lucky Irish Breakfast tea. I made a cup and it really doesn't have much flavor. The next time I tried it, I steeped it in boiling water for a good while...much longer than I would any other tea, thinking maybe it just needed more time in the water. It made little difference. I like my black tea to have a strong tea flavor and this one just didn't. What I do like about it is that it never got bitter, even after steeping it for longer than expected. If you like a non-bitter and mild tea, this is a good one for you. But if you want a strong tea taste, try something else.


5 Stars Perfect!

from MI on wrote:

This tea is rich, strong, and full. I like to brew it a little stronger than the recommendation and it is lovely. It doesn't leave a bitter aftertaste and is very smooth. It is the best Irish breakfast tea I've ever drank.

My Favorite

5 Stars My Favorite

from CA on wrote:

I love this tea. The Lucky Irish Breakfast Tea has a flavor superior to the British Breakfast Tea. Unfortunately, I must avoid caffeine, even in tea, and cannot drink Lucky Irish Breakfast tea often. Why is it not available in decaf?

Great Taste with Milk

5 Stars Great Taste with Milk

from ND on wrote:

I am a tea fanatic so the taste, depth, leaves are very important to me. This is one of the best with milk. I drink it British style.

All time favorite breakfast!

5 Stars All time favorite breakfast!

from FL on wrote:

Not just because I am Irish...I love this tea for morning and iced all day. It is just the perfect blend of black teas in my opinion.

My favorite tea ever

5 Stars My favorite tea ever

from NJ on wrote:

This breakfast blend is the best. I have tried numerous teas from many places. Republic of Tea has a winner with this one. The leaves provide a full bodied, smooth cup that can be enjoyed throughout the day.

Love this tea!

5 Stars Love this tea!

from NJ on wrote:

One of the best tasting teas I have ever had! Love it! Will buy again!

Terrific Surprise

4 Stars Terrific Surprise

from TX on wrote:

Soothing, smooth, colorful, fragrant, unbitter, tannin-low. I agree with one of the other reviewers: this is better than the other TROT "Breakfast" teas in my opinion. If the polite term "brisk" means "high tannin-bite", then this is not! thankfully. I hate that bitter aftertaste and it isn't here. Flavorful, easy to brew, medium body, forgiving - just good daily tea inexpensively

Great cuppa and not just for breakfast!

5 Stars Great cuppa and not just for breakfast!

from OH on wrote:

This tea is good by the mug or pot. Drink this with a splash of skim milk.Warm milk is best,but cold will do. Love the loose leaf teas. No sweeteners in my teas most times,but if my throat needs soothing I will add honey.

Lucky Irish

5 Stars Lucky Irish

from MI on wrote:

Irish Breakfast is such a simple tea, you wouldn't think there'd be a difference from one to another. But there is. This tea is the best. Rich flavor with absolutely no bitterness. I like to mix it with Earl Greyer to get an even deeper black tea flavor. It's divine.

Better Than Expected

4 Stars Better Than Expected

from NY on wrote:

I ordered the sample tin because I wasn't sure if I would like this tea. I found that I liked it even more than English Breakfast. It's an excellent morning tea. Next time, I will order a larger quantity.

The gold standard

5 Stars The gold standard

from DC on wrote:

As far as I'm concerned, this is the gold standard of morning tea. I'm always ordering taster tins of other things to compare, but I come back to this time and time again. It's robust yet balanced - exactly what black tea should be - and Republic of Tea offers a really good quality Irish. I could happily drink this every morning for life. I think it's a notch above the British Breakfast, for those of you trying to decide.


5 Stars LOVE

from NY on wrote:

Absolutely delicious

The Best

5 Stars The Best

from NY on wrote:

I adore this tea. It is just strong enough for my taste. It is always pleasing to my pallet. I highly recommend this for those who like a black tea.

Irish Beauty

5 Stars Irish Beauty

from MN on wrote:

This company's version of one of my favorite teas - Irish Breakfast Tea - has become the ultimate for me. I have tried a number of different brands of this flavor, but Republic of Tea has perfected it to a level of goodness and beauty that makes me want to drink cup after cup. I will be restocking this tea whenever it runs out. Probably sooner rather than later.


3 Stars Disappointed

from MI on wrote:

After reading all of the comments and being a huge fan of Irish breakfast tea I decided to try this one. I was very disappointed in it. It was almost tasteless and I steeped it for the proper amount of time, even a bit over because I like full flavored tea. I will stick to my favorite Stash Tea Super Irish Breakfast Tea instead. It is fabulous!

A yummy full flavor tool

5 Stars A yummy full flavor tool

from IL on wrote:

I ran out of the regular irish bags and splurged for the full leaf this time. Couldn't be more pleased. The flavor is incredible. It's a full mouth cuppa that I find does not need any flavorings. It is a kick, of course. Wonderful for mornings when you need to get going quickly. I'm not fond of it cold, but hot it might well be my favorite yet. Really, really good.

We agree! We love this one!

5 Stars We agree! We love this one!

from AZ on wrote:

Always a favorite. Great alone. But we sometimes buy loose leaf so we can also blend with other teas. This one works very well either way. For instance, we like the Coconut Pu-erh smokiness, but alone it can be overpowering. So we blend - and love the blend even more than Pu-erh alone.

Wonderful Breakfast Tea

4 Stars Wonderful Breakfast Tea

from CA on wrote:

This tea is wonderful in the morning. The full black flavor along with the malt gives me the punch I was looking for first thing in the morning. I wouldn't suggest drinking in the evening, but a wonderful new addition to my tea collection.

Morning Tea

5 Stars Morning Tea

from VA on wrote:

This is one of my favorite morning breakfast teas. I let it steep for 7 minutes (I like strong tea) and with a bit of raw sugar and half and half it is just right.

5 Stars

from OH on wrote:

This has to be one of my favorite breakfast teas. Smooth and mild; capable to standing up to sugar, honey, milk or just alone. It's my go to coffee alternative.

I've been converted

5 Stars I've been converted

from IN on wrote:

For 16 years I stuck with a different brand of Irish breakfast tea, thinking no one could top it. Boy, was I wrong! I don't know how Republic of Tea has done it, but this tea can be brewed as dark as coffee, but without the high tannin level found in my other brand. My husband and I drank an entire mini taster tin in one sitting. Fantastic tea.

wake me up

4 Stars wake me up

from VA on wrote:

This is solid wake me up tea. Not too bold that it needs alot of mellowing with milk (sorry I use creamer at work!) but still a great solid tea

Drink it anytime

5 Stars Drink it anytime

from TX on wrote:

I thoroughly enjoy this tea. After arriving at work, I make a cup that I sip throughout the morning. I usually make another cup around two in the afternoon. I like this with about a teaspoon of half&half (just enough to take the edge off) and a teaspoon of sugar. At ~25 calories per cup, this is the most delicious low-cal drink you will have throughout the day.