My favorite

5 Stars My favorite

from IL on wrote:

Excellent decaf green! I need decaf and it's difficult to find a quality decaf green, this is my favorite so far.


5 Stars Finally!

from IN on wrote:

I've never been able to find a good tasting green tea. I've finally found it. I love that I can get it in decaf too. It has a very smooth taste to it.

good product

5 Stars good product

from WI on wrote:

The Republic Of Tea has the best tasting green tea. I have tried the other top selling green teas, and only Republic Of Tea has the genuine, green tea. Green tea is very healthful, keeps colds at bay. I drink a cup every night.

THE green tea to purchase

5 Stars THE green tea to purchase

from WI on wrote:

I had tried many different green teas, regular and decaf, I always came back to The Republic of Tea decaf green tea. It has the green color, taste is awesome, delivered right to my door in timely fashion.Green tea is healthy, this is the best I have found.

Terrific Tea

5 Stars Terrific Tea

from VA on wrote:

I've been drinking the same brand of green tea for many years and was satisfied with it. I was looking for a better quality or variety or something and happened to find the People's Green Tea and now I'm hooked. This is such wonderful tea! I brew it to make iced tea and make a couple of pots per day. It's great quality and I'm very pleased with it.

Love this tea

5 Stars Love this tea

from WA on wrote:

I am not the kind of person who can drink any old cup of tea. There are only a few that I like and this is my favorite out of those. I put fat free creamer and stevia in and away I go. I could drink it every day.

Yummy Decaf Green

5 Stars Yummy Decaf Green

from LA on wrote:

I like this tea! I think it is a yummy decaf green. I can understand how the other reviewer thought this was bland, but it is Chinese green tea. This is what Chinese green tastes like without caffeine. I love it & I like mixing it with flavored whites.

good tea

5 Stars good tea

from IN on wrote:

good flavor, good cup of tea

Nice, Mellow Green Tea

5 Stars Nice, Mellow Green Tea

from MI on wrote:

I've been looking for a green tea that isn't bitter -- and this is it! What a pleasant, mellow cup of tea to start my day! I can have minimal caffeine, and many decaf products give me headaches -- but not this one...yeah!

Don't like being without it!

5 Stars Don't like being without it!

from CA on wrote:

My family are big tea drinkers. Love this green tea. I enjoy several cups a day. And am never disappointed. Best green tea around!

from AK on wrote:

i used to drink decaf green tea.but can't get it here anymore.

Dead Tea.

1 Star Dead Tea.

from NY on wrote:

I've been searching for a decaffeinated green tea and thought since The Republic of Tea's tea is usually the best that my search would be over. But this tea is like all the others out there is dead. It's green but it's dead tasting. I guess you can't not ruin green tea when you decaffeinated it. I had to cut out caffeine so even green tea (The Imperial Jasmine Pearl was my all time favorite) is too much for what's left of my heart. Oh well. Pass the water, please.

Great tasting decaf tea

5 Stars Great tasting decaf tea

from CT on wrote:

I love this decaf green tea! I am not into a lot of flavoring in my teas except occasionally. Since I am a real tea lover I use this when I desire a cup of tea in the evening. I find this tea very soothing and I enjoy being able to have it, even late in the evening, and know it won't keep me awake!

Reliable good taste

5 Stars Reliable good taste

from PA on wrote:

Although my favorite green tea is Sencha, this decaf green tea is perfect for the morning to get started with the day/

4 Stars

from on wrote:

Very Nice Finish on the Palet

4 Stars

from FL on wrote:

not as flavorful as the non - decaffinated

decaf green tea bags

5 Stars decaf green tea bags

from PA on wrote:

My go to tea. Calming and refreshing whether early morning or evening.

from CA on wrote:

It's not just the taste, which I do like, but the compact packaging that reduces waste and makes it easy to compost my tea bag.

Love it!

5 Stars Love it!

from MN on wrote:

Love this tea. It is my favorite by far. I drink it every day and never get sick of it - I just ordered 100 more tea bags. Highly recommend it!


5 Stars Fabulous!

from MA on wrote:

Love, love, love the flavor of this green tea. Add some Yuzu Tisane to it gives it a bit of zing!

Great tea!

5 Stars Great tea!

from MN on wrote:

Great everyday tea!

5 Stars

from on wrote:

Delicious! Very smooth tasting...especially good with a bit of fresh lemon added.