Oh My! I Love This!

5 Stars Oh My! I Love This!

from OH on wrote:

Peach Blossom Oolong tastes like a luxury. I was skeptical about the flavor when I ordered but I am very overwhelmed with the delicious taste. It really has Peach tones and yet it is such a wonderful blend that even tea drinkers not craving peach will like it. The aroma is amazing and I want a second cup each time I have with this one. This was a new addition to my over three dozen Republic flavors and it will be a keeper. You will not be disappointed and you will be ordering more.

My new favorite!

5 Stars My new favorite!

from OR on wrote:

I have had the ginger peach black tea and loved that, but wanted something i could sip in the evening. I came across the peach oolong and it has become one of my favorites. I love the flavor of oolong to begin with, but the peach and orange blossom add a brightness and a wonderful aroma. I’ve been drinking it iced, since summer has finally arrived in Portland. It is so good! I even made a batch to bring to work to share with co-workers. ...and now they’re all ordering this tea.

Hits the spot

5 Stars Hits the spot

from CA on wrote:

I love peach or apricot tea during sunny days. The peach flavor is perfect and the oolong tea blends well. Both flavor are there but not overwhelming. A truly refreshing combination.

Peachy delight tea

5 Stars Peachy delight tea

from MD on wrote:

really enjoy this flavor.

The best taste ever

5 Stars The best taste ever

from FL on wrote:

Very good oolong- I can make several cups out of one tea bag. Very soothing in the afternoon, warm or cold.

Wonderful Tea

5 Stars Wonderful Tea

from IA on wrote:

I love this tea, wish it came in more than 36 cups at s time. Great peach flavor and a wonderful after dinner drink.

Tea sipping

4 Stars Tea sipping

from FL on wrote:

Liked it a lot

Peach Blossom Oolong

5 Stars Peach Blossom Oolong

from TX on wrote:

This is a delightful, lovely tea and I enjoy it most iced with lemon.

wake up to this treasure

5 Stars wake up to this treasure

from NJ on wrote:

If you like to wake up to a fruity warm cup of tea, this one is for you. This smooth tea is great with just the right amount of fruity peach flavor.

A Wonderful Surprise

5 Stars A Wonderful Surprise

from AZ on wrote:

I decided to try something new. Peach Blossom Oolong caught my eye on a cold morning. This tea is delicious Oolong with a lovely floral finish. It reminds me of spring. Try it. You'll like it.

Instantly became a fan when I opened the tin

5 Stars Instantly became a fan when I opened the tin

from NJ on wrote:

This tea smells so wonderful. The peach flavor is really nice and goes well with the hearty oolong taste. Have not seen anyone who does not like it.

So good!

5 Stars So good!

from WI on wrote:

I am a huge fan of tea and have been searching for the perfect iced tea. This one is it, hands down. I have had tea from all of the big companies and I keep coming back to the peach blossom oolong. If you like peach, this is the one for you! No sweetener needed!


5 Stars Wonderful

from TN on wrote:

This tea is as wonderful hot as it is cold. I don’t see myself making any other iced tea from now on.

A "Keeper"

5 Stars A "Keeper"

from CA on wrote:

I love this tea. It is aromatic and I like that it has less caffeine than most.

Real fresh peaches

5 Stars Real fresh peaches

from TN on wrote:

Loved the fresh peach taste

Peach Oolong

5 Stars Peach Oolong

from TX on wrote:

I am a big fan of Wuyi Oolong in the morning, so I decided to try the new Peach Oolong. It is absolutely delicious! I drink it iced, with sweetener & a little lemon. Truly refreshing!


4 Stars Refreshing!

from PA on wrote:

Refreshing tea either warm or iced.

Enjoy the hint of peach

5 Stars Enjoy the hint of peach

from FL on wrote:

I mix this tea almost everyday with the green peach tea- very refreshing

Love it!

5 Stars Love it!

from NJ on wrote:

Love the taste of peach in this tea. I drink hot or iced.

Morning tea

5 Stars Morning tea

from MO on wrote:

I add it to the green tea for flavor

One of my favorite teas

5 Stars One of my favorite teas

from GA on wrote:

The peach flavor in this takes me back to the islands. My favorite use to be passion tea but this peach tea has replaced it.


5 Stars Sublime

from CA on wrote:

A touch of sugar and it's like you're drinking heavenly peach nectar. At first I was skeptical, because as a big fan of oolong teas, I'm always wary with how infusions from flowers will affect the taste, they're either all aromatic and no flavor, or the taste of the oolong is simply too much. Not with this tea, oh good heavens, no. This tea is phenomenal. The oolong taste compliments the peach blossoms so well, and I could honestly just spend my time sniffing the tea tin, the scent of the unbrewed tea by itself is amazing.I highly recommend buying this tea, or at least trying it. Delicious~

My Favorite Tea

5 Stars My Favorite Tea

from CO on wrote:

A wonderful flavorful tea that I can drink anytime of day. The smell is just, WOW. It's a light refreshing cup of tea. Wish it came in a bigger size. My absolue favorite tea.

Refreshing Summer Iced Tea

5 Stars Refreshing Summer Iced Tea

from NY on wrote:

I purchased this product at Wegman's in Hamburg, NY. The Peach oolong was on sale, marked discontinued. I made this fresh brewed tea at home and added ice, organic sugar and fresh garden peppermint. Wow!!!!! I love the combination of Peach with oolong tea. This combination is phenomenal and pleasing to the palate. I brewed some fresh tea for friends visiting from Nashville and everyone enjoyed this tea. I will request that my local Wegman's restock this tea.

amazing tea, amazing service

5 Stars amazing tea, amazing service

from NY on wrote:

this is my all time favorite tea. i was given is as part of a gift basket years ago and after i finished it, i checked all supermarkets but could not find it anywhere. i finally decided to order it off the website because i needed it back in my life. there was a little problem with my order but it was most likely my own fault for being not cautious enough, but customer service was SO SO SO FRIENDLY and helped me fix the problem right away. I LOVE THE CUSTOMER SERVICE, will be buying more teas in the future!!!

My favorite Oolong

5 Stars My favorite Oolong

from NY on wrote:

A light flavor defines this wonderful Oolong tea. A true favorite - I'm never without it!


5 Stars Delightful!

from UT on wrote:

Wishing this tea came in loose! Peach and oolong go together so well. I'm currently enjoying a hot cup, and I cannot wait to try it iced. Zero bitterness, and it has a hydrating feel to it.

aroma aroma aroma

5 Stars aroma aroma aroma

from IL on wrote:

The aroma is so inviting. We have drank the tea hot but know it will make the best ice tea this summer.

Great Tea!

5 Stars Great Tea!

from AZ on wrote:

I, am not nor have I ever been a fervent tea drinker. However, I have become a fan of the Peach blossom Oolong and have a cup or 2 every evening with a bit of Agave Lite Nectar as a sweetener. I recommend it highly and just order 250 bags!


5 Stars Perfect

from TX on wrote:

Absolutley Perfect, love the after taste the aroma the body the flavor, easy on the buds as well (short steep time)

Wonderful Iced!

5 Stars Wonderful Iced!

from OH on wrote:

Love this tea!! I first tried this tea hot, I was pleasantly surprised. It has a great aroma and flavor. My husband and I love iced tea and make some every day. We recently tried this iced and it is just wonderful. This tea is a keeper!

Great Iced Tea

5 Stars Great Iced Tea

from NY on wrote:

This makes a wonderful iced tea, anytime of the year. The peach flavor is just right, not too strong and not too weak. It's nice to enjoy the peach flavor with the unique oolong tea, which is lighter and very different than black tea. I like this hot as well, but its wonderful as an iced tea.

Peachy goodness

5 Stars Peachy goodness

from NY on wrote:

Lovely flavor....strong peach essence...never had anything quite like it...thank you

Very nice flavor

5 Stars Very nice flavor

from TX on wrote:

I like that taste of the peach in this oolong tea. I first tried it after reading that oolong tea sometimes help with psoriasis and/or eczema. I feel this has helped me. It is not a cure but my skin looks and feels better.

Nice, lighter oolong

5 Stars Nice, lighter oolong

from MI on wrote:

I get the aroma of peach more than the taste because oolong is so robust of a taste itself, but the peach is definately there and adds a lightness, a delecate taste, to this oolong. Very pleasing and will enjoy over and over again.

peaches, but where's the oolong?

3 Stars peaches, but where's the oolong?

from on wrote:

This peach blossom oolong is excellent as a peach-flavored tea. But unfortunately the peach flavor completely dominates the oolong, so much so that the oolong flavor virtually disappears. The Republic of Tea probably has added peach flavor because some customers would have said "Hey, this is peach blossom oolong, but I can't taste peaches." For myself however I actually like the traditional oolong flavor, and find the addition of peach flavor a complete distraction.

Peachy Keen

5 Stars Peachy Keen

from PA on wrote:

I believe this is my favorite tea. the peach is really a peachy flavor, more so than the raspberry is rasberrish flavor. Hot or cold, I find it perfect. I buy this in bulk because this is a taste than i never tire of.

Great flavor

4 Stars Great flavor

from TX on wrote:

The flavor is very pleasing. I understand there are varying "grades" of oolong and would be interested in knowing the grade of this variety or at least the level of caffeine.

Lovely in late afternoon & later

5 Stars Lovely in late afternoon & later

from CA on wrote:

The peach is on the taste buds, as well as in the nose. Nice for those who want a change from Ginger Peach, or want a different variety of oolong.