Mild flavor

5 Stars Mild flavor

from AZ on wrote:

The mango flavor is subtle. I like it as my second cup of tea in the morning.

Fantastic tea!

5 Stars Fantastic tea!

from IL on wrote:

So happy it comes in decaf..also appreciate that I can leave the bag in the mug and it doesn't get stronger...

Wonderful and unique!

5 Stars Wonderful and unique!

from IL on wrote:

The subtle hint of chocolate with the amazing ginger peach, my favorite winter morning tea...

New Taste Brew

5 Stars New Taste Brew

from FL on wrote:

True delightful new taste with smooth sensations all the way down.

Easy Gift

5 Stars Easy Gift

from PA on wrote:

Purchased this for my sister as requested Birthday gift, her favorite! Customer-friendly ordering process allowed me to mail it directly to her separate from my order!

My 3 children love this tea!

5 Stars My 3 children love this tea!

from MO on wrote:

My 3 children love this tea. We add a touch of sweetner and they will happily sip away. It makes for a great after dinner/dessert tea. I let my kiddos run my Keurig empty (without a Kcup)to pour hot water over the tea bag. They wait about 5 minutes, stir, and add honey, agave nectar or splenda. By far, this is my favorite tea. No caffeine to worry about and it tastes great! :)

Mango Maniac

5 Stars Mango Maniac

from FL on wrote:

I use a combo of Ginger Peach Decaf and Mango Decaf in a large "Ice Tea" machine. I then take the result and place it in the fridge and sip all day long. There is a unique taste to this combo that is refreshing as well as satisfying. Jan I

My Family's Favorite

5 Stars My Family's Favorite

from ND on wrote:

A sweet, mild black tea that everyone in my family adores. I bought the large bag because I don't dare run out again!

Love this tea!

5 Stars Love this tea!

from PA on wrote:

I love this tea and have been drinking it for years. It's so refreshing and light. When I saw it was only shoeing 4 stars, I was shocked. I love it best as iced tea. The last time I had friends over and served this as iced tea, everyone loved it!

mmmm...I love this tea!

5 Stars mmmm...I love this tea!

from FL on wrote:

This is a wonderful tea that is so refreshing, yet soothing. The aroma and taste are perfect. It is great hot or cold.

Love this tea!

5 Stars Love this tea!

from GA on wrote:

I mix this tea with unflavored decaf tea bags to make delicious mango flavored iced tea.

my "go-to" tea!

5 Stars my "go-to" tea!

from CA on wrote:

Delicious, naturally sweet-ish, mixes well with green tea and chamomile tea; this combination makes up my favorite hot OR iced tea, which I make up by the quart. It's regrettable that the decaf version is no longer available in local stores, but ordering through the website is easy and delivery is prompt. Thanks to the Minister of the Tealeaves for this great product! E.

Best iced tea on the planet

5 Stars Best iced tea on the planet

from CA on wrote:

Makes a fantastic pot of iced tea. I've been using it for many years. Every now and then, I try something else, but they never measure up.

my favorite tea

my favorite tea

from WI on wrote:

I love this tea, can't go a day without it!

My absolute favorite iced tea!

5 Stars My absolute favorite iced tea!

from OH on wrote:

I am SO glad I can buy this tea in bulk from this site, as our local stores don't carry the decaf any more. This tea is my favorite flavor, especially iced. For me, it doesn't even need any sweetening since the flavor and aroma are so good - very refreshing!

Love this tea!

5 Stars Love this tea!

from FL on wrote:

I just love, love, love the Mango Ceylon Decaf tea .. especially for iced tea. I make it regularly in small batches and look forward to having a glass daily with a squeeze of fresh lemon and a touch of turbinado sugar.