Fast & easy.

5 Stars Fast & easy.

from TX on wrote:

I had this a year ago & ran out. I couldn’t find it in any stores. Glad I could get it from you.

One of My Two Favorites

5 Stars One of My Two Favorites

from WA on wrote:

I have loved this tea since I first tasted it some 10 years +. It’s rich in flavor (best with milk) and restful to drink. What can be better!


5 Stars SO GOOD!

from WA on wrote:

Oh my gosh I cannot express how much I love this tea! Heat a little milk to add in, you won't regret it! Sweet-ish without added sugar, chocolaty, smooth, just so good!

Mate Latte is still my favorite tea of all

5 Stars Mate Latte is still my favorite tea of all

from WI on wrote:

After many years and many teas, Mate Latte is still my favorite. I purchased it loose and in tea bags. It's just delicious!

This has been my go-to tea for years.

5 Stars This has been my go-to tea for years.

from OH on wrote:

This has been my go-to tea for years.

Soft and enjoyable

5 Stars Soft and enjoyable

from KS on wrote:

This flavorful tea is just the beverage for winding down. The subtle undertones allow the drinker to relax and enjoy their treat.

subtlety appealling

5 Stars subtlety appealling

from NY on wrote:

This is a subtle tea with a chocolate undertone that for me has been a great coffee substitute. Love it.

My Favorite

5 Stars My Favorite

from OR on wrote:

The taste is so comforting and I find this to b a perfect late afternoon, early evening pick me up that won't keep me up at bedtime... I often make a cup while preparing dinner. As much as I love this flavor I would love more Mate options than two.


4 Stars Delicious

from NY on wrote:

Love this tea! Such a great balance of flavours. I do find it quite mild, though, and tend to double up on teabags, which makes it go fast. I find it pairs well with the Comfort and Joy tea: the comfort adds some spice and bit of a kick, while the mate smooths out the other. Really excellent tea!

My Favorite Coffee Replacement

5 Stars My Favorite Coffee Replacement

from CA on wrote:

I just adore this tea. It's delicious, and the only tea that really works as a coffee replacement for me (something about it just feels closer to that coffee experience, especially with a splash of milk). And it's by far the best Yerba Mate I've ever found--just the right hint of chocolate and spice to it. Never stop making it!

Husbands favorite!

5 Stars Husbands favorite!

from TX on wrote:

This is my husbands absolute favorite tea! He's tried to duplicate it at other/more expensive stores and cannot find anything similar. He drinks it with just a but of sugar. It has a strong coco smell!! :)

Beautiful flavor that needs no doctoring

5 Stars Beautiful flavor that needs no doctoring

from KS on wrote:

I'm in love with this tea! Although I felt it didn't need anything added, I did indulge in some steamed almond milk which did compliment it.


5 Stars Excellent

from TX on wrote:

Love this tea! I was nervous to order it but soo glad I did. It has an excellent aroma and the taste is fantastic. I add a little milk and sugar and it's perfect!

My comfort zone

4 Stars My comfort zone

from MI on wrote:

This tea is so perfect, it smells delish! it makes feel good inside every time I have it!I can drink it by itself or with some almond milk and a hint of coconut sugar. it is my afternoon pick me up!


5 Stars mrs

from OH on wrote:

Excellent Chocolate and Almond flavor Low Caffienne for a mild afternoon lift thru the workday. Well worth a try.

Divinely Delicious!

5 Stars Divinely Delicious!

from MI on wrote:

This tea is so amazing! It smells good and tastes divine! If you love coffee and are trying to reduce your consumption, this tea is for you. It has just enough caffeine to wake you. I successfully gave up my 2 cup of coffee habit and only drink one cup of this Yerba Mate Latte per morning. It really tastes like a tea latte if you add a splash of almond milk and stevia. Yummy!

Absolutely the best

5 Stars Absolutely the best

from GA on wrote:

Ive purchased Yerba Mate from other producers, but the Republic of Tea offers the best there is. Prepared as a latte can't be beat!

This is the one

This is the one

from CA on wrote:

I do NOT like chocolate tea. But I LOVE Yerba Mate Latte! One of my friends got some as a gift one year and didn't like it and gave it to me. Since then, I am hooked! For a tea it's rich, but not like hot chocolate or anything. With a dab of brown sugar, it's better than best!

This Tea Is Awesome

This Tea Is Awesome

from CA on wrote:

A roommate left it behind and after trying it I knew I had to have some more. I've shared it with many friends and everyone loves it. It's what brought me to this site. I bought some chocolate teas along with it and they were not so good unfortunately. But you can't go wrong with this tea! It has a generally appealing flavor, just about everyone will like it.

My Evening Treat is Yerba Mate Latte

5 Stars My Evening Treat is Yerba Mate Latte

from IL on wrote:

This tea is soooooo flavorful. It is a perfect blend of flavors and I find that it helps me to unwind and relax in the evenings. It is remarkably soothing, but definitely not boring. This is a tea I will order over and over again.

My Evening Treat is Yerba Mate Latte

My Evening Treat is Yerba Mate Latte

from IL on wrote:

I love this tea. It has a soothing quality and I love to drink it in the evening to unwind. It doesn't need anything added to it, the flavors are perfectly balanced.

5 Stars

from CA on wrote:

This is my absolute favorite tea right now! I steep it a long time and use a tbsp of cream with some Splenda for a delicious morning cup!

Love it

5 Stars Love it

from on wrote:

One of my top ten faves, a must-have on my tea shelf.


5 Stars Awesome

from on wrote:

My favorite caffeinated tea -- rich without being overly chocolate-y, with a floral note which is great. And beautiful to look at with its blue flowers and browns.

Historicao For Me

5 Stars Historicao For Me

from OK on wrote:

As a youth I lived in Manaus, Amazonas do Brasil. I was introduced to mate by the American neighbors that lived next door and I loved it. This brings me back to when I was a kid, oh so long ago, and it's a wonderful journey from both a nostalgic point and the flavor. But then it would be a great journey even if I hadn't the memories that I do.

Love This Stuff

5 Stars Love This Stuff

from PA on wrote:

I drink coffee at home, but this is my get-me-through-the-workday beverage of choice. I find it's sweet enough and light enough all by itself.


5 Stars Nice!

from AK on wrote:

I drink this with some Truvia or liquid stevia for a creamy, decadent tasting zero calorie treat! It's delicious!


5 Stars Fabulous!

from AZ on wrote:

Seeking chocolately Rooibos, I purchased a couple Republic of Tea brands. This by far is my favorite - so much so I purchased 250 bulk tea bags. I have been enjoying it with a bit of Splenda - FABULOUS! I drink it anytime but, especially enjoy it in the evening as it soothes me to sleep.

One of my favorites thus far

5 Stars One of my favorites thus far

from OH on wrote:

One of my favorite teas this far. I enjoy drinking this at any time of day whether it be morning, noon or night. I even noticed a difference in my skin after I had been drinking it for a week or so.

This is the rich one I've been waiting for!

5 Stars This is the rich one I've been waiting for!

from CA on wrote:

Rich chai overtones without the sharpness of regular chai tea. Warm and smooth. Perfect after dinner tea.

Can I just Say YUM??

5 Stars Can I just Say YUM??

from UT on wrote:

Can I just say YUM?? I found this tea by accident.. I went in for my usual yummy coffee at my favorite coffee shop and this particular day I decided I didn't want coffee.. hmm first of all for me that was weird.. so I asked the girl behind the counter what was really good but not coffee.. she recommended Yerba mate latte.. I was confused.. latte sounded a lot like a coffee so I said.. oh well, Sure.. It was TEA.. It was a Chocolatey, Almondy, oh so Aromatic wonderful tea. I slightly sweetened it with a little honey and topped it off with some silk brand of soy.. I was in heaven.. It has since become my all time favorite drink in the morning or evening.. I have fallen In love! Thank you to The Republic of Tea! ~Eve