5 Stars Yum!

from FL on wrote:

So delicious! I drink my teas straight. No sweeteners, milk, lemon. Just tea. This is the perfect cups to snuggle up and read a good book with!

Very Good

4 Stars Very Good

from CA on wrote:

Good tasting iced tea.

Enjoyable hot or cold

5 Stars Enjoyable hot or cold

from KY on wrote:

excellent both hot or cold with no sweetener required. For a stronger fruity element just steep a bit longer. A perfect summer selection.

First Purchase

5 Stars First Purchase

from TN on wrote:

This was my first purchase from the Republic. The experience from phone call to brew was first-class. Thank-you!

Flavors are off

3 Stars Flavors are off

from CA on wrote:

I'm not sure if I got a bad batch, but I can't seem to like this tea, no matter how I brew it or sweeten it. If I drink it without sweetener, it seems too bitter - with sweetener, it's too much. I have enjoyed practically every other Republic of Tea blend I've tried so this one just seems an odd one out for me.

Best Tea Ever

5 Stars Best Tea Ever

from TX on wrote:

Brew every morning for all day long enjoyment. Can't start my day without it.

Superb tea

5 Stars Superb tea

from KY on wrote:

It is one of the best tea i ever had.

Met Expectations

3 Stars Met Expectations

from TX on wrote:

This Tea Blend Met Taste & Shipping Expectations.

Sweet Red

5 Stars Sweet Red

from NJ on wrote:

We were pleasantly surprised with the color and the flavor. As the tea sat, it began to turn red. As we sipped it, the aroma and flavors were actually fun!!!

Very nice tea!

4 Stars Very nice tea!

from MN on wrote:

Great pairing--pomegranate adds a nice flavor to green tea.

I drink this as iced tea everyday

5 Stars I drink this as iced tea everyday

from TX on wrote:

I drink this as iced tea everyday. It is refreshing a light. I would hate to do without it. I am sorry you stopped making the iced tea on tap with this tea. When or if you start again please let me know.

5 Stars

from TX on wrote:

I love the way the tea looks and it has a very fruity flavor

excellent tea

5 Stars excellent tea

from AZ on wrote:

Not only does it have excellent ingredients,but the taste is unbeatable.

Nice & Bright!

5 Stars Nice & Bright!

from ID on wrote:

This tea is soooooo nice in the morning! A very pleasant eye-opener!!

Great Tasting Tea

5 Stars Great Tasting Tea

from IL on wrote:

I bought this tea at my local Whole Foods Market as I've been drinking loose leaf teas for many years. I usually buy my teas from Teavana as I always felt they had the better quality products. After buying this tea and comparing to Teavana's Pomegranate White tea I can tell this is the better tea and better priced. This tea can be steeped longer and provides an outstanding flavor. I will continue to be a customer of The Rupublic of tea as the tea is better produced and better priced than Teavana's. Thanks, Chad


5 Stars LOVE IT

from IL on wrote:

I love the way it sweetens regular green tea.

Great Stuff

5 Stars Great Stuff

from WA on wrote:

This is a tea to have when you are having more than one. Also, I mix it with homemade fruit juice. Great Stuff.

Too sweet

2 Stars Too sweet

from ME on wrote:

Too much pomegranate and not enough green tea flavor. Like drinking hot koolaid.

teas greasest gift

5 Stars teas greasest gift

from NJ on wrote:

this tea was a gift to a friend who knows you have a winner.

A fruit bomb, but delicious

5 Stars A fruit bomb, but delicious

from SC on wrote:

There's little if any green tea taste, at least that I can discern, in this tea, so it's more like drinking a mixed fruit herbal tea. There's plenty of visible green tea as you put it in the cup, but the tea steeps to a fairly saturated red color even after just a minute or so. Although I expected a green tea flavor and didn't get it, I quite like this tea, as the overall fruit blend is actually delicious (and I do in fact taste pomegranate, as well as hibiscus, and also a dark-berry flavor). Someone who really knew what s/he was doing put this one together. I believe I'll always want this tea on hand.

Tasty & exciting! Hot or iced.

5 Stars Tasty & exciting! Hot or iced.

from CA on wrote:

If you only keep one tea in your kitchen, this is it! The perfect tea. This tea is refreshing iced on a hot day and comforting and cosy on a brisk night. Enjoy