5 Stars Delightful

from PA on wrote:

I love this blend, and I especially love that it comes in Regular and decaf.

Best Iced Tea Ever!

5 Stars Best Iced Tea Ever!

from CT on wrote:

this is my go-to tea for iced tea - it is refreshing and doesn't need any sweetener

Decaf Peach

5 Stars Decaf Peach

from NM on wrote:

This tea is best, I feel cold, as in ice tea. A great tea.

Ginger peachy - my favorite

5 Stars Ginger peachy - my favorite

from MD on wrote:

I have been a fan of the ginger peach decaf tea for ages and it isn't always available at my local retailer. It is so easy to order direct (and you get bonus points!)

love this stuff

5 Stars love this stuff

from WI on wrote:

I drink this tea everyday... I love it...

Love this tea

5 Stars Love this tea

from AL on wrote:

This tea hits your senses as soon as you open the container and smell the peach. Since it is decaf I can drink it at night to keep me from munching and it works!! Recommend if you are trying to cut back on snacking. Put a little honey in it and you will be a happy camper.

Decaf Peach Tea

4 Stars Decaf Peach Tea

from SD on wrote:

Delicious hot and cooled- Would like just a bit more “ peach” flavor- just saying 😉

The BEST Iced Tea EVER!

5 Stars The BEST Iced Tea EVER!

from MI on wrote:

I love your Ginger Peach teas. I have them all! The green, white, black and decaf. Every night I take a 16oz glass bottle, fill it with cold filtered water, pop in a Ginger Peach tea bag and put it in the frig. The next morning, viola, DELICIOUS fresh iced tea every single day! It's amazing, the refrigerator"brews" it overnight for me. And it is still excellent 5 days later! Thank you all for such great teas!

First purchase

5 Stars First purchase

from LA on wrote:

I wanted something different in flavor. I love this tea because it actually as a wonderful peach flavor. I didn't detect much ginger, but it tastes so good I didn't mind at all. This is a keeper.

Three cheers for Ginger peach!

5 Stars Three cheers for Ginger peach!

from FL on wrote:

So thankful TROT has Ginger peach in decaf! My first cup of regular Gingerpeach had me hooked! It makes a great iced tea also. Caffeine in the afternoon no longer works for me so I was quite excited to discover the decaf! So refreshing as an iced tea on a hot Florida day and now I can enjoy this bright tea all day long.


5 Stars Delish

from NC on wrote:

I bought this tea because Peach tea is one of my favorites.With the added ginger,this is some delicious tea!

Interesting in a good way

4 Stars Interesting in a good way

from KS on wrote:

This tea was mostly for my daughter, who fell in love at the very first sip. She's nearly 11 and this is the first black tea she's liked without a sweetener. The big surprise is that my 13 year old son likes it a lot, too, and he's more of a hot cocoa person. I wasn't expecting to like it at all because I'm not fond of fruity teas, but it has such an interesting flavor that I can't help but like (my kids like it much more than I do though).

My Go To Nighttime Tea

5 Stars My Go To Nighttime Tea

from NH on wrote:

This tea is the perfect end of the day treat. I add a piece of crystalized ginger and sit back and enjoy! It is the first flavor I bought from The Republic of Tea and I have not looked back. I have bought many flavors and when my knitting clan comes over I put the kettle on and the teas on the table!

There is just no substitute for this fabulous blend

5 Stars There is just no substitute for this fabulous blend

from CA on wrote:

Sipping this tea makes me happy. I've tried a variety of other teas and nothing beats this one. I will never stray again.

Ginger peach

5 Stars Ginger peach

from IL on wrote:

It's just so good for any kind of upset stomachs

Decaf ginger peach teabags

5 Stars Decaf ginger peach teabags

from NY on wrote:

I've been using them for years. They are my very favorite flavor! I brew it in the microwave and make a half tea half skim milk mix. I absolutely love it!

Decaf Ginger Peach is a Peach of a Tea

5 Stars Decaf Ginger Peach is a Peach of a Tea

from FL on wrote:

I love this tea, it is very flavorful and I can drink it at night.

Love Ginger Peach

5 Stars Love Ginger Peach

from AZ on wrote:

This is my favorite tea, both hot and iced.

Decaf Ginger Peach Tea Bags

5 Stars Decaf Ginger Peach Tea Bags

from AZ on wrote:

This tea is my favorite of all the teas for hot or iced tea. Some other teas come close but this is my all time favorite.

Flavorful but still too much caffeein

3 Stars Flavorful but still too much caffeein

from AZ on wrote:

Even though the tea is decaffeinated, I had a hard time sleeping because I drink tea at night, usually herbal. I took it to work and drink it there, the flavor is good.

Outstanding Republic of Tea Ginger Peach Decaf

5 Stars Outstanding Republic of Tea Ginger Peach Decaf

from NC on wrote:

I LOVE this tea! Outstanding flavor! I had some type of allergy issue going on with sniffles. I made a pot of this tea and sweetened it with 1 tsp of raw unprocessed honey. I really thought that I was coming down with a cold. The next morning I had no signs of any allergy issue. All gone! My husband tried it as well with the same issues and he was fine the next day! Amazing!


5 Stars Refreshing!

from PA on wrote:

One of my favorite decaf teas. Refreshing as an iced tea!

my go to when I want a decaf tea

5 Stars my go to when I want a decaf tea

from NY on wrote:

Amazing peach taste!

A family favorite

5 Stars A family favorite

from GA on wrote:

This is a wonderful tea served hot or iced. The decaf allows me to drink it whenever I like.

Very Good

5 Stars Very Good

from IN on wrote:

Very good


5 Stars Yum

from MD on wrote:

One winter night I was babysitting for friends and saw this in their pantry. Decided to try it - added a little honey, and loved it! Now it is in my kitchen, too!


5 Stars Delicious!!

from NC on wrote:

I have purchased many teas from this company and I have loved them all. Other than the Good Hope Vanilla tea this one is a favorite of mine. It is a very great flavor, if you like peaches. It was my favorite for spring and summer :D

wonderful and refreshing

5 Stars wonderful and refreshing

from CA on wrote:

I have been drinking this tea for about 10 years now and it never gets old. It's refreshing and always tastes good, no matter what time of day or night.

My Favorite for years

5 Stars My Favorite for years

from OK on wrote:

My favorite, I drink the decaf hot or make it into iced tea. We only do decaf after early afternoon. Sometimes we'll make a pitcher of it, iced, for guests and it has never failed to receive positive comments.


5 Stars Mash-Up

from FL on wrote:

I use a combo of Ginger Peach Decaf and Mango Decaf in a large "Ice Tea" machine. I then take the result and place it in the fridge and sip all day long. There is a unique taste to this combo that is refreshing as well as satisfying. Jan I

Deserves its FIVE TEAPOT rating!

5 Stars Deserves its FIVE TEAPOT rating!

from MD on wrote:

Decaf Ginger Peach eliminates the caffeine without sacrificing on the lovely flavor and scent of peaches -wonderfully enhanced by that touch of ginger. I've been a fan of this tea for many years now. It remains a staple "go to" in my collection. Definitely worth the top rating.

My favorite tea

5 Stars My favorite tea

from FL on wrote:

This is my favorite tea of all! I have tasted many of Republic's other wonderful teas but this one stands out above the rest.

Ginger Peach Tea

5 Stars Ginger Peach Tea

from KS on wrote:

Not only tasty but healthy too!!! My favorite tea - sometimes I even mix one bag of ginger peach with another bag of blackberry sage or mango. Different flavor

Love, Love, Love this Tea

4 Stars Love, Love, Love this Tea

from OH on wrote:

I tried this flavor of tea at a Panera store where I meet with friends to knit once a week in the evening. Unfortunately, it was the regular version and my sleep was affected. When I found the decaf version I ordered it in bulk. It is great hot. It is great iced. It is just great!


5 Stars Tealicious!

from TN on wrote:

Love this tea! Love the Get Well tea, as well. Never want to be without!

Delicious tea!

5 Stars Delicious tea!

from DE on wrote:

Delicious hot or iced. Wonderful aroma!

Perfectly Peachy

5 Stars Perfectly Peachy

from MD on wrote:

I've been drinking this tea for several years now. It is one of my absolute favorites of all I collect. Not really into black teas (too intense) but this one came in decaf and I was hooked! Very flavorful -iced or hot. I always have it on hand.



from KS on wrote:


Love it

5 Stars Love it

from FL on wrote:

I have been drinking this tea for 2 years and I love it. I cant keep enough of it stored. I just love the ginger and peach combination. And when Im out of it Im sad because there isnt any other beverage that can compare.

Refreshing Peach Tea

5 Stars Refreshing Peach Tea

from CA on wrote:

In addition to drinking it hot, I brew a cooking pot of tea, let it cool and fill glass bottles to keep in the refrigerator. It makes great iced tea.

Best decaf peach tea

5 Stars Best decaf peach tea

from FL on wrote:

I love this tea. It's so flavorful and I get to have great tasting decafinated tea. I never get tired of it. I make pitchers full of iced tea every week.

Love this decaf Ginger Peach Tea!

Love this decaf Ginger Peach Tea!

from WA on wrote:

I've tried all sorts of herbal teas and decaffeinated teas and this Ginger Peach Decaf is my all-time favorite. Hot or cold, I love it, year-round.


5 Stars BEST TEA EVER!!!

from CA on wrote:

This tea is by far the best. I ordered the samplers so that I could try them all, and so far Ginger Peach is the WINNER!!! at least in my book. I will now go back and purchase a bigger tin with more in it. I'm happy!!!! Thanks, Cathy B.

Like tasting an orchard

5 Stars Like tasting an orchard

from SD on wrote:

I LOVE this tea! It's like drinking peaches; and not just any peaches, perfectly ripe peaches. I buy this in bulk so I don't ever run out. I strongly recommend this to anyone who enjoys fruity teas. The best part is--it's decaf so you can drink it all day long and still sleep at night.

Best tea ever!

5 Stars Best tea ever!

from OH on wrote:

I absolutely love this tea! I prefer "black" teas and do not like the green teas. I also do not as a rule like tea that is too fruity. I first had ginger peach at a bridal shower and immediately fell in love with it. It is not fruity in the true sense and also not too spicy. Just right is all I can say. I always save it for when I settle in for a good book and dark chocolate. What a great way to enjoy a rare moment to relax. Thank you for making this in decaf.

5 Stars

from on wrote:

A long time favorite of mine. I try other blends, but always go back to Decaf Ginger Peach.

Your best Decaf Tea

5 Stars Your best Decaf Tea

from VA on wrote:

Have been ordering this tea for years and love that it has a unique flavor and is decaf. Perfect for morning or in the evening.



from CA on wrote:

I did not know what to expect when I ordered this tea. First time tasting it. The weather was warm so I waited until the weather cooled off a little. To my amazement this tea was unexpectedly good. I don't care for really sweet drinks and this tea is balanced just right. I didn't have to add anything. The delivery was amazingly quick also. Shockingly so. I'm hooked!!!

5 Stars

from HI on wrote:

Great tea both hot and cold - which makes it perfect for here in Hawaii.

5 Stars

from on wrote:

My absolute favorite for years. Thank you for making it in a size for ice tea. Beautiful!

I didn't like this at all

1 Star I didn't like this at all

from AZ on wrote:

I was really disappointed with this tea. Ginger peach should have the tang of ginger with the sweetness of peach but this just tasted and smelled kind of musty. I could tell that there was a very slight underlying peach smell, but this flavor was not what I was expecting at all. When made into ice tea it tasted medicinal.

5 Stars

from on wrote:


Love, love, love this tea

5 Stars Love, love, love this tea

from VA on wrote:

This is my all-time favorite tea--I drink a pot of it almost every evening. Highly recommend.

Saved My Sister's Life - Literally!

5 Stars Saved My Sister's Life - Literally!

from CA on wrote:

This tea is LITERALLY the only thing my sister, Cara, could get down after a stem cell transplant in 2006 (kills about everything, including taste buds). In 2005 she was diagnosed with a cancer, Multiple Myeloma - which is treatable but not curable, and is on the rise, because associated with toxins in our environment. This tea is not only extremely delicious, but the PERFECT thing for treating nausea! I've made sure she's stocked up with the bulk tea bags since then, and she's doing great! We live on opposite coasts, but are getting together for more fun than we've ever had - just grateful for every minute. Thank you Republic of Tea!!!!

My first tea from the Republic of Tea

5 Stars My first tea from the Republic of Tea

from WA on wrote:

This tea is given to me as a gift several years ago and I just got around to drinking it this winter. It Still had its superb flavor and I enjoy it two or three times a week.

Very good!

4 Stars Very good!

from OK on wrote:

This is a very tasty tea. I have only tried it hot, and I think it would be even better iced. I am very sensitive to caffeine, so I am pleased to find the ginger peach in decaf form. Thank you for using a healthier way to decaffeinate!

makes the best iced tea

5 Stars makes the best iced tea

from IL on wrote:

This tea is my favorite iced tea! We like drinking this tea instead of carbonated beverages. We don't even add sugar it's so good. And no caffeine is an extra bonus!

Love it!

5 Stars Love it!

from TX on wrote:

I love Ginger Peach hot or cold!

However do I choose?

5 Stars However do I choose?

from CA on wrote:

If I'm up at the late or the wee hours, and I'm chilled, I will want tea, but decaf or green. I like the Apricot AND the Ginger Peach, and have a really hard time choosing between them, but then I like both fruits. I wouldn't mind more ginger in the Ginger Peach, but that may be due to being a ginger addict. I've never met a ginger concoction that was too much ginger, or too hot (think Thai food at full heat).

Absolutely delicious!

5 Stars Absolutely delicious!

from IL on wrote:

This tea smells wonderful and tastes delicious.I make it into iced tea (my general preference and exclusive daily beverage). It's light and flavorful, with no negative tastes whatsoever. Buying online couldn't have been simpler. I was very pleasantly surprised that my package actually arrived within 24 hours (I'll try not to expect that every time). Also, I appreciate that Republic of Tea uses its (again, yummy-smelling) tea bag excess paper (what's left after the tea is enclosed in the paper and cut out) as packing material. So clever!

Outstanding Tea

5 Stars Outstanding Tea

from NE on wrote:

One of our very favorite teas. A friend introduced it to us years ago.. and we were very pleased to be able to purchase it online. Thanks

Family Fave

5 Stars Family Fave

from TN on wrote:

This is my husband's and mine favorite tea. This is the most soothing in fragrance in taste of all the teas we have tried.

All-Time Favorite for Years!

5 Stars All-Time Favorite for Years!

from VA on wrote:

I was hooked at the first scent and sip! Each time I drink this tea, it is my "I am worth it" moment! So, naturally, I reach for it often and share it willingly to spread the love!

my favorite!

5 Stars my favorite!

from NY on wrote:

This is my most favorite tea. That's all I need to say!!

Best ever tea by far

5 Stars Best ever tea by far

from IN on wrote:

Smooth, airy, lucious tasting. Can't put it down. Makes the same in iced tea. No bitterness and no aftertaste. Just simple, lightly fragrant and delicious!