Bright, flavorful blend

5 Stars Bright, flavorful blend

from NH on wrote:

Excellent iced (4 bags per quart)! In the summer, I work at an outside farmstand. Instead of water or seltzer, I fill my insulated bottles with Pineapple Lychee iced tea for long shifts. Always refreshing and delicious, with a clean, light fruity finish.


5 Stars Refreshing

from CA on wrote:

I bought a tin of this lychee pineapple hibiscus tea to mix with the regular hibiscus tea (3:3 with a gallon of water) when making iced tea and it’s just wonderful! We drink it daily to help keep us hydrated. Just perfect!


4 Stars Refreshing

from FL on wrote:

It's very refreshing cold, during and after yard work!

Simply delicious

5 Stars Simply delicious

from FL on wrote:

I've decided I like pineapple the best of any fruity tea flavors. Since this one has no caffeine I can add a bag to a batch of ordinary iced green tea and it will give it just an extra hint of sweetness without making it too strong.

This is the best Hibiscus tea I have ever had

5 Stars This is the best Hibiscus tea I have ever had

from PA on wrote:

I love Hibiscus tea and I received this as a present, I had never had the Republic of Tea Hibiscus Superflower tea with Pineapple and Lychee and I can not find it in my area so I am going to order it on line and try some of the other teas as well. This is by far the best Hibiscus tea I have ever had!

Loved the flavor

5 Stars Loved the flavor

from CA on wrote:

I have tried three of the Hibiscus teas, and this one is also excellent...A nice strong blend that is really full of fruity flavors and very relaxing. I bought it because I loved the Raspberry Rose Hibiscus and the Blueberry. These flavors sounded good and they are......thanks.

My favorite

5 Stars My favorite

from AL on wrote:

This tea is totally caffeine free. I love it.

Hibiscus lychee pineapple tea

5 Stars Hibiscus lychee pineapple tea

from MD on wrote:

I was hesitant, other teas that combined a few of these had been disappointing but this tea is amazing. I cold brew it and drink it cold. So refreshing and can be drunk in the evening without worry of caffeine overload. And the coloring is so pretty. Love it!!!

A Taste Of The Exotic

5 Stars A Taste Of The Exotic

from GA on wrote:

This tea is positively brimming with exotic flavors. The lychee is the more prominent flavor, releasing it's strong scent as it steeps, with the tangy sweetness of the pineapple complimenting it perfectly. Add a spoonful of sweetener to really release the fruity taste. This red tea really surprised me and has rapidly become a favorite to sip with breakfast or lunch. Very strong, fruity, and flavorful.

Best yet

5 Stars Best yet

from MN on wrote:

This is my new favorite love it

Tangy, Tasty, Total Winner!

5 Stars Tangy, Tasty, Total Winner!

from NY on wrote:

The tang of the hibiscus and pineapple marry beautifully with a hint of sweet lychee. Brews a deep claret. I love it hot or over ice. Guests go crazy over it.

My favorite

5 Stars My favorite

from NJ on wrote:

This tea is amazing. You don’t need sugar but I do add a little local honey for allergies. The lychee comes through the most. I have tried most of the herbal and all the black teas. This and the passionfruit papya black tea don’t dissapoint.

Perfect balence

4 Stars Perfect balence

from NH on wrote:

I drink this tea all the time. It is my after dinner treat with the touch of sweetness. I wish they could make it without the stevia to get the more tart flavor profile of the hibiscus. This is not very tart so it is very user friendly.

One of my favorite teas!

5 Stars One of my favorite teas!

from IL on wrote:

I love this tea! It has a great fruity flavor and is great over ice!

Beach in a cup

5 Stars Beach in a cup

from NJ on wrote:

This tea is delicious hot or cold. Wonderful pineapple taste. My family LOVES your hibiscus teas!


5 Stars delicious

from NY on wrote:

This tea is light but has a nice pineapple and lychee undertones. the bags are a bit weak so i have to use 3-4 bags per cup but it is really delicious! i use one teaspoon of sugar and pour over ice.

Theeee BEST!!!

5 Stars Theeee BEST!!!

from IL on wrote:

I absolutely LOVE this flavor. Definitely one of their best flavors! Sweet and soothing...😌

Umm Fruity!

5 Stars Umm Fruity!

from TX on wrote:

This is my second favorite tea after the Cardamom Cinnamon. It is brilliantly scarlet, tangy, and fruity all in one mouth watering package. Although I despise Ice Tea, I think this would be make a superlative ice or sun-tea. I would even drink it!


5 Stars Addicting!

from PA on wrote:

This is tea is so delicious! I am addicted to it! It's great hot or cold! You can not reuse this tea so let it steep as long as you can resist.

Love this Tea!

5 Stars Love this Tea!

from IN on wrote:

This tea is delicious. Super Refreshing. I love the Pineapple Taste.

Delicious Iced!

5 Stars Delicious Iced!

from CT on wrote:

This is my very favorite iced tea.

Pineapple Leechee

5 Stars Pineapple Leechee

from CA on wrote:



5 Stars Outstanding

from NY on wrote:

This is a delicious tea and lives up to all of the reviews. Many thanks!

My go-to

5 Stars My go-to

from IL on wrote:

I keep this in my office to stave off cravings for sweets, it works wonderfully. The hibiscus perks up the sweetness of the pineapple and makes this tea ideal. I'm on my 3rd or 4th tin and will keep on buying it... definitely a favorite.

My favorite drink in the world!!

5 Stars My favorite drink in the world!!

from TX on wrote:

This is by far the most delicious tea on the planet!! Honestly i LOVE every single republic of tea flavor ive tried but their lychee pineapple hibiscus is beyond awesome! Im going to order their strawberry hibiscus next! ! Ive learned to order in BULK, as we go through way too much of it in the tins.....we love it iced!!!


5 Stars Refreshing

from CA on wrote:

So refreshing!.. I Love this iced!



from AL on wrote:

Even though Panera's Tropical Hibiscus has the same ingredients as this one, it is not the same. I have been experimenting and trying to perfect it! I used 4 bags of the regular hibiscus and 1 bag of the pineapple hibiscus for one gallon, and I have to's pretty dang close!!! Please try it!

great refreasher

5 Stars great refreasher

from CO on wrote:

This is a great refreashing drink for summer. Better than soft drinks and tastes so good. One of my favorites.

So refreshing!

5 Stars So refreshing!

from NY on wrote:

I am typically not a fan of fruity teas, but since I am a fan of lychee I thought I'd give this one a try. The tea is nicely balanced and just plain refreshing. The hibiscus and lychee are the dominant flavors, with just a hint of sweetness from the pineapple. It makes a phenomenal iced tea!

FAVORITE Hibiscus Tea!!

5 Stars FAVORITE Hibiscus Tea!!

from CA on wrote:

By far and away my favorite hibiscus tea -- I have tried them all! My interest in hibiscus teas came about when I was trying to do something naturally to combat anxiety, possible high blood pressure, and dehydration. I drink about a liter iced at work (when I am most stressed) and I can definitely tell the difference when I am too busy to make it. I have been drinking this tea for over two years and my BP has dropped at least 10 points and when I get anxious, a glass really calms my nerves. Don’t know what the magic is, but it does the trick! I think the Pineapple Lychee is particularly delicious and though I cycle through the strawberry, raspberry and plain varieties as my other likes, it is by far my favorite. Because I make it iced, I brew it strong and add liquid Splenda to cover up some of the bitterness I taste from the added stevia (the one drawback). I recommend this to anyone who will listen and I always get asked about it’s beautiful color and Jello fragrance! It’s like a guilt-free

My favorite for summer ice tea

5 Stars My favorite for summer ice tea

from WI on wrote:

I had a small can of this last year to make ice tea and it was a hit anywhere I took it. I reordered for this year and again, it's delicious. I like my tea not so sweet and this has the right amount of floral and lightness to not need any sweetener. It hits the spot after a hard day of gardening, biking or just reading a book in the hammock. I would definitely recommend it!

Delicious and Fragrant

5 Stars Delicious and Fragrant

from CA on wrote:

This is such a delicious way to wake up every summer day, that I actually look forward to waking up. It is so flavorful that I don't even add any sweetener to it at all! Wonderful!

Delicious and Fragrant

5 Stars Delicious and Fragrant

from CA on wrote:

This is such a delicious way to wake up every summer day, that I actually look forward to waking up. It is so flavorful that I don't even add any sweetener to it at all! Wonderful!

My new favorite

5 Stars My new favorite

from FL on wrote:

This is my second order for this tea. I drink hibiscus tea every afternoon and have tried several that I really like. This is my new favorite though. Just the right combination of flavors

Really great!

5 Stars Really great!

from FL on wrote:

I was looking for a tea that was similar in taste to Panera's hibiscus tea. This tea is the closest I have found. I checked the ingredients in Panera and it matched the ingredients in this Hibiscus, Pineapple, Lychee tea. The taste is very close and I think even better.

Love this tea

4 Stars Love this tea

from MD on wrote:

This tea is one of my favorites. I have rheumatoid arthritis and this tea was recommend for inflammation. Plus it tastes great.

Yummy Tea

5 Stars Yummy Tea

from FL on wrote:

Perhaps lichee is an acquired taste but once you taste this tea you'll be hooked. I love lichees and this tea tastes absolutely wonderful, especially iced. Very refreshing on a hot day and no caffeine.

Tropical and Wonderful

5 Stars Tropical and Wonderful

from MA on wrote:

This tea has a great blend of flavors. The Hibiscus, Pineapple, and Lychee mix together to make a wonderful sweet tea that's not perfumey or too floral. Wonderful to sip on a cold, snowy night and dream of warmer weather.

makes an awesome iced tea

5 Stars makes an awesome iced tea

from CA on wrote:

I use this to make my knock off version of the hibiscus tea from Panera. Its perfect!! I make it in bulk and chill it. Its refreshing, just a touch of sweet, and so delicious!! I add a splash of lemonade to make a perfect arnold palmer. ;)

Love Love Love

5 Stars Love Love Love

from NY on wrote:

This is one of my favorite teas! It reminds me of the fruit in the Philippines plus it is good for your blood pressure. Very soothing in the evening! You need to try it.


5 Stars Stupendous

from MN on wrote:

This is a sweet tea - a cold or hot tea - the pineapple and lychee perfectly balance the tart of the hibiscus. Of the taster pack, this one SLAYED me and all of my friends disappeared promptly!


3 Stars Disappointed

from MA on wrote:

A review written above said it was the same tea as served in Panera Bread, but it isn't...not even close. Since I love the tropical hibiscus tea there so much, I ordered a canister plus a refill, based on the review above. I spoke with someone in customer service and she said the blend that is in the Panera Bread restaurants is made exclusively for Panera Bread, and the pineapple lychee here is the closest thing to Panera's. To me, this one tastes too flowery, almost perfumy. I won't purchase this one again, but I will try another hibiscus blend.



from CA on wrote:

This tea is soo yummy. It is the same one that Panera bread uses and I cannot get enough. Thank you!!!

Refreshingly Different

4 Stars Refreshingly Different

from on wrote:

I love the pineapple and the hibiscus. It's a very nice summer blend.

A Little Biased - Doesn't Need Stevia

3 Stars A Little Biased - Doesn't Need Stevia

from VT on wrote:

I love the pineapple lychee part -- what sours me on this particular tea is the Stevia. It isn't listed as a Sweet Tea, so to have some the adds more sweet to it (especially since Stevia tastes off to me) is not good. However, if RoT were to make a Stevia-less version, I think it would be a summer iced tea staple for me.

A bit disappointed...

3 Stars A bit disappointed...

from WA on wrote:

I couldn't resist ordering this flavor combo, especially for iced tea. I ordered a tin of this as well as a tin of the hibiscus only tea. I fell in love with the straight hibiscus -- delicious hot and iced, and very flavorful! Unfortunately I was disappointed with THIS tea -- the aroma is only vaguely that of hibiscus, and the flavor did not impart any of the slightly tart tropical flavors I was expecting. I guess I'll be mixing this with the stronger hibiscus only tea, since I tend to go through a lot of teabags making pitchers of iced tea.


5 Stars Addicting

from TX on wrote:

I wish RoT sold this tea in smaller batches in loose/full leaf tea. I tried it out in the bags because that was all I could get a small amount of, and fell in love with it. I have to buy it in smaller quantities as a loose tea at my grocery store. But I love this tea. It's just sweet enough, and smells amazing. I love how RoT can make awesome caffeine free teas without focusing on chamomile.

Oh my, this is WONDERFUL!

Oh my, this is WONDERFUL!

from OR on wrote:

Wow, the taste is AMAZING! Sweet at the end, and so delicious! After the abysmal Lime tea, this was a welcome treat. i'm buying 2 more boxes!

Exotic treat

5 Stars Exotic treat

from NY on wrote:

This Hibiscus tea makes an exciting, exotic iced tea. Drink a tall glass and imagine you're in Hawaii.

Very Fruity and refreshing....

5 Stars Very Fruity and refreshing....

from DE on wrote:

This tea is very tasty and colorful. Perfect for that summer poolside drink (or popsicles). This tea can even be "grown-up" by adding some rum and fruit slices/juice and served over ice.... Just as wonderful hot....

Absolute Favorite

5 Stars Absolute Favorite

from NY on wrote:

I ended up buying this tea on a whim at my local Whole Foods, and I fell in love! The color and scent are both very beautiful and the taste itself is delightful. The tea is fruity and tropical without being overwhelming. The tea is fairly sweet on its own, adding sugar does not spoil the taste.


5 Stars Unique

from AZ on wrote:

Though not my fav tea, it definitely has an interesting flavor & adds variety when you're looking for something different. This is a hibiscus tea so is sweet & I feel none of the flavors overpower each other, very well balanced.

not a favorite

3 Stars not a favorite

from UT on wrote:

I bought this tea because the strawberry hibiscus wasn't at the grocery store. I would love it so much more if stevia wasn't in it. It's not in the strawberry one. It's very fruity and refreshing. If you like diet drinks I recommend trying it. I've never been able to enjoy alternative sweeteners.

Great Flavor

5 Stars Great Flavor

from TX on wrote:

I tried the Hibiscus teas because I read they may help lower the systolic numbers on blood pressure. After several weeks I think this is true for me. This flavor is very nice also like the Key Lime flavor

Wonderful Asian Flavors

5 Stars Wonderful Asian Flavors

from MS on wrote:

Sweet flavors blend together to make this wonderful hot or cold

Tasty. Very Tasty.

5 Stars Tasty. Very Tasty.

from FL on wrote:

This is a very tasty tea, but I think you have to have a taste for Hibiscus tea to enjoy it. I first tried it iced, but I think I will enjoy it even more hot.

Best tea on the market

5 Stars Best tea on the market

from AR on wrote:

This tea has the perfect balance of fruit and floral notes. This tea has a bold flavor but yet isn't over bearing. This is a excellent tea for evening sipping.

A Family Favorite

5 Stars A Family Favorite

from SC on wrote:

Delicate mix of pineapple and lychee that is great either hot or cold. Both my kids, ages 18 and 24 are fans and I feel like this is a treat that is also good for my heart.


5 Stars Yummy!!!

from CO on wrote:

This is by far my favorite tea!! I drink several glasses a day and for someone who does not like 'sweet' teas, this has te perfect amount of sweetness without being too sweet. I would really recommend this tea to anyone!


3 Stars Okay

from FL on wrote:

It's okay. I did not know it had stevia in it and that's probably what gives it a bitter edge. It should have been called "sweetened tea." Then I would have known not to buy it. Will not be drinking this tea.

Tropical Dessert in a Teacup!!

5 Stars Tropical Dessert in a Teacup!!

from NJ on wrote:

All the tropical tastes of sweet pineapple and lychee fruit in a hot cup of tea! This was the first hibiscus tea I ever tried, and it has definitely become a house favorite. Has a natural sweetness to it--can almost stand in for dessert-- which is great if you're giving up sweets for dietary reasons!!

4 Stars

from on wrote:

Not quite what I expected; good but is a little too perfumey (if there is such a word). I didn't notice a whole lot of pineapple either.

Lovely Iced Summertime Treat!

4 Stars Lovely Iced Summertime Treat!

from IL on wrote:

Light and fruity. While I generally drink my tea hot, I enjoyed this one cold! Aromatic whilst brewing, and extremely sweet to the taste. Certainly taste before sweetening, as it is naturally sweet.

5 Stars

from on wrote:

This tea gently wakes my taste buds and then soothes them. It is delightful!!! This is my third order of the bulk tea bags to refill my tin.

Hands down, the best iced tea =)

5 Stars Hands down, the best iced tea =)

from NY on wrote:

My whole family loves this tea iced with just a touch of agave nectar for sweetness. So much so, that I went through 3 cans this summer! The taste is amazing and the color is simply stunning. I decided to buy the bulk bag directly from The Republic of Tea, so we'd never run out =)


5 Stars Delicious!

from CA on wrote:

This tea is fantastic! I make it several times a day. It's wonderfully fruity and the color is beautiful as well.


5 Stars YUM!

from FL on wrote:

SOOOOOO good! One of the best teas I've ever tasted. Naturally sweet and very pineapple-y. So delicious.

favorite tea ever

5 Stars favorite tea ever

from IL on wrote:

my absolute favorite tea ever. very sweet naturally and absolutely perfect.

Awesome Iced!!

5 Stars Awesome Iced!!

from FL on wrote:

This is fabulous served ice cold. We make a pitcher a day. Best Iced Tea Ever!

5 Stars

from on wrote:

i love it! so sweet and lovely!


5 Stars Delicious!!!

from TX on wrote:

Pleasantly sweet and fruity. By far my favorite!

yum, great flava

5 Stars yum, great flava

from CO on wrote:

its very nice tea, the pineapple and lychee flavas are perfect for this hibiscus tea its great with or without honey too besos!