always perfect

5 Stars always perfect

from ND on wrote:

I drink a pot of this every morning--sometimes toss in a piece of lemon grass or a couple mint leaves, and it helps me get my day started right. I usually will steep 2-3 mins and then save the leaves and use one or two more days.

Perfect Tea for Evening

5 Stars Perfect Tea for Evening

from MA on wrote:

I first tried Sky Between the Branches because I liked the name so much, and now it's my favorite tea for evenings. Green tea works well because of the relatively low caffeine content, and Sky Between the Branches has the best flavor of any green tea I've tried.

Nuance Tea

5 Stars Nuance Tea

from HI on wrote:

It takes longer to let the full scent and flavor to envelope you, but its well worth it.

A Perfect Name!

5 Stars A Perfect Name!

from MI on wrote:

This is my favorite summer time morning green tea! The flavor is excellent, never bitter, and it does make me think of looking up between tree branches at a beautiful blue summer sky.

It really hits the spot!

4 Stars It really hits the spot!

from PA on wrote:

The aroma reminds me of doctor's gloves in a hospital but don't let that deter you from the wonderful nutty flavor! Sky Between the Branches is a special tea that harmonizes the sweet, nutty flavor with slightly bitter grassy tones. It's a tea worth trying!

A very different and almost nutty green

5 Stars A very different and almost nutty green

from MA on wrote:

This is probably my new favorite green tea. It is almost nutty in it's taste but its not the primary note. It lacks that grassy character that I do like but its so unique I love it. It's very mellow and not full-body like some others and I am able to get 4 steepings from it. I have not come across anything like this tea anywhere else.


5 Stars Delish!

from PA on wrote:

What a beautiful name for the best tasting green tea that I've tasted so far. The taste is very delicate and never bitter like some of the others I've tried. Love this stuff.

Magically Relaxing

5 Stars Magically Relaxing

from AL on wrote:

There is something special about this tea. A very peaceful feeling descends upon me during and after sipping a cup. It is a most pleasant sensation. Try it and see!

An old friend revisited

5 Stars An old friend revisited

from CA on wrote:

Sometimes absence does make the heart grow fonder. I hadn't re-ordered Sky the last time, and just brewed up a pot after receiving my order last week. With a little care to brew w/correct water temp. this green tea is delicious. Good color and mouth feel, not overpowering grassy taste but a good balance w/slight nutty-butter (probably chestnut) undertones.


4 Stars Excellent

from NY on wrote:

If green tea drank green tea this is what it would drink. No frills and really good.


5 Stars Superb

from MD on wrote:

Superb green tea with extraordinary calming ffects. I have enjoyed this tea for eight years and the quality of the product has remained pleasantly consistant.

A great light green

5 Stars A great light green

from OH on wrote:

Upon opening the container, I was surprised by how sweet the tea smelled. The brewed leaves carried a similar smell, one reminiscent of White Peony (sweet, a bit fruity, with a hint of perhaps strawberry), albeit with the very distinct green tone of spinach or green beans.The dry leaves themselves are quite endearing and attractive. They look pretty cool, to be honest. As for taste, the tea was wonderful. The liquor is a very pale green, making one feel as though it's a bit ethereal. The color reminds me a bit of a honeydew melon, albeit a bit darker in color. The tea has a taste that vaguely reminds me of honeydew melon. The tips (the dry leaves are interspersed with white, so I assume there are tips present)produce a natural sweetness along with a bit of fruitiness, which highlights the more serious vegetal flavors of the green leaves. The initial impact of the tea is similar to Dragon's Well, although lighter. However, while having the spinachy tones, it lacks the darker undertones of roasted eg

Nice, but light!

4 Stars Nice, but light!

from WA on wrote:

This is a very mild tasting tea, to me. I like it at night and first thing in the morning. Its so light tasting that I don't like to have anything else with it so I can capture the full flavor. Very pretty tea and smells wonderful.

The joy of sipping

5 Stars The joy of sipping

from KS on wrote:

Sky Between the Branches is the perfect green tea to enjoy sipping. The chestnut flavor is deep and natural, yet refreshing at the same time. Great choice for anyone.

4 Stars

from CO on wrote:

I like dark, heavy tea - mostly. This is my favorite green tea. Subtle in flavor, not like fast-food chinese or fakey sport-drink stuff. My friend and I share this tea when we visit and are always surprised when we finish a third pot. Great tea to learn appreciation for the Green varieties.


5 Stars lovely

from on wrote:

truly chestnutty rich deep flavor.

My favorite green tea

5 Stars My favorite green tea

from NY on wrote:

I add about one quarter teaspoon of stevia and let the tea cool a little. It has a sweetness and a note that is like no other green tea. I believe it is called chesnut on the liner notes. Whatever it is, it's unique, and very delicious.