Morning Tea

5 Stars Morning Tea

from IN on wrote:

Lucky Irish Breakfast is my go to tea of the day!

Lucky Irish Breakfast

5 Stars Lucky Irish Breakfast

from CA on wrote:

I was so pleased with the way it wakes up my senses that I drink it every morning & buy it in bulk! A nice malty flavor. Great with steamed milk.

Irish Breakfast Black Tea

3 Stars Irish Breakfast Black Tea

from TX on wrote:

I bought because I wanted to test the Irish against the English Breakfast Tea. What I have discovered is that evidently I do not very much care for any breakfast teas. I thought perhaps the Irish selection might taste better than the English variety. I just did not like the flavor. I must not be a true black tea enthusiast. My one and only favorite is the milder cross between black and green DARJEELING: Yum Yum! and the Republic Darjeeling is superb!

Unfortunately, it doesn't taste like anything

1 Star Unfortunately, it doesn't taste like anything

from TN on wrote:

While the smell is pleasant, even if it is brewed five minutes this tea ends up not tasting like much.

Lucky Irish Breakfast Tea Bags

5 Stars Lucky Irish Breakfast Tea Bags

from MA on wrote:


Best Tea Ever

5 Stars Best Tea Ever

from VA on wrote:

Full, robust breakfast tea. Best we have had since returning from Ireland. Hubby won't drink anything else.

Lucky I found it

5 Stars Lucky I found it

from IL on wrote:

Excellent tea. Expensive but we'll worth it.

strong breakfast tea

4 Stars strong breakfast tea

from OH on wrote:

This really does wake you up in the morning with a good aroma to go with the flavor of the blend. Black tea has the caffeine which I really crave as the light fades in the seasonal shift to chilly mornings.

Love Irish Tea

5 Stars Love Irish Tea

from CT on wrote:

Have been buying/drinking Irish tea for several years. Very smooth. Love it. And the staff at Republic of Tea very helpful.

Strong but smooth

5 Stars Strong but smooth

from MD on wrote:

I loved Irish tea when I visited Ireland and I’ve tried many brands since my trip. This is the best one by far. Nice and strong but smooth. I drink this plain most days but have added a splash of creamer too. It’s really great on a cold grey day as a warm morning boost.


5 Stars Delicious

from IN on wrote:

I had been drinking and loving the British Breakfast tea till I tried the Irish tea. I have no dislikes only really likes about this Irish tea. While British tea is excellent, the Irish tea is now my favorite morning tea.

Irish Breakfast Favors the Bold

5 Stars Irish Breakfast Favors the Bold

from GA on wrote:

This tea has a deep, bold flavor that's malty. It has a rich aroma and the taste lives up to that delicious smell. Stronger than is British Breakfast cousin (and has that malty taste). This is by far one of my favorite teas that I'd pick up again and again.


5 Stars Wow.

from OR on wrote:

This is the perfect tea for just about any occasion. If you want a rich tea experience, this is it. Incomparable to anything I've ever had before. The taste is addictive.

Like being in Ireland

5 Stars Like being in Ireland

from AZ on wrote:

This is just like the tea we had at the Bed and Breakfasts every morning in Ireland. Brings back those sweet memories.

Black teas

5 Stars Black teas

from NC on wrote:

I love this tea, nice and smooth. I don’t like green tea, so I’m glad you have a nice selection of black teas. My very favorite is Mrs Patmore’s pudding tea.


5 Stars Flavorful

from IN on wrote:

I really love this tea. It has a lot of flavor and it is very smooth. Definitely my new favorite!

Irish Tea

5 Stars Irish Tea

from AZ on wrote:

This is my husband's and my absolute favorite tea. I would recommend this one to anyone who likes black tea. I wish this came in decaf so we could enjoy it before bed as well. For now, we will just enjoy it during the day.

Irish Tea

5 Stars Irish Tea

from AZ on wrote:

My husband and I absolutely love this tea. I must say it is one of the best ones. Would definitely recommend. Wouldn't mind if they made this one in decaf too so we could enjoy it at night. But for now we enjoy it during the day!!!

Love it

5 Stars Love it

from MD on wrote:

I try this tea while we were traveling and love it so I looked it up so I could order it

Lucky Irish breakfast

5 Stars Lucky Irish breakfast

from OR on wrote:

This tea quickly grew to be my favorite. I love the sweet after taste of every sip. I’m a huge English fan and this one hits it right on the nose!

Very distinct flavor from "British" Breakfast Tea.

5 Stars Very distinct flavor from "British" Breakfast Tea.

from WI on wrote:

Loved this tea. Very distinct from other UK teas. Loved the smoothness and the little oomph it has behind it. You won't find this flavor in your grocery store!

Tea Review

5 Stars Tea Review

from NY on wrote:

Always loved the tea and was having difficulty finding it until someone recommended it on FB,am now on 2nd cannister

A Rich Brew

5 Stars A Rich Brew

from MA on wrote:

Lucky Irish Breakfast is my go-to black tea when I want a full-flavored cuppa. I take my tea with milk and sugar. Lucky Irish Breakfast can stand up to the additions and still bring great tea flavor.

Not the luck of the irish

2 Stars Not the luck of the irish

from TX on wrote:

service was a 10. i thought the tea would be more robust. will look for something else.


5 Stars Lovely....

from CA on wrote:

Smooth finish, no bitter aftertaste, a new morning favorite.

Excellent tea

5 Stars Excellent tea

from HI on wrote:

Enjoyed its smooth nature. Strong and refreshing to the palate. Great tea to start the day.

Slow down

5 Stars Slow down

from OK on wrote:

My cup in the morning makes me think of my day ahead. The evening it slows me down.

My favorite

5 Stars My favorite

from CO on wrote:

This is my favorite tea. No bitterness, beautiful color, excellent flavor hot or cold.

My favorite tea!

5 Stars My favorite tea!

from CA on wrote:

Love this tea and have some every morning! It's just strong enough with a smooth flavor. I hope it will be around forever!

Perfect all-day tea

5 Stars Perfect all-day tea

from ND on wrote:

I drink an embarrassing amount of tea. All day, everyday. I thought I'd cut cost by drinking the popular store brand and though inconsistent, it was passable (just barely). I decided one day that life is short and I deserve the best so purchased a boat-load of this tea for my all-day consumption and I cannot tell you how happy I am with my choice! Consistently smooth, non-bitter delicious tea. Thank you!

Deliciously smooth!

5 Stars Deliciously smooth!

from AL on wrote:

This tea is really amazing, delicious, and smooth. It's perfect with or without sugar, though a pinch of sugar makes it that much more sweeter. ;)

Makes the best cup of tea ever!!!

5 Stars Makes the best cup of tea ever!!!

from PA on wrote:

Irish breakfast is absolutely my favorite tea! I am a black tea lover. I drink it every morning. That's why I buy it in bulk. I even take it with me when I travel.

Robust Without Being Bitter

5 Stars Robust Without Being Bitter

from VA on wrote:

The Assam gives this breakfast tea its reddish color, and with the Ceylon Black Tea makes for a robust morning cup without the bitter aftertaste. I don't take cream in my tea, but think it would pair well with the Lucky Irish Breakfast Tea for an even richer taste experience.

My new favorite breakfast tea

5 Stars My new favorite breakfast tea

from NY on wrote:

I love the full-bodied taste of this tea! It has very little bitterness and has easily become my new favorite breakfast tea.

Coffee drinkers, take note!

4 Stars Coffee drinkers, take note!

from IL on wrote:

As a devout coffee drinker, this tea has me contemplating a change for my morning cup. A splash of milk or half and half along with a bit of honey makes this a very strong competitor for my trusty cup of coffee. Even without the milk and honey, it's delicious. I typically go for sweeter, dessert teas but this one is a great staple to have in your pantry.

Our Morning "Go to" Tea

5 Stars Our Morning "Go to" Tea

from WI on wrote:

This has been our morning "go to" tea for several years. Love the smooth flavor! Great plain or with a bit of soy creamer.

Not very flavorful or strong

3 Stars Not very flavorful or strong

from NH on wrote:

Very weak and not much flavor for Irish breakfast tea.

Best Breakfast Tea Bar None!

5 Stars Best Breakfast Tea Bar None!

from NY on wrote:

Have tried all of the Republic of Tea breakfast teas and other brands as well. Lucky Irish is the most full bodied and flavorful. There is something about an Irish breakfast tea and beats an English tea by far. It is not bitter or too strong, It has a very pleasing flavor. After Lucky Irish, other breakfast teas seemed bland and lacking in flavor.

my favorite

5 Stars my favorite

from TX on wrote:

I have several dozen kinds of tea, and lucky Irish is by far my favorite. I hate to use this phrase, but it is full-bodied and deeply rich. No fruits or flowers to distract from a perfect cup of tea!

Better than English Breakfast Tea

4 Stars Better than English Breakfast Tea

from VA on wrote:

Milder than English Breakfast Tea - yet the caffeine is enough to get you going in the AM.

Great flavor...satisfying cup of tea

5 Stars Great flavor...satisfying cup of tea

from CO on wrote:

This tea is one of my favorites. I enjoy the's one satisfying cup of tea!

Great afternoon tea

5 Stars Great afternoon tea

from AL on wrote:

Delicious with an afternoon tea cookie!

nice flavor

5 Stars nice flavor

from PA on wrote:

This is one of my favorites so far! It has a very nice flavor, even unsweetened. It doesn't get bitter or strong, but has a nice bold flavor. Love it.

Top O'the Morning!

5 Stars Top O'the Morning!

from FL on wrote:

This is probably the highest quality Irish Breakfast Tea I have ever tried. The flavor sings and it's a great eye-opener in the morning. I have found myself noticing how delicious this is at the first sip and the second and the fifth, etc. Really great!

Luck of the Irish

5 Stars Luck of the Irish

from NY on wrote:

Wow did I luck out with this new try. Having lived in London I tend to stick to carious English black blends but I thought I might give the Irish a try. This is a wonderful, mellow tea that I found quite soothing. Although it is listed as a breakfast tea, I find it wonderful at any hour.

Great Tea for Combinations

5 Stars Great Tea for Combinations

from CO on wrote:

Great tea in combination with the Black Sweet tea. (I use a larger cup than most people so it's just the right amount.)

Tea Worth a Ten-Teapot Rating!

5 Stars Tea Worth a Ten-Teapot Rating!

from AR on wrote:

I have been hooked on Lucky Irish tea for several years. My day doesn't go well without it. The delicious malty flavor goes so well with a touch of sweetness and a splash of cream. It is truly delightful and continues to be my favorite. I highly recommend it!

Tastes Like Ireland

5 Stars Tastes Like Ireland

from CA on wrote:

I'm reminded of my trip to Dublin whenever I drink my morning tea.

Almost a Decade of First Choice

5 Stars Almost a Decade of First Choice

from MD on wrote:

Tea is my drink of choice whether hot or cold. For almost a decade, I've been drinking Irish Lucky morning through dinner. It offers enough oomph to get me moving, enough taste to satisfy my palate, and enough "tea-ness" to keep my happy.

Strong yet delightful brew

5 Stars Strong yet delightful brew

from OH on wrote:

A strong bodied traditional tea. Love it in the place of the morning coffee

Irish Breakfast Tea Bags

5 Stars Irish Breakfast Tea Bags

from AZ on wrote:

robust breakfast tea..makes a deep and dark tradition pot of tea that is nice drinking straight or with milk added, if desired. Wonderful addition to meal replacing tradition american coffee

Great malt flavor!

5 Stars Great malt flavor!

from MO on wrote:

I love the malty kick in this great full-bodied tea. It is not bitter like some of the stronger black teas. I put milk (and sometimes half-and-half!) in it, which makes it almost taste like a rich, caloried drink. However, I sure wish it came in a decaffeinated form, like your British Breakfast Tea.


5 Stars wonderful

from TN on wrote:

Assam is one of my favorite teas so the blend is perfect. Great morning eye opener.

A wonderful Christmas treat

5 Stars A wonderful Christmas treat

from CA on wrote:

This Christmas, I treated myself and my family to several gourmet teas. My breakfast is always a very large cup of strong tea with sugar and milk. It starts the day out right. So far, the Lucky Irish tea is my favorite of the teas I ordered. It has a mellow, smooth taste and stands up to the milk and sugar, if I brew my cup using two tea bags. It is too bad that I used the last of it yesterday. I'll be placing an order for more today.

deliciously strong tea

5 Stars deliciously strong tea

from WI on wrote:

This is my first choice for early mornings when I don't have time to brew a pot of loose leaf tea. The tea is strong and invigorating. I don't add anything to it. I love the malty, dark taste.

5 Stars

from on wrote:

A nice all around breakfast tea. If I want a nice cup I usually choose this one or the British Breakfast.


4 Stars Full-Bodied

from MS on wrote:

This is the most full-bodied of the breakfast teas. The rich flavor warms you as you drink it. While I enjoy drinking this tea when the weather is chilly, it is a little too stimulating for hot weather, hence the four teapots instead of five.

Lucky irish Breakfast

5 Stars Lucky irish Breakfast

from NY on wrote:

This tea was purchased as a Christmas Gift. The shipping was very fast and the packaging was great.

Love It!

5 Stars Love It!

from WA on wrote:

My favorite black tea, hands down. I also love the tea bags - they are sized to never make too strong a cup of tea, even if I forget and leave the bag in too long.


5 Stars Wow!!!

from on wrote:

Best Irish Breakfast I have ever had.

Quite Satisfactory

4 Stars Quite Satisfactory

from OH on wrote:

I am a fan of many black teas, and while this tea is certainly among the top in my selection, I must admit that I found nothing "outstanding" as regards its flavor. It is pleasing, calm, smooth with a slightly astringent after taste, reminiscent of a good 12 year old scotch. Please, do not misunderstand. I found it most entertaining and delightful and I'm sure I will order more of this tea. But it did not overwhelm me with savoriness. But then we cannot be overwhelmed at every occurrence, now can we?

Delightfully strong

5 Stars Delightfully strong

from OH on wrote:

This is my favorite black tea, malty and strong. Perfect.

5 Stars

from TX on wrote:

Love the flavor of Lucky Irish Breakfast tea. Have tried others, The Republic of Tea is my favorite. Starts my morning off right!

Great flavor - could be stronger

3 Stars Great flavor - could be stronger

from FL on wrote:

I've been hooked on Irish tea ever since my trip to Ireland about 5 years ago. Over these last several years I used to wake up to a different Irish (one that is made in Ireland) tea. Lucky Irish has great flavor - I would prefer if it were stronger. Just a personal preference I guess. I just use two bags each time and that works well.

A Morning Requirement

5 Stars A Morning Requirement

from CA on wrote:

I've started every day for the last 3 years with a cup of Lucky Irish Breakfast. I simply don't feel sane without my morning cup, and this tea best meets my morning requirements: strong, delicious, and stands up well with milk & sugar. My Irish grandmother would approve; certainly, I do!

Brings back tea memories

5 Stars Brings back tea memories

from NV on wrote:

This tea is so reminiscent of the delicious tea I savored on a long ago trip to Germany. I was never able to find the exact variety that I tasted there until I discovered Lucky Irish Breakfast.This tea is rich and smooth and a perfect midmorning pick-me-up! I keep some at work just for that purpose.

Love the flavor

5 Stars Love the flavor

from WA on wrote:

Also love the fact that it is nearly impossible to make a bad cup of tea with Repulic's smaller bags.

I was surprised!

5 Stars I was surprised!

from OR on wrote:

I had to google "what does malty taste like", and still wasn't sure. So I took a chance, ordered this, and was pleasantly surprised! My first sip had me smiling. Very flavorful, just right. I added a splash of cream and a sprinkle of stevia. A wonderful way to perk up my afternoon. Very very nice and smooth!

A true delight

5 Stars A true delight

from WI on wrote:

If you enjoy English Breakfast Tea, treat yourself to a new delight by pouring a cup of this. I have a couple dozen varieties of teas in my cupboard, and, this is one of my favorites that I can savor day or night.

One of our favorites

5 Stars One of our favorites

from NY on wrote:

Invigorating and inviting. You won't stop sipping after one cup!


5 Stars Amazing!!!

from VT on wrote:

This is the only tea I will drink with no sugar it is smooth, tastes amazing and makes me think positively!!

5 Stars

from GA on wrote:

wonderful taste.

5 Stars

from AZ on wrote:

I love this tea. It makes me feel I'm in Ireland. It has a rich taste that wakes me up.

Eye Opener

4 Stars Eye Opener

from MO on wrote:

Straight to the sleepy eyes, no nonsense with this cup for the morning.

Lucky Irish Teabags

5 Stars Lucky Irish Teabags

from VT on wrote:

Great smooth taste,never bitter. Mellow yet refreshing fora morning cup or anytime. Very flavorful and not strong.

Lucky Irish Teabags

5 Stars Lucky Irish Teabags

from VT on wrote:

Great smooth taste,never bitter. Mellow yet refreshing fora morning cup or anytime. Very flavorful and not strong.

5 Stars

from NY on wrote:

Perfect way to start the day!

Good start to a lucky day

5 Stars Good start to a lucky day

from FL on wrote:

I recently tried this tea, and fell in love with it. It's deep and earthy, a perfect way to wake up and start the busy day. I like the depth of this tea, it's strong but not overpowering. It's full bodied and delightful. Perfect with a little honey.

My Irish Grandmother would have loved it!!

5 Stars My Irish Grandmother would have loved it!!

from NH on wrote:

Ieven think I can smell the peat smoke from the stove in the kitchen in Co. Leitrim!!!

4 Stars

from on wrote:

Lovely pick-me-up that is slightly peppery. Great for those mornings after late nights of grading final exams!

Start the Day with the Irish

5 Stars Start the Day with the Irish

from WV on wrote:

Every morning I wake to the world with a steaming cup of "Irish." The day is now in focus. People say I make the best iced tea ever and I reply, "It's all in the tea bag--the Irish does it all." Irish gets consumed in this house every day of the year and then some.

The only way to start my day!

5 Stars The only way to start my day!

from CA on wrote:

I start my day with Lucky Irish Breakfast. It is the best way to get me started on my day. Sometimes I add a tad of Almond Milk to it. I drink it everyday religiously.