Yummy chocolate tea!!

5 Stars Yummy chocolate tea!!

from CA on wrote:

I absolutely love this tea!

Like drinking chocolate!

5 Stars Like drinking chocolate!

from PA on wrote:

This tea is delicious. When I am craving chocolate, this hits the spot! Definitely recommend...probably my all time favorite!

My favorite chocolate tea!

5 Stars My favorite chocolate tea!

from CO on wrote:

This is still tea (not hot chocolate), so if you're looking for something thicker, look into sipping chocolate or hot cocoa. This is my all-time favorite chocolate tea - the cocoa is rich, dark, & earthy and makes for a nice treat when you want something more decadent. It has also helped satisfy my chocolate cravings in a much more healthy way.

If a chocolate liqueur were made into a non-alcoholic tea, it would be this.

5 Stars If a chocolate liqueur were made into a non-alcoholic tea, it would be this.

from FL on wrote:

I had been looking for a chocolate flavored tea following the discontinuation of a chocolate tea by another brand. I've tried two (so far) luscious chocolate teas at Republic of Tea, one of which is the Organic Double Dark Chocolate Maté. I also appreciate that the tea came with packing material that is completely recyclable.

Double Dark Chocolate

5 Stars Double Dark Chocolate

from FL on wrote:

Enjoyable, satisfying and relaxing. I love the flavor and aroma. Officially my favorite.

How I LOVE chocolate!

5 Stars How I LOVE chocolate!

from CT on wrote:

I love chocolate and I absolutely love this tea. Whenever I am feeling I need something delicious, but not fattening. I brew a cup of this tea.

superb in ice tea

5 Stars superb in ice tea

from WA on wrote:

This is a new tea for me and I mostly use it as a treat or when I want a lift, but it is great added to an ice tea mix with fruity roobis and some mint.

Deep, dark chocolate

5 Stars Deep, dark chocolate

from TX on wrote:

Just pure chocolate deliciousness.

Guilty Pleasure

5 Stars Guilty Pleasure

from IL on wrote:

This tea is so yummy, it makes me feel like I am cheating on my diet. My afternoon delight!

Surprisingly Good

5 Stars Surprisingly Good

from VT on wrote:

I was skeptical when I ordered this but was very pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed it and quickly ordered more. Not the same as rich hot cocoa of course, but much better for you with a unique taste that does make you feel like you had something chocolaty.

Light chocolate taste.

5 Stars Light chocolate taste.

from CO on wrote:

Light taste of chocolate with no sweetness. Very refreshing.

Just right chocolate + tea

5 Stars Just right chocolate + tea

from TX on wrote:

I was surprised by the brewing instructions (boiling water, 7 minute steep,) but I followed them to the letter and this gave an excellent cup of tea with a lovely chocolate flavor. I've tried many chocolate teas from around the country and this is the only one that I found satisfying. If you're using a coffee mug instead of a tea cup, you'll want to use two tea bags per mug.


5 Stars Delicious!

from CA on wrote:

A cup of this tea helps me get over a chocolate craving.

Rich but with many benefits

5 Stars Rich but with many benefits

from IL on wrote:

This tea has a heavier flavor profile and has a rich taste. The chocolate flavor is not overpowering. Mate has great benefits, as well. I wouldn't be able to drink three cups of this in a row, as it feels a bit heavy compared to say, daily green tea, but it is an excellent treat and pick me up.

Love it

5 Stars Love it

from MI on wrote:

I love that stuff. This is what helps me start my day, every day. Wonderful flavor,.

Yummy tea

5 Stars Yummy tea

from SC on wrote:

This tea is very good . Just a hint of chocolate but enough to satisfy a sweet craving. I love this tea

Instead of dessert

5 Stars Instead of dessert

from NY on wrote:

Whenever I get the chocolate craving I enjoy the double dark chocolate mate Helps me stay on healthy diet

All time Fav

5 Stars All time Fav

from MA on wrote:

love this tea, just wish I could get packs of 100 instead of 250 or the single canister refill.

Absolutely amazing.

5 Stars Absolutely amazing.

from IL on wrote:

This tea really is perfect. One of the few I think doesn't require ANY extras. I usually put some sweetener and half a teaspoon of cream in my teas. This one is fine on its own, though because I have an insatiable sweet tooth I still put a pack of sweetener in anyway. Basically just makes in 5 calorie hot chocolate. I am in love.

Bomb Diggity!

5 Stars Bomb Diggity!

from MN on wrote:

This tea was given to me as a gift from a friend. It is so scrumptious! I add just a touch of heavy cream to it, which cuts the astringency of the tannins, making it silky smooth, add a little stevia for sweetening, and it tastes like melted chocolate revel ice cream! This is one of my new faves, and a little indulgence.

I don't like Mate until now!

5 Stars I don't like Mate until now!

from CO on wrote:

I am not a fan of mate at all, but LOVE this Double Dark Chocolate Mate! I originally got it for the brain benefits, and decided to use it as a base for my green protein drinks. It's great as a smoothie base, but great on its own as well. I'm shocked after being a strictly non-mate drinker.

My new favorite thing

5 Stars My new favorite thing

from PA on wrote:

This is really delicious. Nice cocoa flavor without the guilt, and just enough caffeine to make me feel human. Brilliant with almond milk.

I was looking for a good hot chocolate at a beverage bar.

5 Stars I was looking for a good hot chocolate at a beverage bar.

from OH on wrote:

So, I asked for a raspberry hot chocolate..."sorry we don't have that at this time" OH NO, I NEEDED A CAFFEINE FIX!. "well, we do have this nice chocolate tea" CHOCOLATE TEA? how good would that EVER be? well, it was DELICIOUS, just what I needed. A little creme, a little bit of sugar and I have just what I need. Wonderful!

Cinnamon Toast Tea

5 Stars Cinnamon Toast Tea

from IN on wrote:

I drink this very tasty tea in the morning before work plenty of energy very relaxed and at night I can sleep just the right amount of caffeine taste good with honey or agave

Absolutely Amazing

5 Stars Absolutely Amazing

from NJ on wrote:

This is an Excellent Tea. Perfect for beginners like myself who are trying different kinds of tea. The Cocoa Powder provides Great flavor and has great taste. I add a little sugar for sweetness and is a amazing tea. Perfect for Chocolate and Tea Lovers.

Unexpectedly Delicious

5 Stars Unexpectedly Delicious

from OR on wrote:

It took a little getting used to. It is definitely NOT hot chocolate! So if that is what you were expecting, you'll be disappointed. I've been drinking this tea for quite a long time. A little coconut milk and some truvia and it's awesome. However, I tend to use 4 teabags per cup. I like it STRONG. It is a great replacement for coffee. Which I am unfortunately allergic to. So if you think it tastes weak, you might try 4 teabags and see what you think. I drink it almost every morning.

Think Cocoa - Not Chocolate

5 Stars Think Cocoa - Not Chocolate

from TX on wrote:

I LOVE this tea - it's a fantastic substitute for coffee from a caffeine perspective, especially if you are hooked on mochas. Make no mistake - this is NOT hot chocolate. If you've ever had raw cocoa, this is more the taste. I'm a big fan of yerba mate as well, so if you like yerba, this may be a good tea for you.

This is really, really good!

5 Stars This is really, really good!

from MD on wrote:

This tea is wonderful, yummy and soothing. I love, love, love it so much that I brought a friend her own container of this tea. I will order more soon.

In love!

5 Stars In love!

from ME on wrote:

This is the MOST wonderful 3pm pick-me-up, especially with the dark afternoons. I add 4 TBSP of Silk Vanilla Soy creamer. The result is around 80 calories of choclate-ness. Yum!

Deliciously Dark

5 Stars Deliciously Dark

from CA on wrote:

Deep, dark, rich flavor. Almost coffee-ish. Love this tea first thing in the morning. Haven't tried it with milk or sugar, but I'm sure the addition would be heavenly. Will be keeping this around as a stable in my pantry.

What could be better?

5 Stars What could be better?

from TN on wrote:

We love to mix our Assam full leaf tea with the contents of these wonderful teabags - makes a wonderfully civilized and relaxed beginning before the tension of the business day sets in!

Don't hesitate to try, just buy!

5 Stars Don't hesitate to try, just buy!

from OR on wrote:

I discovered this tea during the holiday season. Its now June, and I'm still drinking it daily. I can't seem to get it!

Guilt-Free Chocolate Taste!

5 Stars Guilt-Free Chocolate Taste!

from OH on wrote:

I am very happy with my chocolate tea...great chocolate taste! A great dessert tea!

Yes to Mate!

5 Stars Yes to Mate!

from MO on wrote:

I love Mate anyway, but you need to sweeten it to drink it. This Double Chocolate is so good, you don't need to sweeten it. Better yet, Chocolate! YUM!!


5 Stars Unexpected!

from NY on wrote:

I asked for a sample of this tea and I was not disappointed. I didn't expect to like it because I am not always a fan of chocolate (let alone double dark chocolate) but it tasted AMAZING! I highly recommend this. Just a bit of brown sugar makes this quite a treat.

Excellent drink

5 Stars Excellent drink

from OH on wrote:

This is a luscious beverage. I like the chocolate without all the calories.

Double Delicious

5 Stars Double Delicious

from NJ on wrote:

This tea has plenty of chocolate flavor and I love to have it like a dessert at night or when I want to feel like I am getting a treat without all of the calories!

Double Dark Chocolate Mate

5 Stars Double Dark Chocolate Mate

from NH on wrote:

This is one of my go-to teas. This tea is an experience. I have a little ritual: I slowly open the tin, breathe deeply to get the full impact of the gorgeous smell, then I drop it in my favorite mug, and stand by while the water boils. Then I breathe deeply while it steeps. This is a slow sipping tea for me. I just want to savor every drop.


5 Stars best tea I HAVE EVER HAVE

from ND on wrote:


chocolate-y heaven

5 Stars chocolate-y heaven

from UT on wrote:

After tasting this tea, even my husband is a convert. Just opening the can, the deep, dark chocolate smell wafts out and gets you excited to try it. It's a deep, strong flavor and perfect pick me up in the morning. If you add a little stevia, it is desert in a cup.


4 Stars rich

from AZ on wrote:

delightful aroma, well balanced taste, very satisfying, just what I want for breakfast


5 Stars Yum

from IN on wrote:

It smells yummy and the taste is smooth. I was a little concerned it might be bitter but was way off. Definitely a do over.


5 Stars Chocolate!

from IA on wrote:

My new "cup of hot chocolate."

Is this only 5 calories?

5 Stars Is this only 5 calories?

from GA on wrote:

When I read some of the not so favorable reviews I almost did not order this WONDERFUL tea. My husband and I love it. No, it is not like taking a bite of a chocolate bar, but a delightful flavor of chocolate. I only wish there was a decaf version.

I'm in Love

5 Stars I'm in Love

from CA on wrote:

I was looking for something with caffeine, to replace a non tea drink, I'm removing from my diet. Came across this @ Whole Foods, and it is perfect. I wanted the caffeine, but didn't expect the wonderful taste that goes with it. Wonderful, wonderful - nothing better than chocolate!

Slightly odd to Daily cravings

4 Stars Slightly odd to Daily cravings

from WA on wrote:

I've never had a chocolate flavored tea before so this was a little odd tasting at first. Now I wake up craving this tea. I just can't seem to get enough of it. Sometimes I mix it with the banana cuppa chocolate tea as well. Yum!

awesome tea

5 Stars awesome tea

from TX on wrote:

I always make this with two bags in a big cup of water and keep the bags in as i'm drinking it; add a little vanilla soy, and it's awesome. It's not a cup of hot chocolate, and it's not meant to be.

Jury Still Out

3 Stars Jury Still Out

from CA on wrote:

I first bought a canister of this some time ago. It was filled with powdered cocoa and it quickly became my fave. I ran out and bought a bulk bag. There was no loose cocoa powder in the bag and the tea did not taste the same. Certain I had received a bum batch, I notified ROT and they sent me another bag - still no cocoa powder. I don't know why my first canister had so much cocoa powder in it, but that really made the tea. So now, I am adding unsweetened organic cocoa powder to my cuppa. I like it much better this way.

When brewed right, awesome!

5 Stars When brewed right, awesome!

from TX on wrote:

I expect high and low ratings for things involving taste - we are all different. But if you want to give this a fair shot, you need to remember it is HERBAL and needs boiling water and a 5-7 min. steep (I do 7) for flavor, sometimes 2 bags per cup which might be the only negative I have. We drink it with cream no sweetener, iced or hot and love it. If you are looking for hot chocolate, drink hot chocolate! We do low carb a lot and this is like a great treat that keeps cravings away (mate might help with that, too) It is not my top favorite tea but I really like it.

No chocolate taste

1 Star No chocolate taste

from MD on wrote:

I don't know if I got half-filled bags or improperly filled bags or what...the only taste I get is that of tea. No chocolate whatsoever....doesn't matter if I try it plain, with sweetener, or with milk. There's supposed to be cocoa powder apparent...there isn't. I just used the last teabag and I won't be buying this again.

Thumbs down - sorry

1 Star Thumbs down - sorry

from IA on wrote:

Sorry, but this just doesn't do it for me. I love the Honey Ginseng Green Tea so I was really looking forward to tasting this one because I also love chocolate but I don't care for it at all.

kinda tastes like a tootsie roll

3 Stars kinda tastes like a tootsie roll

from NY on wrote:

for chocolate tea, it's one of the better ones. it's not hot chocolate, it's still tea. I'm a chocolate lover, i'm a tea lover, i'm a coffee lover, and i have a loud sweet tooth. It's not a bad tea but if i'm in the mood for chocolate, i'll just have chocolate. and then i'll grab one of the ROT's hibiscus flavors.


5 Stars Fabulous

from on wrote:

I'd had this wonderful tea a while back and when I found myself running low I just had to order more. It's totally chocolaty, smooth, rich and an absolutely perfect cold winter morning (or evening) beverage.

close but not quite

3 Stars close but not quite

from FL on wrote:

I wanted to love this tea, but the fact is, it's tea. My taste buds wanted something a little more substance like hot chocolate, but it tasted to me more like chocolate water.


1 Star Disappointing

from NY on wrote:

Sadly, this tea was very disappointing. It was bitter, strong, and did not remind me of chocolate.

Tastes Like Chemical Imitation Chocolate

1 Star Tastes Like Chemical Imitation Chocolate

from CA on wrote:

I don't know how this tea has so many good reviews. I tried it for the first time recently with three other people and no one liked it. Three of us are not very picky, but we couldn't even finish our cups! My girlfriend -- who I would say is a little picky in taste -- nailed it. She said she could tell they weren't using real chocolate. I looked at the ingredients and sure enough, the main ingredient is "carob", a chocolate substitute that doesn't actually taste like chocolate, and is much less flavorful (read more about it here: The next ingredient is Yerba Mate, then "organic natural dark chocolate flavors", whatever that means. After that, they finally list cocoa, but they clearly do not put enough in to make the tea taste good. Bottom line, it tastes like some chemical imitation flavor, the way watered down cherry kool aid might resemble the flavor of actual cherries. Some people like drinks like that. I don't. Don't get me wrong, I don't expect a


5 Stars Yummy

from RI on wrote:

Yummy pretty much sums it up.

Perfect afternoon treat

5 Stars Perfect afternoon treat

from CA on wrote:

I sip a cup of this tea everyday after lunch and it helps me get through the rest of my work day afternoon. The aroma is fabulous!


5 Stars tasty!!

from CA on wrote:

make it extra chocolaty with chocolate stevia!!! yum!!

Chocolate Dream

5 Stars Chocolate Dream

from CA on wrote:

WOW! True dark chocolate taste! Absolutely Wonderful!

My favorite!!

5 Stars My favorite!!

from NH on wrote:

Love this tea! It's just the right amount of chocolate- nice a light and guilt free!! Came back for more!

Not my favorite chocolate tea

3 Stars Not my favorite chocolate tea

from on wrote:

It's not my favorite Chocolate tea. I don't think I'm used to the Mate. It has a unique scent and slight aftertaste that I'm not fond of. I much prefer the flavor of the Republic of Tea peppermint chocolate herbal tea.


5 Stars Yum!

from OR on wrote:

Very tasty. I've been brewing it double strength and sweetening it with Truvia and some unsweetened almond milk. Delicious in the morning especially since I can't drink coffee!

Best tea ever

5 Stars Best tea ever

from KS on wrote:

I love this tea. It has a very good taste.

In search of a rich chocolate tasting tea

4 Stars In search of a rich chocolate tasting tea

from MA on wrote:

hmmmmm - this one is good, flavor is good. I unfortunately have not found that rich flavored "cocoa" tea yet. I will keep searching

This is the richest chocolate tea

5 Stars This is the richest chocolate tea

from AZ on wrote:

Deep, rich and satisfying!

4 Stars

from on wrote:

A chocolate lovers delight!!!

I'm addicted to this in the morning!

5 Stars I'm addicted to this in the morning!

from AL on wrote:

I went through the first 2 tins, and the store I purchased it from no longer had it in stock. Thought I wouldn't like chocolate tea before I tried this. I absolutely LOVE it! and have gone on to try different blends, so far none are better or even come close to this wonderful rich chocolatey treat.

Best way to start the morning!

5 Stars Best way to start the morning!

from TN on wrote:

We mix this and assam black tea together for breakfast, and a wonderful boost to our day! I don't know how we ever got started without it!

weird, but delicious

5 Stars weird, but delicious

from OK on wrote:

VERY earthy, more cocoa than chocolate really. I was a good 15 tea bags in before I decided I really liked it. So if you bought it and didn't like it, ship it to me, or just keep trying.

Chocolate, chocolately, chocoluteness!

5 Stars Chocolate, chocolately, chocoluteness!

from CA on wrote:

This used to be my favorite tea until the banana chocolate variety came along, but it's still a very close second. I'm a glutton for all things tasty, so I add chocolate flavored stevia to really punch up the chocolate flavor in this incredible yerba mate tea. Add some milk and it's like having a warm cup of cocoa with zero calories. Chocolate skinny-ness. What's not to love!


4 Stars GREAT TEA!

from SA on wrote:

Wonderful chocolate flavor but no bitterness. Great with a litle almond milk! Very smooth!

Tastes like dessert!

5 Stars Tastes like dessert!

from CA on wrote:

Add a little stevia sweetener and it tastes like dessert, but with a lot fewer calories. Great tea!

Almost decadent

5 Stars Almost decadent

from IL on wrote:

This has a great chocolate flavor. I had it at a cafe' somewhere and had to order it. It was worth the money, it's one of my favorites.

Positively Addictive

5 Stars Positively Addictive

from TN on wrote:

We mix with with our Assam tea in the mornings for a breakfast boost - and start the day smiling!

Yummie Chocolate Tea

5 Stars Yummie Chocolate Tea

from NJ on wrote:

Great "different tea". The chocolate adds a depth of flavor so nice on a cool evening outside watching the stars.

Not wild about Mate, but...

4 Stars Not wild about Mate, but...

from on wrote:

I'm not a huge fan of mate, and my initial impression of this was - "ergh". Mate just ends up being too bitter for me. But I stuck with it and added a tiny bit of sugar and full cream to it...okay, I'm convinced. The touch of sugar and cream make it taste like grown-up hot chocolate! Very good!


5 Stars YUM !

from OR on wrote:

BEST chocolate flavor ! Not artificial tasting ....

Great Tea!

5 Stars Great Tea!

from MA on wrote:

I like this tea a lot. The tea has a nice flavor and is not too strong. I like chocolate and this help with that.

4 Stars

from on wrote:

great flavor but too weak! Have started using double tea bags to get the flavor i expected.


5 Stars Treat!

from IL on wrote:

This tea was delicious with some rice milk and a touch of sweetener.

5 Stars

from AZ on wrote:

Execellent way to do a yera mate

5 Stars

from NH on wrote:

just right when you need a little chocolate without all the unwanted extras (calories!)

mild after taste & paint smell

3 Stars mild after taste & paint smell

from NY on wrote:

I have to say I usually don't agree with other reviewers in terms of taste and smell but this one really has a paint smell and an after taste. It is my only dissappointment with Republic of Tea. Anyway, I use it during this allergy season because of its therapeutic effects. It may help to mask the flavor & smell to mix it with another flavored tea or beverage.

Love this Tea

5 Stars Love this Tea

from CA on wrote:

I love this tea - this is the second time I have bought the 250 bags - I went through the first in no time. I use 2 teabags to make 20 oz. tea each morning. I add sweetener and soy milk and sip to my heart's content.

Just what I was hoping for

5 Stars Just what I was hoping for

from OH on wrote:

This tea was exactly what I was hoping for. I have had several of the other chocolate teas but with this one I wanted more of the chocolate taste.

Not what I expected.

2 Stars Not what I expected.

from MO on wrote:

I was excited to try this tea. When I made my first cup I thought it smelled like paint. Then I tasted it and it tasted like paint. So i got some of my friends in the kitchen and didn't tell them what I thought just to give me their first impression. They all said this smells like paint. I don't know if I got a bad batch but I did not enjoy this tea. Love the Good Hope Vanilla though.

The Best of the Best

5 Stars The Best of the Best

from CA on wrote:

Wow, what a surprise. Thank you Amber for sending this sample of double dark tea to me. I would never have ordered this tea. I am into greens, black & herb teas. In my first cup I didn't add any milk because I did not want to change the great taste. The next time I put in an order I will have this on my list. Just an extra note to thank you for your great teas. I have been drinking green teas since I was five sitting in my grandmother's kitchen. She did not ever drank coffee like her children and because she was my beloved grandmother I too would drink Liptons green tea which was the only green tea in her market. I have been drinking green teas for sixty years and I am very glad I found your teas at Mother's market many years ago, your the BEST! Thank you, Sandra


5 Stars love!

from TN on wrote:

I wasn't sure about this one, but WOW! I love it! And I will definitely order this one again -- smooth, with a bit of sugar and cream, it is a delight!

Delicious - especially when Iced

4 Stars Delicious - especially when Iced

from MA on wrote:

This is so good hot, but with a little sweetener and over ice, it is incredibly delicious.

Double dark chocolate mate

5 Stars Double dark chocolate mate

from ME on wrote:

This makes a wonderful cup of tea for the chocolate lovers. My 11 year old daughter and i drink a cup every morning with breakfast.

4 Stars

from PA on wrote:

Throughout my first few cups of this tea I found it weak and somewhat lackluster, but it grew on me as time wore on. I now prefer its somewhat weaker character, as you can taste more than just chocolate - hints of earth and smokiness too. I usually have a cup of this after lunch at work and it is a great tasting way to get rid of the post-lunch doldrums.

Not my cup of tea!

1 Star Not my cup of tea!

from MI on wrote:

I very much DID NOT like this. It was expensive for a tea I will not drink again!

yummy stuff!

5 Stars yummy stuff!

from CA on wrote:

lovely cocoa flavour

Mate Latte Comparison

4 Stars Mate Latte Comparison

from HI on wrote:

So, I read Fred Schmed's comment from Dec. 6th that said, (in summary) ‘the mate latte is better in the sense that (he implied) it has more flavor and more robust’. So, I was so excited to get the Mate Latte, knowing how much I already LOVE the double chocolate. Well, this is where I can really appreciate the difference in opinions. I found the opposite, and that the Double Chocolate is much more chocolaty and flavorful than the latte. I will write my latte review in the appropriate place, but really wanted to write this review in this area too, because I did take his advice, and was disappointed in the latte, but feel that I am glad I tried it, because it really solidifies my loving of the double chocolate tea!

I really love this tea

4 Stars I really love this tea

from HI on wrote:

I really enjoy this tea, and in fact, crave it in the morning instead of coffee. Everytime I take a sip, I say, "mmmmm" to myself! With this said, I understand where the reviewers are coming from when they describe it as weak. It is a tea, not hot cocoa. I think it would be most enjoyed by those who do not have sugar in their diet, and the chocolate stevia addition is very yummy, but not necessary. I highly recommend this tea to anyone who might have stopped eating sugar / starches and want a delicate treat or new morning ritual, and not for those expecting Nestle.

I LOVE this tea!

5 Stars I LOVE this tea!

from IL on wrote:

This tea is a great afternoon pick me up. It has helped me stay on my diet and away from chocolate candy. One cup and I feel like I have had my dessert.

Not as much chocolate as I was expecting

3 Stars Not as much chocolate as I was expecting

from WA on wrote:

My disclaimer: I don't know a lot about tea. This particular flavour was OK - I have to use 2 teabags per cup to ensure that it resembles a chocolate flavour. It may be that I'm just not used to Yerba Maté. In any event, the scent of this tea is really lovely.

4 Stars

from MI on wrote:

Fabulous aroma and nice flavor, too, but not very much of it. I use two bags, otherwise it is way too weak. Make it stronger and I'll have a new favorite mid-day treat!

What's not to like?

5 Stars What's not to like?

from UT on wrote:

I add a couple of drops of Sweetleaf Dark Chocolate Stevia to this cup of tea. Gives me a chocolate sweet treat with the benefits of mate and I'm very content!

Satisfyingly chocolate.

5 Stars Satisfyingly chocolate.

from FL on wrote:

I liked this real well and find I can slowly sip a cup and forget about that little snack I was going to have. I've given away several of the bags so now I need to order more. A massive quantity this time. I don't sweeten mine though some may. Either way, a taste treat to be sure.

5 Stars

from CA on wrote:

I've been a mate fan for a long time and this is one of my favorite mate teas ever. So yummy!

Great beverage!!

5 Stars Great beverage!!

from WV on wrote:

This is a rich, tasty tea which is like liquid chocolate. I drink it without sweetener.

Great but Don't Expect Hot Chocolate

5 Stars Great but Don't Expect Hot Chocolate

from ID on wrote:

This is one of my favorite teas and I always keep it on hand. It grows on a person over time and gets better and better. Don't expect it to taste like hot chocolate; it doesn't. But it has a good subtle chocolate flavor that does not need sweetener. I use two teabags for a stronger flavor.

Great taste!!

4 Stars Great taste!!

from MA on wrote:

I like the taste of this tea. I feel like I am having a high calorie treat. This is my new favorite.

1 Star

from CA on wrote:

The taste is satisfying but you find shards of a cream colored material in your mouth and cup which is very unpleasant. I much prefer the strawberry-chocolate. I expect to return the chocolate matte. The sample of comfort and joy in my order is out of this world. Wish I had ordered this.


2 Stars Disappointing

from CA on wrote:

I absolutely love the Republic's Mate Latte and figured this would be an even more decadent chocolaty flavor. Boy was I wrong! There is nothing full bodied or robust about this tea. I find it relatively flat and boring. It smells wonderful, but that's where the goodness stops. It's not horrible, but it's far from good. Get the Mate Latte instead!


5 Stars Wonderful!!!

from MO on wrote:

This tea is wonderful! Don't know how anyone says they can't taste the chocolate, because that is basically all I am tasting. I let this steep for about 5 minutes,a nd add 4 sugar cubes...what you get is a cup of heaven! This and the Coconut Chocolate tea are wonderful. Tried the Red Tea ones, and they tasted horrible. Whatever they use to make the Red Tea is so strong and it overwhelms everything else. Try this, and you'll never need a chocolate fix again! I'm addicted!!!

The Best

5 Stars The Best

from CA on wrote:

This is by far the best chocolate tea ever! So happy they are making it. I've tried several chocolate teas but this one beats them all. I bought it for some friends and they enjoy it.

Smells like hot chocolate, tastes disappoints

3 Stars Smells like hot chocolate, tastes disappoints

from MN on wrote:

As a chocolate and tea lover, I was excited to try the Double Dark Mate. While I allowed the tea to seep, you couldn't help but enjoy the wonderful aroma which put me in mind of a hot chocolate. Perhaps, then, it's a trick of my senses that would not allow me to enjoy this. Expecting a bold and rich flavor that might be present with the drink that came to mind, this just didn't deliver the taste I was expecting. It's not a bad drink, but takes a bit of getting used to.


1 Star Awful

from PA on wrote:

It has little taste. . .and the taste it does have isn't good and stays in your mouth for hours. Go for the Raw Green Bush Tea. . .this one was good.

5 Stars

from OR on wrote:

Very good with sweetener and milk. I love it.

Very Rich

3 Stars Very Rich

from UT on wrote:

This stuff is really strong and rich! It has almost a coffee flavor to it, which surprised me.

Double Dark Chocolate is more like Half

3 Stars Double Dark Chocolate is more like Half

from SC on wrote:

This tea smells SO great but the flavor is SO weak. I am disappointed. Not sure that I'll buy it again. More chocolate flavor and Yerba Mate and I think you might have a winner. Sorry.

Love This Tea!!

5 Stars Love This Tea!!

from IN on wrote:

This tea is amazing!! Just the thing if you are having a sweet craving- without the stress or guilt!

Double Dark Chocolate Mate

5 Stars Double Dark Chocolate Mate

from MI on wrote:

A friend bought some of this and I tried it tonight. It is delicious! I will get more.

Weak and Disappointing

2 Stars Weak and Disappointing

from KY on wrote:

This tea smells great but the taste leaves much to be desired. It is very weak, there is a chocolate idea, but the robust flavor of a mate tea is sadly missing. When paying over $12 for 2 oz. of tea I expect to be wowed. Instead I was put to sleep.

Way better than hot cocoa.

5 Stars Way better than hot cocoa.

from OH on wrote:

This is one of the few chocolate teas at RoT that does not also have Rooibos (unfortunately Rooibos does not agree with me - can't win them all). This is a delicious tea! I have it at work after lunch and it is quite the pick-me-up. It is not like other chocolate teas that have no chocolate taste and simply smells good. This is great stuff.


5 Stars Excellent!

from on wrote:

Excellent with a splash of milk and a little sugar. You have to steep it longer than most teas to get the most benefit - but it's so worth it!

Not much Mate

2 Stars Not much Mate

from PA on wrote:

Perhaps my expectations were too high, but I was disappointed by this mate. It is just a week tea. It smells divinely chocolatey, but I usually use two tea bags just to get half that flavor. I tried adding steamed milk once and overwhelmed the tea completely. This is the first tea I ordered from Republic of Tea that didn't stand up to its description.

A New Twist on Chocolate!

4 Stars A New Twist on Chocolate!

from IL on wrote:

And you thought everything to be done with chocolate had already been tried! I'll admit I was skeptical . . . chocolate tea? Well, it's definitely CHOCOLATY! The texture is still tea, but the aroma and taste are blissfully chocolate. (and I don't have to feel guilty about the calories.)