5 Stars Yummm

from OK on wrote:

I love this blueberry tea. One of my favorites.


5 Stars Love!

from WV on wrote:

This tea is very delicious! Very nice fruit flavor. One of my favorite teas.


5 Stars Refreshing

from FL on wrote:

Love this tea- hot or cold

Love this tea!

5 Stars Love this tea!

from CA on wrote:

I absolutely LOVE this tea! I am so grateful to have discovered it as I am currently on the candida diet and can't have any sugar whatsoever. As a former sugar addict, this tea has become my saving grace during this period of time. In fact, I just ordered the 250 pack - LOL! I know some people don't like the fact that it has Stevia in it, but I would tell them to stop making a big deal out of nothing and just pick another tea if it is so disturbing to them. This tea is so yummy in my opinion! Thank you to the creators of it. :)

making it ice tea

5 Stars making it ice tea

from KS on wrote:

I love it - drinking less soda because I drink this.

One of my favorites

5 Stars One of my favorites

from IN on wrote:

This tea is one of my favorites. I have been drinking it for a long time.

Lovely, sweet tea

5 Stars Lovely, sweet tea

from NC on wrote:

This is delicious in the evening when I wish I could have dessert. I'm looking forward to trying as an iced tea after reading the reviews.

A Favorite

4 Stars A Favorite

from OH on wrote:

I enjoy this tea. Next to the strawberry hibiscus, this is my favorite hibiscus.

Iced Hibiscus Blueberry is the bomb

5 Stars Iced Hibiscus Blueberry is the bomb

from IN on wrote:

I keep going back to this blend as the best for suntea.

Fabulous iced tea!

5 Stars Fabulous iced tea!

from FL on wrote:

I use this to make a liter container of iced tea several times per week - delicious when brewed half and half with strawberry hibiscus tea. Love the berry taste.

Hibiscus Teas

5 Stars Hibiscus Teas

from NM on wrote:

All their hibiscus teas are great! I've been ordering several varieties regularly for a few years and I'm especially impressed with their customer service and how fast the shipments arrive...a matter of days. Great company!!

Great Iced

5 Stars Great Iced

from WI on wrote:

Love this iced on a hot day!

Great flavor

5 Stars Great flavor

from CA on wrote:

A great tasting form of Hibiscus tea which I have used for several years for the medicinal benefits of helping to lower my blood pressure.


5 Stars YUMMMM!

from MD on wrote:

Makes the best ice tea!

Iced Tea Star

5 Stars Iced Tea Star

from GA on wrote:

This makes an absolutely stellar iced tea. It's a favorite for both my husband and I - hope it's never discontinued!

Super Yummy

5 Stars Super Yummy

from CT on wrote:

I love the taste of this tea, it's a special treat I could drink all day.

Love it cold

4 Stars Love it cold

from IA on wrote:

Ever since I was served it cold, I have been making for myself at home.

Fabulous flavored tea

5 Stars Fabulous flavored tea

from CT on wrote:

I bought this tea for myself at a gift shop. One cup and I was hooked. This is my favorite tea and am looking forward to trying it as an iced tea in the summer. Fabulous product!!!!!

Makes Awesome Iced Tea

5 Stars Makes Awesome Iced Tea

from MN on wrote:

This is my very favorite iced tea ever. I drink it every day. Blueberry & hibiscus, what's not to love.

Wonderful Tea

5 Stars Wonderful Tea

from TX on wrote:

Delicious tea and exceptionally good as an iced-tea. We use five bags for one quart of water and NO sweetener. Also use this tea in our Maqui & Acai protein beverage; this tastes light and wonderful. Much better than celestial seasonings, which we no longer consume since we found Republic of Tea. We also enjoy the Vanilla flavor and the chocolate flavor hot or cold.

Overall Favorite Tea

5 Stars Overall Favorite Tea

from MO on wrote:

I received this tea as a sample. As soon as I tasted it, I ordered it right away. I have been drinking this tea for years and this is my all time favorite. I drink it as ice tea. If it is too sweet or too tangy for your taste, combine a black tea with this tea for an awesome ice tea blend!!!

Very smooth tasting

5 Stars Very smooth tasting

from FL on wrote:

I ordered this tea because i like blueberry and wanted to try this blend. I was more than pleasently surprised. It is the smoothest tasting I have ever sipped and I barely use a drop of honey. I leave the bag in my cup till I finish,I dont want to loose a bit of flavor. I am almost done with my canaster and will reorder more. Even great cool!! I highly recommend this tea!!

Intense blueberry flavor -- love it!

5 Stars Intense blueberry flavor -- love it!

from CA on wrote:

Very nice blueberry flavor. But not enough hibiscus to provide the blood pressure benefit I had bought it for.

Two strong Tangy flavour

1 Star Two strong Tangy flavour

from NY on wrote:

I tried this tea based on other reviews and I didn't like it at all. The flavour is too strong tangy and may be I will drink it if I can double or triple dilute it. Leaves a funny feeling on my teeth. I would never get this one again. It's hard to believe that every reviewer here seems to love it; in which case I should probably give away those left over tea bags to you guys.. lol


4 Stars Delicious!

from IL on wrote:

While the aroma was not as intense with blueberry scent as I had hoped, the flavor is fantastic! I will definitely be ordering this again; it is my newest late night tea favorite.


5 Stars Delicious!!

from NC on wrote:

I received this in the sampling package and will DEFINITELY be ordering it again!

Tangy, sweet with gorgeous color

5 Stars Tangy, sweet with gorgeous color

from OR on wrote:

I bought this at a local store some months ago because my sister had recommended Hibiscus tea as a blood pressure reducer. I love this tea's flavor and aroma! No sweetener needed, caffeine-free and the color is amazing!


4 Stars WOW!

from DE on wrote:

After receiving the sample and asking my wife to join me in a taste test, it didn't me long to order this fine tea. Went "all out" and ordered the bag with 240 tea bags. But that was after I had bought the Raspberry Rose Hibiscus by mistake! But no problem. The wife and I love that one also.

Blueberry aroma through the entire house!!!!

5 Stars Blueberry aroma through the entire house!!!!

from NE on wrote:

I received this with the catalog as a sample, fell in love!!! I let the tea steep while I was on the treadmill in another room. When I stepped off of the treadmill, I could smell immediately, the air was filled with the fabulous aroma of blueberries!!!!! And, the tea tasted as wonderful as the aroma. It is sweet because it does contain Stevia. This will be a staple in my home, and am sure it will be so delicious over ice this spring/summer!!!

Wonderful aroma & taste

5 Stars Wonderful aroma & taste

from IL on wrote:

This tea smells & tastes GREAT!!! Blueberries...yummy!!

Great Anytime of the day!

4 Stars Great Anytime of the day!

from IA on wrote:

Purchased this tea thinking I would drink it mostly in the afternoons. It is so fruity and good tasting that I am finding it to be my go to tea when I am slow in the mornings, my comfort tea for when I am reading, and my friendship tea when I am sharing a cup of tea with friend or business person. This is a very good tea.

Love it!

5 Stars Love it!

from MA on wrote:

Received a sample in the catalog and just finished a cup. I'm here to order in bulk! Great taste, smells heavenly!

Sweet and Fruity

5 Stars Sweet and Fruity

from MO on wrote:

I got this teas as a sample with my catalog. It's really good. Very sweet and fruity.

Why is there a pregnancy warning?

Why is there a pregnancy warning?

from TX on wrote:

Does anyone know why there is a warning on this label for pregnancy/lactation? I was eager to try this and then saw the warning. I have been drinking the strawberry hibiscus, and there is no warning on that label.



from TX on wrote:

I received a free sample with my catalog and I loved this tea so much I ordered some right away. Such a great blueberry taste. It brings back thoughts of child hood and homemade blueberry pie, without all the sweet.

Great Tea

5 Stars Great Tea

from PA on wrote:

I really love hibiscus tea and the taste of blueberries takes it over the top.

Wonderful true blue flavor

5 Stars Wonderful true blue flavor

from NY on wrote:

This particular Hibiscus tea is true in flavor and makes an outstanding iced tea....I make it by the gallon all year round. There is nothing better for a full flavored, true blue thirst quenching treat!



from CA on wrote:

This tea is naturally sweeter than the plain hibiscus tea and I especially like mixing the two, using one teabag each. I also especially enjoy chilling the tea before drinking. I started drinking hibiscus tea to help lower elevated blood pressure. Hope it works.


5 Stars WONDERFUL HOT & COLD-Lowering BP!!

from FL on wrote:

I adore the Hibiscus tea varieties. I am partial to blueberry & purchase the 250 bag bulk; have also tried the strawberry, and enjoyed it as well. Just received the rasberry & am lookimg forward to sipping on it. I recently have taken to making iced tea from these varieties - just WONDERFUL!! I initially selected Hibiscus b/c of stressed-induced elevated blood pressure (borderline); as I am drinking more in a given day (chilled & hot) I am certain it has helped facilitate lower BP values. Excited to try the rasberry! Great quality & customer service. Will continue to order!

"Berry" Delicious!

5 Stars "Berry" Delicious!

from FL on wrote:

I make iced tea with this (and frequently make a 50/50 blend using this one and the strawberry hibiscus tea) and it is delicious!

Great tea

5 Stars Great tea

from CA on wrote:

Great tea, I enjoy it cold with a squeeze of lemon.Big plus is it is good for high blood pressure, so i just sent some to my 65 year old mom to drink both for hydration and blood pressure control.

My new addiction

5 Stars My new addiction

from OR on wrote:

I absolutely love this tea. I bought it this summer from my favorite coffee shop and the next day bought their only other can to have at home. I love the blueberry flavor and have found that it makes great iced tea as well. I don't have to add any sweetener to it and it smells amazing! Highly recommend, especially for those hot summer days.

Other Flavors = Better

2 Stars Other Flavors = Better

from FL on wrote:

Beware, I tried this based on some of the other reviews I found here. Decided after a taste comparison w/ other hibiscus flavors: coconut, rasberry/ rose, pineapple/lychee, key lime, that I liked this blueberry flavor the least along with the key lime flavor. The way the tea is flavored is simply not that appealing compared to the others. Avoid!!


5 Stars Love

from MA on wrote:

This is my new favorite! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!

Great Tea

5 Stars Great Tea

from MO on wrote:

Love the flavor and try to drink three cups a day. Great Tea!

Wonderful Tea

5 Stars Wonderful Tea

from PA on wrote:

I love blueberries and this tea has a wonderful Blueberry flavor with the Hibiscus flavor mixed in. It is good hot or iced and very refreshing and so good for you! One of my favorites!


5 Stars Deeeelish

from AR on wrote:

Berry Good! I love this tea, it is my favorite of all the teas I have tried so far. I make it iced with stevia.

A refreshing tea.

5 Stars A refreshing tea.

from VT on wrote:

Since this tea was recommended by Dr. Oz for blood pressure and other health benefits I decided to try it. I was pleasantly surprised by the sweet and tangy taste . Just the right mixture. It's a very nice change from the ordinary black tea.

great tasting

5 Stars great tasting

from KS on wrote:

Great full bodied taste. No sweetener necessary. I enjoyed it most when steeped the minumim time. The blueberries and apple flavor compliment the hibiscus perfectly!

wonderful berry taste

5 Stars wonderful berry taste

from on wrote:

Great tasting tea hot or cold......

I don't drink tea But I love this tea!

5 Stars I don't drink tea But I love this tea!

from MI on wrote:

Full bodied fruity flavor. Plenty sweet without adding any sweetener. I don't usually drink tea but I am looking forward to my next pot. This was a thoughtful gift from my daughter. I love this tea!

I don't drink tea But I love this tea!

5 Stars I don't drink tea But I love this tea!

from MI on wrote:

Full bodied fruity flavor. Plenty sweet without adding any sweetener. I don't usually drink tea but I am looking forward to my next pot. This was a thoughtful gift from my daughter. I love this tea!

good hot == even better iced

5 Stars good hot == even better iced

from MA on wrote:

I find this tea to be refreshing either hot or cold. The best thing is that it has no caffeine and it's sweet enough with sweetener to be considered dessert.

A Wonderfully Surprising Tea

5 Stars A Wonderfully Surprising Tea

from TX on wrote:

I have avoided hybiscus tea all my life, because of one bad experience as a teenage -- but decided to go out on a limb with this new line because the ingredients sounded so good -- And amazingly, this blueberry tea (and the strawberry, the lychee/pineapple, the lime and the coconut) are all incredible. I started out just trying one, but have since gone on to buy them all, as well as buying some for holiday gifts. The addition of stevia makes them slightly sweet -- and added to the natural tartness of the hybiscus it's a perfect combination. The blueberry stand out because the blueberry flavor is strong enogh to taste -- much more so than in the blueberry green tea or black tea.

Very Berry!

5 Stars Very Berry!

from UT on wrote:

I really like this tea. It is sweet without sweeteners, it is full of fruity flavor, it is a gorgeous color. I have forgotten about my tea kettle and had the water boil away, when making this tea with boiling water it can turn a greyish blue color. I am sure this is a combination of the heat and the high mineral content of my filtered tap water. If this ever happens to you, just start over with cooler water 180°F is great, and make a fresh, bright cup.

4 Stars

from VT on wrote:

The blending of these flavors is quite a treat. The fragrance that is emitted is light and berry. I have not used any sugar or honey since the taste is just right and full of flavor. I highly recommend this wonderful tea.