The name says it all

5 Stars The name says it all

from MD on wrote:

Comfort and Joy - a flavorful black tea with fruit and spice notes that just begs to be shared with friends and family - the perfect tea for holiday entertaining, tea and talk with the girlfriends, or an eye-opening breakfast treat on a dreary morning. A seasonal best.

Top Five

5 Stars Top Five

from MI on wrote:

I love tea, drinking at least 2 cups of different teas every day. Comfort & Joy rates in the top 5 favorites. In fact, l enjoyed it so much I bought a canister for my sister. Then another canister apiece, then the value bags. We end up having this at least a couple times a week.


5 Stars Bursting

from IA on wrote:

Love the Comfort and Joy blend - it bursts with ‘comforting’ flavors reminiscent of the holidays - cinnamon, apple and cloves. We’ll be using it year. ‘round - just stocked up:)

Comfort and Joy Tea is addicting!

5 Stars Comfort and Joy Tea is addicting!

from GA on wrote:

I bought a tin of Comfort and Joy tea during the holidays and instantly fell in love with it. The flavors and scents of this tea are both soothing and intoxicating. I especially love the clove notes. This is my new favorite tea! (I just received my order for 250 bags of it yesterday and sipping my 3rd cup as I type this.) Try it - you'll LOVE it!


5 Stars BEST TEA EVER!!!

from CA on wrote:

I have been drinking my way through November and December with this tea for 4 years now! The spice blend is perfect! It tastes like Christmas and provides all the Comfort and Joy I need to get through the holidays!


5 Stars Amazing

from MI on wrote:

I purchased this tea based solely on the reviews. I thought, could the tea really be that good....REALLY? I mean, it's just tea, right. YES! this tea is everything everyone else has said. It's so calming yet makes me happy on cold nights, especially on days when I am feeling down. The apple flavor really comes through with the spices. It reminds me of the holidays, it reminds me of my deceased grandmother in the kitchen preparing food for the holidays, so yes, comfort and joy is a wonderful name for this tea. I will be purchasing a bulk order before it's gone!

Warming winter spices

5 Stars Warming winter spices

from CO on wrote:

Really liked this one, great combination of spices.


5 Stars Love

from MO on wrote:

Love, love this tea.

Comfort & JOy is fantastic!

5 Stars Comfort & JOy is fantastic!

from KS on wrote:

I have purchased this for the holidays for 2 or 3 years now and will continue to do so. It is a special flavor truly indicative of the holiday season! Everyone I serve it to, really thinks it's great! I especially enjoy it on cold winter evenings with the tree lit and soft carols playing in the background.


5 Stars Perfect

from OH on wrote:

This is my absolute favorite tea! The apple and the spices are perfect together. It's just the right amount of flavor. Not too strong and not too weak. If I could only drink one tea for the rest of my life, this would be it!

My very favorite tea!

5 Stars My very favorite tea!

from FL on wrote:

Comfort and Joy smells like its name. It tastes heavenly and soothes magically. This tea has brought me comfort during a very sad time in my life. It is wonderfully uplifting.

Favorite black tea!

5 Stars Favorite black tea!

from KS on wrote:

This seasonal tea is my absolute FAVORITE! I wait for it every year. Last year, I gifted it to my mom and several friends, who promptly went out to track down more before it sold out. The perfect way to start a brisk winter's day.

Bring it back!!!!

5 Stars Bring it back!!!!

from IL on wrote:

I love love love this tea. I didn't realize it was seasonal until it was too late to reorder. I won't make that mistake again. I've been rationing my tea all summer!!

Cuppa Christmas

5 Stars Cuppa Christmas

from TX on wrote:

I'm writing this in the middle of May because it's rainy outside and I reached for a cup of comfort and joy- and was instantly overjoyed with the "comfort" the subtle spices bring to this black tea. It's somewhere between an earl grey and a chai, and with a little dash of heavy cream and honey, it is a cup of cozy, wrap up in a blanket and read a good book goodness. Take it to go on a busy, cold and blustery day and take a cup of comfort with you. Can't wait for fall when they restock!

Great price great product

5 Stars Great price great product

from ND on wrote:

The only bad thing about this tea is that it's seasonal! Please make it available year round!

Truly brings comfort and joy

5 Stars Truly brings comfort and joy

from MI on wrote:

I LOVE this tea and only wish it were available year round.. This is my go-to tea when the snow is falling, or the day is stressed.

The Best!

5 Stars The Best!

from KY on wrote:

This is my favorite tea and I'm so sad it's only seasonal and won't be back for awhile. I think i have just one teabag left. The name really says it all, this tea does bring comfort and joy to my mornings!

One of my favorites

5 Stars One of my favorites

from CT on wrote:

This tea has been a favorite of mine this year so I got some for myself for home and work.


5 Stars YUM

from WI on wrote:

Really enjoy the blend of flavors in this tea.

Love Comfort and Joy!

5 Stars Love Comfort and Joy!

from PA on wrote:

Great blend of spices! My husband and I enjoy it every morning. I have bought this tea for over 10 years and can't imagine a winter day without it!

Enjoy every glass

5 Stars Enjoy every glass

from MO on wrote:

I received a sample in my catalog and loved the hint of fruit and spices. Now that I have my own cannister-I really love it as iced tea. I've turned my daughter on to it and she loves it as well.

Comfort & Joy Blend

5 Stars Comfort & Joy Blend

from TX on wrote:

This blend is simply a warm hug in a cup!

Comfort and Joy

5 Stars Comfort and Joy

from MA on wrote:

Originally I tried this tea because of its name!! But, I found out immediately that it lives up to its name–Comfort and Joy. It is delicious and satisfying for a cold winter's eve or even just a cool summer eve. I love it and keep it on hand all the time.

My favorite comfort tea

5 Stars My favorite comfort tea

from WV on wrote:

I keep this tea around for year around use. Perfect for that cool damp day, for comfort sipping, for sharing with others. I would have purchased refills only, but that option was out of stock so I bought a tin. My only negative is needing to remember to order during the available time.

Comfort and Joy

5 Stars Comfort and Joy

from GA on wrote:

One of those mmmm teas. Curl up on the couch with a book enjoy!

Definite 10!

5 Stars Definite 10!

from CA on wrote:

Very good tea that should be available year round.

very good

5 Stars very good

from KY on wrote:

I had heard it was good so I tried it. YES very good! I drink a cup every afternoon

Comfort and Joy

5 Stars Comfort and Joy

from CA on wrote:

I love Comfort and Joy black tea bags. It breaks my heart that it is seasonal and I couldn't order it in bulk before you cut it off until next September.

Love this tea!!!

5 Stars Love this tea!!!

from CA on wrote:

I drink this year round because I love it so much! I buy 2 cans in the store when it's out at Christmas! I love the cinnamon and clove flavors!

Love it

5 Stars Love it

from MN on wrote:

this is an annual favorite for several years now, it was always an 'adventure' to try to find it in the stores. This year, I decided to order online and save myself some stress. yummy!

5 Stars yummy!

from CA on wrote:

I have purchased this at World Market for a few holiday seasons, for myself and for gifts and it is always appreciated. I make my cup with two bags and it really makes me smile and go "awwww" on the first sip every time! I wish I could order the bulk bag as well as the tin refill but they are out of stock, so I hope the company will continue to make it available year round. I really love it.

Perfectly Named "Comfort and Joy"

5 Stars Perfectly Named "Comfort and Joy"

from TX on wrote:

I love this tea, and wish it was available year-round. It is mild, gently flavored, and I am comforted when sipping it. For the perfect cup, I add a bit of Almond Milk, and a teaspoon of honey, and I'm "Good to go"!

Best Black Tea Around

5 Stars Best Black Tea Around

from OH on wrote:

I know this is sold as a seasonal tea, however, this is my all time favorite tea from The Republic of Tea, so I stock up to get me through the rest of the year.

Love, love, love

5 Stars Love, love, love

from OH on wrote:

I wish this tea wasn't seasonal. I enjoy this one so much and will drink it year round!


5 Stars Amazing

from CA on wrote:

Accidentally bought three iterations of this (Downton Abbey Sampler, Holiday Sampler & full size) - no regrets.

Best & favorite tea

5 Stars Best & favorite tea

from TX on wrote:

I've bought this tea in bulk for more than 10 years and drink through out the year. I always get positive comments from others around me who smell the lovely aroma.


4 Stars Tasty

from CA on wrote:

Above average

Just perfect

5 Stars Just perfect

from NY on wrote:

I admit that I'm a sucker! I tried this sample that I received in the mail and it's so cozy and delicious. I don't normally drink caffeinated but I'm glad I tried it. I bought two cans already. No wonder it's a best seller.

Really impressed & surprised!

4 Stars Really impressed & surprised!

from MN on wrote:

I'm not a fan of flavored teas, usually. I got this as a sample with the recent catalog. I steeped it for about 3 minutes, then somewhat doubtfully added sugar and cream (wasn't sure how that would taste with the apple flavoring listed)--but, wow! It's glorious. I'm not giving it five stars just because I'm not sure if the flavors would be so mellow, silky and rounded if not for the dairy. Boy, though. Such a soft cinnamon flavor, not overpowering, and the apple tastes so natural, like the juices from a freshly-picked one that drip from one's lips as they bite. Spectacular, yummy. Would recommend sweetened and milked-up, maybe in a carafe at a holiday party.

My Second Favorite Tea

4 Stars My Second Favorite Tea

from NE on wrote:

This was the first tea I ordered from this company. It arrived quickly and was in quality condition. The packaging is great, the tea doesn't become stale. They sent a sample of Sip and Be Merry which took over as my favorite tea and I just ordered a tin of that one tonight.

Nostalgic smooth flavor

5 Stars Nostalgic smooth flavor

from WV on wrote:

This tea reminds me the flavor and the smell when is brewing.My grandmother used to prepare a similar version,I enjoy the smooth spices and tea quality.I drink about 6 cups a day and even though I consume about 500 bags a year,I don't think is enough because it is a seasonal tea.Soon I will order another 250.The price is great,the packaging is great and the flavor is excellent for winter or anytime months.Very low caffeine.

Comfort and Joy Black Tea

5 Stars Comfort and Joy Black Tea

from CA on wrote:

This tea - while Republic of Tea calls it a seasonal tea - I drink it both hot and cold all year long. It has just the right combination of black tea and spice.

All year round

5 Stars All year round

from IN on wrote:

This is my all time favorite tea. I order it in bulk so I have enough to last until it is available again!!!

My favorite

5 Stars My favorite

from MO on wrote:

I could drink this tea all year round, but it is especially magical in the fall and winter. A very comforting and delicious tea.


5 Stars Splendid!

from MD on wrote:

I was looking fora seasonal tea to serve at my tea party -- and this was a great find. All the guest lived it and I bought some more to give as gifts and to include in gift baskets. I enjoy this in late morning or afternoon. It makes me want to sit, sip and relax.

Don't add milk

4 Stars Don't add milk

from MA on wrote:

Tasty tea on its own, but when you add milk it tastes exactly like bubblegum. Gross.


5 Stars Perfection

from MO on wrote:

I love Christmas and I love Tea. And I love this Christmas Tea. It's like Christmas in your cup. I could drink this every day and never get tired of it. If you haven't tried it, you need to.

It's okay

3 Stars It's okay

from TX on wrote:

I ordered a tea sampler box with three of the holiday teas and this was one of them. Out of the three I ordered, this was the best one. The Peppermint Bark was terrible and Dream by the Fire wasn't for me either. I wouldn't want a tin of this but having a few tea bags is okay.

My favorite!

5 Stars My favorite!

from NC on wrote:

I got this as a gift and it's undoubtedly one of my favorite teas ever. I look forward to drinking it every Christmas season. It's a nice blend of spices and apple and reminds me a bit of candy when you add a bit of sugar. DELICIOUS.

The Best of the Best

5 Stars The Best of the Best

from FL on wrote:

I love this tea hot and cold! What an amazing flavor that soothes and refreshes! I always stock up and give as a gift throughout the year. Thank you Republic of Tea.


5 Stars Awesome

from NY on wrote:

One of my favourite holiday teas. Great balance of flavours, and one of the few I actually have to remember to take out of the pot rather than steep indefinitely! This tea pairs really well with the Yerba Mate Latte tea; gives it a creaminess and softens the bite of the black tea. I have to stock up on this while it's available!

One of my most favorite hot or iced. Spring summer fall or winter I enjoy this

5 Stars One of my most favorite hot or iced. Spring summer fall or winter I enjoy this

from IL on wrote:

My most favorite tea hot or iced.

Ready for Fall!

4 Stars Ready for Fall!

from TX on wrote:

I just ordered this tea for the first time. It reminds me of drinking a cup of Wassil at the holidays. I was a little skeptical of ordering it because of the cloves & licorice flavors, but gotta say its really a mild tasting tea. Can't wait to share some with my family & friends. CHEERS!

Love love love it

5 Stars Love love love it

from NY on wrote:

This is the best tea I have ever had. It is the only tea I drink. I drink it all year long so have to make sure I stock up on it while its available. Even if there was something comperable that I could get anytime I want it would be nice. It certainly would be more convenient if I could just get Comfort and Joy all year long. I will continue to get it as long as it is available.

Licorice root?

1 Star Licorice root?

from KS on wrote:

Ruined a spicy apple tea w/the uck of licorice.

my absolute favorite

5 Stars my absolute favorite

from NY on wrote:

I enjoy this tea all year long and order the bulk package to ensure I don't run out since it is not available all year. It is both spicy and soothing.

Warming Mug

5 Stars Warming Mug

from DC on wrote:

Yes & yes. Wish it also came in decaf so I could enjoy throughout the day and in the evening too! I can't distinguish the apple taste in particular, but notice the cinnamon & hint of licorice. I feel nutmeg would be a good addition, &/or if the apple stood out more, but it's a good flavor and has a nice spiced aftertaste you can feel.

Too Good to be a Relegated to Seasonal Tea Status

5 Stars Too Good to be a Relegated to Seasonal Tea Status

from TX on wrote:

Very mild, smooth and comforting! I love making a large pitcher of cold tea (refrigerate, no ice please). So many of us would be happy, happy, happy, if Comfort and Joy was available all year long. I'll just have to stock up again. :)

l Love It

5 Stars l Love It

from KY on wrote:

This tea is my favorite. I like to drink it all year, not just in the wintertime. I make candied orange peel curls and add them to a steaming cup and the peel just kicks up the orange flavor a notch. Peel an orange, making sure there is no white left on the peel. Make a sugar and water mixture (it takes quite a bit of sugar)add the peels, boil until the sugar water becomes very thick and almost all gone. Let the mixture cool and place in a tightly covered container, refrigerate. Add to your tea. YUM YUM.

Love it!

5 Stars Love it!

from TX on wrote:

I love this tea and am sorry to have to wait until fall 2014 to have some more! I should have bought two tins instead of one.

Good holiday tea

4 Stars Good holiday tea

from GA on wrote:

I bought a bulk bag of this tea after finding a canister on clearance a few years back. After a while, the cinnamon can be a bit overwhelming, but this is still a great holiday tea. Wish it came in leaf form!

MyComfort is my Joy

5 Stars MyComfort is my Joy

from MI on wrote:

This is THE tea that should be available all year long! This is my go to tea in winter, spring, summer and fall. All of the flavors shine through!

All Time Favorite

5 Stars All Time Favorite

from WA on wrote:

Love this tea! One of my all-time favorites. The quintessential blend for the holidays. Good spice and fruit notes. Needs little to no sugar.

I hoard this tea!

5 Stars I hoard this tea!

from IA on wrote:

I purchase this tea October - December so that it will last for the entire year! It's my absolute favorite!


5 Stars Yummmmmy!

from CA on wrote:

This was being offered as a sample at my local store - so glad it was. I might not have bought it and I would have missed out. It is a perfect holiday tea. I think I'll stock up so I have it for the whole winter.

A Perfectly Spiced Tradition!

5 Stars A Perfectly Spiced Tradition!

from NE on wrote:

I've been drinking this tea for 6 years now, and it kicks off the holidays perfectly! When I think of the first sip of Comfort and Joy I took years ago (during Thanksgiving week), it evokes happy moments with family. Every cup since then has been a joy and is now a tradition, which is what the holidays are all about!

Love this tea!

5 Stars Love this tea!

from WA on wrote:

This delightful tea is comfort and joy all year long! Please keep it always available.

Tastes Like Christmas!

Tastes Like Christmas!

from IN on wrote:

I order a year's supply each fall. LOVE IT! #C&J!!! #alltimefavorite

Comfort & Joy says it all!

5 Stars Comfort & Joy says it all!

from on wrote:

This tea is so delightful! I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this tea! I have continued to sip it all summer long. I never get tired of that dreamy taste of cinnamon, cloves and hint of licorice! Whether I've been canning in my hot kitchen or kicked back with my feet propped up...this is THE tea for me! I hope you enjoy it like I do!


5 Stars Delightful

from OH on wrote:

A wonderful tea whose name defines it well. Delicious black or sweetened with honey when you have a cold.

Simply the best!

5 Stars Simply the best!

from IL on wrote:

OK, so I know this is a "holiday" tea but I hope that it is available year round. It is such a wonderful blend of flavors; I loved this one at first sip!

5 Stars

from NY on wrote:

Smells and tastes great. Wonderfully balanced and the spices aren't at all overpowering which I always worry with strong spices like clove and licorice root. Just perfect though

Holidays special tea

5 Stars Holidays special tea

from WI on wrote:

really enjoy the soothing tea.. makes the holidays special :0

All Time Fave Tea

5 Stars All Time Fave Tea

from CA on wrote:

This tea is so good that I will be ordering more. Christmas is my favorite holiday and this tea reminds me just that. Very comforting to drink on a cold winter night. I make sure I have a cup of this tea on my ceramic mug while driving to work in the morning. The very best!

5 Stars

from NC on wrote:

This is my favorite tea. I buy several bulk bags each year so I have enough for the full year. I store them in a plastic bag in the freezer and they are fresh all year.

Nice seasonal tea

4 Stars Nice seasonal tea

from CA on wrote:

Received as a sample. Very nice seasonal tea.

Seasons greetings!

5 Stars Seasons greetings!

from FL on wrote:

Simply one of the nicest black teas I've had in a while. I'm not a fan of black tea, but this just brought so much warmth and memories of Christmases past. With a touch of honey, this may become my new seasonal favorite!


5 Stars Yummy

from TX on wrote:

This tea will put you in the holiday mood. It tastes as good as it smells.

5 Stars

from IL on wrote:

This is my favorite winter-time tea. I just ran out an am happy to be ordering a refill for the start of the cold weather season. This tea tastes like Christmas in a cup. Yum!

An interesting tea...

4 Stars An interesting tea...

from CO on wrote:

When I first tried this tea I thought the spices were too strong. As I kept drinking it though, it kept tasting it better and better. I got this are part of a set and I'm on the fence if I'd get it again... leaning toward yes though.

4 Stars

from NJ on wrote:

is great teaste n relaxing

Awesomely delicious!

5 Stars Awesomely delicious!

from OK on wrote:

I enjoy this comforting tea that gives me joy each time I sip it's delicious mix of flavors that are perfect for Christmas and every single day of the year. One of my absolute favs!

Christmas in a cup!

5 Stars Christmas in a cup!

from PA on wrote:

excellent taste, spicy with no aftertaste.

Rare Spice Blend

5 Stars Rare Spice Blend

from MD on wrote:

Best Tea at any time of the year

Wonderful all year long!

5 Stars Wonderful all year long!

from VA on wrote:

Since discovering this tea a few years ago, it has been my favorite tea. I drink it all day long at school. Only problem is that I have to order so much at one time since it is of limited production. October 1st is marked on my calendar every year so that I can order all I need for the whole year. If you have not tasted this, you are missing out.

Not just for the holidays

5 Stars Not just for the holidays

from OK on wrote:

I buy this tea every year to drink throughout. It's not just for Christmas. After a hard day, it's a spicy soothing moment of relaxation. Everyone I've given it to just loves it.

Comfort and Joy

Comfort and Joy

from TN on wrote:

I have been a tea sipper my whole life. I discovered Republic of Tea so many years ago I can't remember...Comfort and Joy is the best tea EVER. I am addicted!!!

5 Stars

from on wrote:

This is among my most favorite blends of any tea, and not just Republic of Tea flavors! The blend of spices and fruits works perfectly with the black tea. I make sure to have this tea on hand every December, because it really does taste like Christmas in a cup. It's so delicious and comforting, sweet and spicy without being overbearing. Just make sure to follow the directions for steeping, black tea becomes bitter if steeped too long!

5 Stars

from PA on wrote:

Absolutely wonderful. A great stand alone tea, nothing else needs to be added to it. Bought the largest size and gave 5-tea bag gifts to friends to try. Love it. Thank you.

Good Tea

5 Stars Good Tea

from GA on wrote:

One of my favorite teas. Love it on a cold winter's day. It's not just for Christmas.

Fa La La Yum

5 Stars Fa La La Yum

from TN on wrote:

I fell in love with this tea last year when my Dad received a sample packet with his order and gave it to me. It wasn't until this year that I ordered a can and then the large bag of this great tasting tea. The smooth flavor adds true comfort and peace to my afternoon and evenings. I would recommend this delicious tea to anyone need a break from holiday shopping and hurried pace.

Christmas yum!

5 Stars Christmas yum!

from on wrote:

Very good! It does taste like Christmas! But I will be drinking it all year round because it is so yummy.

A Joy for the Season

5 Stars A Joy for the Season

from WA on wrote:

This is one of the best teas I have had the pleasure of taking it to a quiet spot in the afternoon and simply thinking quiet thoughts and reading a good book. Delightful! While originally I bought the 250 bag, I am going back for another so that I may hold up at that place for the rest of the year and share it with others. Thank you!

Wonderful Holiday Tea!

5 Stars Wonderful Holiday Tea!

from MI on wrote:

I look forward to this tea every year. I even include it in gift baskets to friends every Christmas.

Reminds me of cold winter days with a hot cup of spice tea

5 Stars Reminds me of cold winter days with a hot cup of spice tea

from AZ on wrote:

I love this tea!!! It reminds me of Christmas or a snowy winter day, sitting down with a beautiful bouquet of spice tea. I used to love Constant Comment, but this tea blows it away! It is so much more flavorful, and as with all Republice of Teas, It keeps its fresh taste forever in the sealed tin. I'm hoping they have this in bulk, because I want more, more, more!!!

Finally a Great Tea!!

5 Stars Finally a Great Tea!!

from OH on wrote:

love the unordinary herbs blend, which is refreshing as it is destint taste.

aptly named

5 Stars aptly named

from AZ on wrote:

Oh, my, do I love this tea! I bought a tin for me and one as a gift. Luckily I picked up the 250 refill too. I keep giving people samples because it is so delicious. The flavor is amazing. I love it hot and haven't had another tea since it arrived. Today's tea got cold before I was able to finish. It is delicious cold as well. I highly recommend this tea!

Great Flavor!

5 Stars Great Flavor!

from ID on wrote:

Comfort and Joy has spectacular holiday flavor that somewhat rivals chai but with its own unique flavor. I love this one!

Spice of the season

5 Stars Spice of the season

from NY on wrote:

I've enjoyed this wonderful treat throughout past holiday seasons and, this year convinced my husband to try it. Now it's his favorite too. Good thing I bought the 250 bag package! The fruit and spice scents and flavors in this tea are as warming and comforting as the coziest winter fleece.

Share the Pleasure

5 Stars Share the Pleasure

from PA on wrote:

This year I decided to drop a few bags in small cellophane bags to attach to the gifts for my friends at work. I expect to get accolades from my tea buddies and converts from my coffee-drinking friends. I'm sipping on my morning tea right now!

Comfort & Joy

5 Stars Comfort & Joy

from on wrote:

I buy this tea in bulk so I can enjoy it all year. It is my favorite sipping tea.

One of my faves

5 Stars One of my faves

from WA on wrote:

How I wish this were available all year long! Never mind! I stocked up with 250 bags this time so it should hold me for awhile. I love this tea, it's like Constant Comment on steroids.

5 Stars

from on wrote:

The best Christmas tea I've tasted - it hits the perfect balance between all the spices so that none overpower the others. Great in the early afternoon for a warm reminder that it's the holiday season.

Mmmmm! My current holiday favorite!

5 Stars Mmmmm! My current holiday favorite!

from OR on wrote:

Definitely Comfort & Joy! And for a special treat, add a bit of eggnog...YUM!

The scent of contentment

5 Stars The scent of contentment

from NJ on wrote:

This is a great afternoon or evening tea (or maybe a late Saturday morning that's been lazy). It has a perfect blend of spices and aromatic oils but is also a fine black tea flavor. I bought in bulk to refill the tins that I keep in 3 separate locations. Curl up and get cozy!

Cup of Christmas

5 Stars Cup of Christmas

from CA on wrote:

I drink several glasses of tea daily and this is by far my favorite black tea! I call it my "Cup of Christmas" and it's the most wonderful blend of citrus and spices. It's almost like drinking a lightly mulled black tea. It lives up to it's name. So comforting and full of joy. This year, I bought in bulk so that I don't have to portion it out for 12 months!

5 Stars

from MD on wrote:

This tea is the pinnacle of the holidays. The mere smells warms you. Its complex full-bodied taste surprises you. I add honey and a hand full of cranberries, at which point the only thing missing is ham and mash potatoes in this holiday brew :) Very special.

Truly warming!

Truly warming!

from IL on wrote:

This black tea has just the right amount of spice and is not overpowered by the apple or licorice. A very pleasant antidote to a cold, grey, damp and dismal Midwestern afternoon!

Comfort & joy year 'round!

5 Stars Comfort & joy year 'round!

from GA on wrote:

Don't just enjoy this during the holidays as it's a fantastic way to start your day every morning of the year.

Christmas in a cup

5 Stars Christmas in a cup

from AZ on wrote:

I had this tea at a womens meeting and now I can't get enough it is wonderful!!

IT'S the MOST Wonderful Time of the Year

5 Stars IT'S the MOST Wonderful Time of the Year

from WA on wrote:

A new season of joy and enjoying this tea brings us joy. We love this tea! I thank others for their comments and quickly bought a bulk bag to get us through the cold winter ahead! LOVE THIS TEA!

My All Time Favorite Tea!

5 Stars My All Time Favorite Tea!

from OR on wrote:

I wait every year for this tea to be made available and then quickly buy the bulk bag because I drink this tea every single day. I love it!

Warm & Inviting

5 Stars Warm & Inviting

from IN on wrote:

I fell in love with this tea after getting a sample in the mail. I quickly ordered a tin & have been drinking it ever since. I have ordered it a few times since. This tea is good hot or cold.

Really Comforts and gives joy!

5 Stars Really Comforts and gives joy!

from MI on wrote:

This is a tea that is and can be enjoyed the whole year around. Soothing and satisfying. Very good as iced tea also. My friends and I really love this tea. I stock up when I can so I can enjoy it all year.

Superior Tea for Christmastime

5 Stars Superior Tea for Christmastime

from TX on wrote:

There is nothing quite like this tea during the winter months! Perfect blend of spices, just enough strength - expect this to be a hearty cup brimming with rich cinnamon and tingling clove tones. I highly recommend adding cream to your cup - it really reveals the "comfort and joy!"