Cardomom Cinnamon Tea

5 Stars Cardomom Cinnamon Tea

from IL on wrote:

I grew up with a Finnish-American mother, so I associate the taste of Cardamom with holiday foods like Scandinavian homemade bread & coffee cake. This tea does not disappoint. If I was feeling low, especially in winter, I would reach for this can & make some tea to cheer me up. Also the cinnamom taste was subtle, not overpowering.

Big Hit

5 Stars Big Hit

from TX on wrote:

This tea is a big hit in my house. The flavor is rich and fabulous. The smell is amazing.

Gift tea

5 Stars Gift tea

from SC on wrote:

I ordered this as a gift for my daughter. She loves it so much it may be one I order for myself sometime in the near future.

Lots of flavor and aroma!

5 Stars Lots of flavor and aroma!

from DC on wrote:

Almost unbelievable that this is an herbal tea, such body and robustness. Ices well!

a delight for the senses

5 Stars a delight for the senses

from MA on wrote:

This tea will brighten your day starting with the aroma of cinnamon filling your senses followed by the delicious taste of these two spices that compliment each other beautifully. Full-bodied and satisfying I am always pleased with every cup.

Bright flavor

5 Stars Bright flavor

from NC on wrote:

This tea really brightens and livens. Not had a tea with cardamom before. Delightful.

First time on this flavor

5 Stars First time on this flavor

from MI on wrote:

Was very good, will order again.


5 Stars Tea

from AZ on wrote:

I love this tea...I ordered it several times

Breakfast Treat

5 Stars Breakfast Treat

from GA on wrote:

I have this tea for breakfast every day. It is fabulous. Cinnamon is a spice I add every day to my diet so this allows me a nice start of the day.

Love this tea!

5 Stars Love this tea!

from WI on wrote:

This is an amazing tea. Very flavorful and good for warming you up on a cold winter's day. Highly recommend!

A New Find

5 Stars A New Find

from KS on wrote:

My sister in law brought this to our Thanksgiving get-together and served it with breakfast on Thanksgiving morning. It is beautifully spicy, warm and delicious. I texted her later in the week to get the name brand of the tea because I was craving some more! The added anti-inflamatory benefits of cinnamon and cardamom make this tea a winter must!

Great for iced tea

5 Stars Great for iced tea

from TX on wrote:

This tea has a warm ginger and cardamom flavor. When this lovely flavor is served iced it takes on a lively, refreshing flavor that just can't be beat. I would never have thought to ice these warm flavors but the juxtaposition of the warm flavors with the iced temperature is one I want to have always in wonderful tea infusion pitcher from Republic of Tea. Give it a try for a I think you may like it as much as I do. My hot tea favorites are ginger peach and cinnamon plum it that helps.

Great hot or iced

5 Stars Great hot or iced

from WA on wrote:

Very tasty tea, and delicious hot on a cold day, or over ice when it's warm. The cinnamon and cardamom flavors come through with a refreshing, slightly exotic flavor without being overwhelming.

Cardamon Cinnamon-bliss

5 Stars Cardamon Cinnamon-bliss

from OK on wrote:

I love the cinnamon notes and cardamon earthiness of this tea--leaves a calm state of mind. Just love it.


5 Stars Delicious

from CO on wrote:

This is a delicious tea. The cardamom and cinnamon are not too strong, so it is a delicious after-dinner tea.

Cinnamon lover

5 Stars Cinnamon lover

from IN on wrote:

I like the blend of this tea and look forward to a cup just about every day. Sometimes I add a splash of cream. 😋

Sweet and Subtle

4 Stars Sweet and Subtle

from MA on wrote:

Love this addition to my collection. Perfect tea to complement a morning's breakfast or to curb a late night sweet tooth.

Cardamon Cinnamon Herbal Tea Bags

5 Stars Cardamon Cinnamon Herbal Tea Bags

from FL on wrote:

I LOVE this tea!! It is smooth - like a peaceful cup of tea!

Love this herbal blend.

5 Stars Love this herbal blend.

from FL on wrote:

I love this herbal blend! I prefer to use just a bit of sugar, but it really isn’t necessary. It has a very nice afterglow that lingers for a while.

Unsure nut Love this tea

5 Stars Unsure nut Love this tea

from PA on wrote:

Was a little worried that I wouldn't like this tea, but loved it because I don't have to add anything to this.

Awesome Flavor

5 Stars Awesome Flavor

from MN on wrote:

Great aroma and flavor. Bought the 250 ct pack. They all stayed fresh until the end. : )

Cardamon Cinnamon Herbal Tea Bags

5 Stars Cardamon Cinnamon Herbal Tea Bags

from PA on wrote:

I'm usually not a big fan of herbal teas, though I will drink them but this tea is wonderful. It's warming, tastes wonderful and is perfect in the evening if I don't want caffeine. I definitely will be buy it again.

Tea Tasting

5 Stars Tea Tasting

from OH on wrote:

Love this tea! All of the teas are yummy!

Warming and Comforting

5 Stars Warming and Comforting

from CO on wrote:

This is one of my favorite teas for any time of the day. It is great for fall or winter and one that I purchase often. Great tasting and just reminds me of curling up at home with a good book.

Very nice

5 Stars Very nice

from KS on wrote:

This was one of the first teas I tried. It was very nice. The flavors are not too spicy, perfect for an early morning sip.


5 Stars Delicious!

from VA on wrote:

This is one of my favorite teas ever! I love the taste of it & the smell is wonderful too. I especially like drinking this when it's cold outside. I have not tried it as an iced tea yet but I plan to.

Loooooooove this rea!

5 Stars Loooooooove this rea!

from AK on wrote:

I didn't like the first cup or two, to be honest. But I thought I might as well use it up....and now it's my favorite tea! It is strong, but that's how I like it. Reordering now!

Yummy, spicy winter drink!

5 Stars Yummy, spicy winter drink!

from WA on wrote:

Love the cinnamon and cardamon! The ginger adds warmth without overpowering. Lovely spicy tea! I don't add anything...Just put the bag in the cup, add boiling water, wait a few if you can...enjoy...the bag stays in til I finish the tea.

Spicy warmth on a winter day!

5 Stars Spicy warmth on a winter day!

from WA on wrote:

I chose this tea for the cinnamon and cardamom and no caffeine. It is my current favorite decaf. I have 25 teas in my cupboard! I find myself reaching for this one every day! I do not add anything to it. Warm, spicy, caffeine...not win!

Truly heart (and chest!) warming.

5 Stars Truly heart (and chest!) warming.

from MA on wrote:

This is a perfect winter tea - warming through and through. I've sent it to each of my daughters, who are prone to deep chest colds in the cold and damp weather. With a chunk of candied ginger at the bottom of the mug, there is nothing better than this Cardamom Cinnamon tea for warmth inside and out.

Warm & Happy

5 Stars Warm & Happy

from VA on wrote:

Love this herbal infusion, especially in the damp cold of winter. It warms from the inside out with sophisticated spice!

Just didn't make it

3 Stars Just didn't make it

from NC on wrote:

I love cinnamon and cardamon so I though this tea had to be a winner. And it might have been if the base had been a black tea. I have other herbal holiday blends I love but the flavors never really came together with this tea to please my pallet. If you lean toward black teas try comfort and joy -- it's wonderful


5 Stars Flavor!

from PA on wrote:

This tea has a hearty, satisfying flavor without caffeine. I enhance and sweeten with a cube of crystallized ginger. Delicious.

Delightful tea!

5 Stars Delightful tea!

from WA on wrote:

I find this flavorful tea very warming on a cool day..

Wonderful feel good tea

5 Stars Wonderful feel good tea

from CA on wrote:

This tea is great when you are felling energetic or when you need a pick me up. It is my favorite decaffeinated herbal tea. It is good for all occasions. Everyone I serve it to always love it.

Best ever!

5 Stars Best ever!

from VT on wrote:

I have been a dedicated tea drinker for 50+ years. This is far and away my very favorite tea. I am back for a bulk order!


3 Stars Disappointed

from PA on wrote:

If this had been named Cinnamon Cardamon I would have been happy with this tea. I have grow up with cardamon flavored breads at Christmas time and was hoping for a more cardamon flavored tea with a cinnamon accent. I will enjoy this tea but it isn't what I was hoping for. It should have been named Cinnamon Cardamon.

Reminded me that it's fall...

4 Stars Reminded me that it's fall...

from TX on wrote:

I received this as a sample in the mail. It gave off a nice pleasant aroma while brewing and the flavor reminded me that it's actually fall! That is something I forget living in Central Texas! A couple of days later, I wished I had some more. I needed to order more of my favorite tea, Super Herb Dandelion, so I decided to get a tin of this tea as well. It will be nice to have during the holidays. Anything to remind me of what frigid nights once were like living in the north!

Cinnamon Cardamon

5 Stars Cinnamon Cardamon

from KS on wrote:

Excellent. I drink it hot or iced. I also add stick cinnamon to it for that extra zip.


4 Stars yummy

from MO on wrote:

Received a sample of this in the last catalog and finally tried it last night. I was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked it because I'm not usually a fan of herbal teas. It was perfect for a cold winter's evening when I wanted something warm and spicy and caffeine-free. I can see this fast becoming a favorite for the winter months.

Helps You Sleep

5 Stars Helps You Sleep

from CA on wrote:

John Tesh said that smelling or tasting cinnamon helps relieve stress and therefore helps you fall asleep. I drink this tea every night before I go to bed, and it works!

My favorite

5 Stars My favorite

from MA on wrote:

Got this tea as a Christmas gift from my boss last year and have been a HUGE fan ever since! This is my everyday tea, love the way it tastes and smells. DELISH!

Surprisingly spicy

5 Stars Surprisingly spicy

from KS on wrote:

I received a sample of this tea in my last catalogue, and it is delicious! I love the spicy and the cinnamon, and that it is caffeine free which is perfect for evening sipping! Thank you for this free sample of delightfulness!

Autumnal delight

5 Stars Autumnal delight

from PA on wrote:

A warm and comforting cup of tea. It is my new favorite treat for fall!


5 Stars DE-LISH!

from AZ on wrote:

pungent and flavorful, a delicious way to top off the afternoon or evening


5 Stars Heavenly

from CA on wrote:

I picked up a can of this heavenly tea at Whole Foods today. Glad I did ! A perfect herbal tea for a cool Fall evening.

This is the Tea that Started it ALL

5 Stars This is the Tea that Started it ALL

from OH on wrote:

This tea is still at the top of my hit list, and the first Republic of Tea I tried years ago. It is my go to tea on the cool fall days, and cold winter nights. It is also good iced in Summer. A sure hit with me.

How it got better and I thought I was in heaven

5 Stars How it got better and I thought I was in heaven

from AZ on wrote:

I have drunk this tea for years and have enjoyed its spicy and warming taste plain. It is so good plain that I just never thought of adding anything to it. The other day, I had some leftover coconut milk, so I added a tablespoon along with a little stevia. I took a sip and had to close my eyes; I really did think I had gone to heaven, well, at least my taste buds. I have had very stressful days and nights lately, and this combination has helped me get through as I make it now every night. I thought about turning it into ice cream, using coconut milk and brewing the tea with it first. Then I saw the recipe the other day on how to make popsticks. I think that is the future of some of my tea bags. Thanks, Ministers of Tea, for such a delightful and helpful brew. From one of your devoted citizens.

Love this tea.

5 Stars Love this tea.

from ND on wrote:

I bought the original tin of loose leaf tea and loved it. I have since bought two additional refill bags; one for home and one for the office. Not only is it delicious but it fills the room with an awesome scent.

My Favorite So Far

5 Stars My Favorite So Far

from MI on wrote:

This tea is the bomb! Heavy on the cinnamon, perfect amount of Cardamon. Well done, Republic of Tea!

nicely spiced herbal tea.

3 Stars nicely spiced herbal tea.

from AK on wrote:

love this tea when not over-steeped. best with cream.


5 Stars Taste-T-Licious!

from MN on wrote:

I love this tea. I was making it from scratch but it was such a bother to get the ingredients. Found this tea at the grocery store but the web site was MUCH cheaper. I have several cups a day with either milk or half and half. Yum!!

Favorite tea!

5 Stars Favorite tea!

from CA on wrote:

This tea has great flavor--mellow and spicy with a bit of natural sweetness. Makes a great hot or iced tea, and I drink it daily. Also my favorite to give as a gift.

Great tea

5 Stars Great tea

from IN on wrote:

Even my tea-hating hubby likes this! I actually mixed this with carmel apple and chamomile lemon when he was suffering upset stomach, and he noticed improvement almost immediately. This is on my list to keep on hand.

Cardamon Cinnamon

5 Stars Cardamon Cinnamon

from CT on wrote:

This is one of my very favorite teas. I have always liked the flavor of cinnamon, and adding the cardamom flavor enhances the overall flavor. Our family(Swedish) has always used cardamom in their baking, and this tea is like a comfort drink at the end of the day. Good job with the mixing of these two flavors.

Tastes like a holiday

4 Stars Tastes like a holiday

from MD on wrote:

I reach for this tea when I want something nostalgic and spicy. It reminds me of sitting at my grandma's kitchen table- my mouth watering as I wait for her Thanksgiving day cobbler to come out of the oven. Thanks for this one Republic of Tea.

Great Herbal Tea

5 Stars Great Herbal Tea

from PA on wrote:

This is one of my mom's favorite teas. She loves chai, but doesn't always want the caffeine, so this herbal tea is the best of both worlds.

Warm and inviting

5 Stars Warm and inviting

from AR on wrote:

My personal favorite, and I have a lot of "favs" but this is IT. Warm, spicy, soothing. It's dessert anytime. Best way to warm up on a cold night.

Purchase 250 at a time

5 Stars Purchase 250 at a time

from AZ on wrote:

Perfect as iced tea... my favorite, year round. HEALTH BENEFITS ARE A SECONDARY TREAT

My favorite herb tea!

5 Stars My favorite herb tea!

from CO on wrote:

Spicy, aromatic, delicious with or without a little honey.

Great tea!!!!

5 Stars Great tea!!!!

from FL on wrote:

This tea is so comforting and delicious!! It is also good for diabetics as the cinnamon helps your blood sugar levels and when I am drinking this it just takes me to another area of calm!!

Comfort in a Cup

5 Stars Comfort in a Cup

from NV on wrote:

Tried this for the first time today. It was as good (or better than) the Pumpkin Spice - which I absolutely love. Perfect fall and winter time tea.

My All-Time Favorite

5 Stars My All-Time Favorite

from PA on wrote:

I first tasted this wonderful brew at Drake's Sandwich Shop (sadly, now extinct) when I was a grad student in Ann Arbor, Michigan. It has been my favorite ever since, and I recommend it to everyone looking for something a little different. I love the loose tea because I can better adjust the strength. Delicious hot or iced with just a touch of your favorite sweetener.

Long Time Favorite

5 Stars Long Time Favorite

from GA on wrote:

This combination has been my favorite for over 10 years. Always reminds me of my favorite Indian dishes. It's aromatic and just as flavorful and comforting!

I am NOT a tea drinker, ok?

5 Stars I am NOT a tea drinker, ok?

from KS on wrote:

I've always disliked tea in general, because I felt it tasted & smelled like moldy hay in rainwater. That all changed the instant I tried this stuff. The Republic of Tea has a new immigrant! :D The longer this brew steeps, the more the spiciness of the black pepper comes out- and it works surprisingly well with the cardamom and cinnamon. I like it with a packet of Splenda and some French vanilla creamer. BTW I saw what someone mentioned about this helping with cramps, and they're right- it DOES help! (Well, it helped me, anyway.)

cardamon cinnamon tea bags

4 Stars cardamon cinnamon tea bags

from ME on wrote:

This is a very agreeable herbal tea. I bought it because I enjoy the 'chai' kind of teas. I use 2 bags at once, because it's a bit mild, but I guess that is a good thing for an herbal tea to be. My daughter also enjoys it. She likes it with honey. I enjoy using good old Maine maple syrup & a bit of milk in mine. Someone else said they put their herbal tea in their coffee when they're making it. I tried it, it's good that way too.

Tastes like the holidays in a cup

5 Stars Tastes like the holidays in a cup

from MA on wrote:

This is my favorite tea! The cinnamon is so spicy and warm and the cardamom is sweet and earthy. The two blend together so wonderfully. The smells reminds me of the holidays and being in front of a warm fire while it snows outside. It also tastes great iced! It is very refreshing in the summer time this way.

So sad when I used my last teabag...

5 Stars So sad when I used my last teabag...

from IL on wrote:

I just about cried when I realized I was at the bottom of my tin... I loved this tea! Perfect blend of cardamom & cinnamon. I'm back to order more!

Spicy warm

5 Stars Spicy warm

from WA on wrote:

This tea is the perfect blend of spicy notes and warmth on a cold day. My favorite for 10 years!

Absolutely Awesome

5 Stars Absolutely Awesome

from TN on wrote:

I LOVE this tea...the kick it gives my taste buds in incredible. I love to sip by the cup, but also steep in a large pot with Comfort and Joy in a green tea base. I am alert and centered all day. I never thought adding black pepper to tea would be so incredible. Congratulation to the Minister of Leaves.

Great for what ails you

5 Stars Great for what ails you

from MD on wrote:

My acupuncturist recommended this tea to me because it actually helps women with menstrual pain. She had come into my work and saw me miserable. She grabbed a can, bought it for me and made my boss give me a break so I could drink a whole pot of it (was a small pot about 2 coffee mugs full). In about 15 - 20 minutes I started to feel the pressure and pain subside. In an hour, nothing! I swear by this stuff. I don't take normal pain meds because they do nothing for me. This tea works great. Also, because it contains cinnamon, it helps with a variety of ailments like arthritis, heart disease and cholesterol when coupled with honey. Seriously, get this stuff!!


5 Stars LOVE IT!

from WV on wrote:

I have fallen in love with this and sip it at least twice a week.

Love it!

Love it!

from MD on wrote:

This is one of my favorites. We drink it hot or cold. Great after taste.

Nothing Better

5 Stars Nothing Better

from IA on wrote:

This is my favorite tea of all the teas that I've ever tasted. I enjoy it at most meals.

Awsome, When I want to treat myself or need a pick me up I add a spoon of honey,

5 Stars Awsome, When I want to treat myself or need a pick me up I add a spoon of honey,

from NV on wrote:

Add a spoon of honey and some cream for a special treat.

Great way to relax in the evening

5 Stars Great way to relax in the evening

from CA on wrote:

I drink this every evening as I relax & wind down. I take it with me when I travel and I always fall asleep easily. A guilty pleasure without the guilt!

Iced is the way to go

5 Stars Iced is the way to go

from SC on wrote:

I make a half gallon at a time, sweeten with agave, and chill. It's the best iced tea ever... and we Southerners know our iced tea!

Great when a chill is in the air!

5 Stars Great when a chill is in the air!

from OK on wrote:

Cinnamon is really good for you and this is a great tea when you want something warm but no caffeine. Just the smell makes you warm all over!

Tasty tea that's good for me

4 Stars Tasty tea that's good for me

from PA on wrote:

I like the touch of cinnamon in this tea which makes it a healthy drink.



from AZ on wrote:

Your Cardamom Cinnamon Tea is heavenly with light desert honey and whole, raw milk. THANK YOU.

What a Great Cuppa!

5 Stars What a Great Cuppa!

from CA on wrote:

I love this by the cup or by the pot in the evening, so warming and comforting on a chilly night.

Exquisite Tea with Milk and Honey

5 Stars Exquisite Tea with Milk and Honey

from AZ on wrote:

Thank you for this exquisite tea which I enjoy brewing with extra tea bags so the delight is STRONG. It's another great chai with milk and honey added after it's brewed.

Exquisite Tea with Milk and Honey

5 Stars Exquisite Tea with Milk and Honey

from AZ on wrote:

Thank you for this exquisite tea which I enjoy brewing with extra tea bags so the delight is STRONG. It's another great chai with milk and honey added after it's brewed.

5 Stars

from on wrote:

love this unusual blend...cardamon was recommended by my naturopath and acupuncturist....awesome in a tea...thank you!

One of my faves

5 Stars One of my faves

from on wrote:

I usually do not like herbal teas but I absolutely love this one. I will brew a large pot of it and leave it sitting around. I's great hot or cold. It is not overwhelming, and it is very well balanced. Which is exactly how you will feel after you drink it.

Cardamom Cinnamon Stimulates the Senses

5 Stars Cardamom Cinnamon Stimulates the Senses

from KS on wrote:

Cardamom Cinnamon tea is a subtle blend of complex spices. The tea stimulates the body and mind and is evocative of all things Indian. Add milk and sugar for a perfect cup of chai.

One of my Two Favorite Teas

5 Stars One of my Two Favorite Teas

from WA on wrote:

This is one of my two favorite teas (the other being the seasonal Comfort and Joy). Every night I pour the hot water over the bags of rich Cinnamon and Cardomn and wait for the 3 minutes until it aroma lets me know it's ready. I like to add a little milk and honey and luxuriate as I relax and get ready for a long Winters night of rest and dreaming. Have loved this tea for many year... thank you!


5 Stars Yum

from GA on wrote:

Nice on a cold winter day. It's a tasty spicy tea.

5 Stars

from on wrote:

this is my favorite


5 Stars Relaxing

from GA on wrote:

I first tried this tea a few years back at a friend's house. It is so warm! Very inviting! The smell reminds me of Thanksgiving and Christmas. This tea is wonderful with dessert or even just to have something warm and relaxing right before bed. It is caffeine free so it won't keep you up at night.