5 Stars Tasty

from VA on wrote:

Really enjoyed this tea. Love Rooibus and this has exceptional flavor.

Rooibos Chai Tea

5 Stars Rooibos Chai Tea

from FL on wrote:

I love this tea! I love chai teas, but I'm extremely sensitive to caffeine, so if I drink something containing caffeine early in the day, I won't be getting any sleep that night. Imagine my surprise when I rooibos tea! Now I can enjoy chai tea anytime of day and night! It's really smooth, not bitter, and I actually find it calms me down a little bit.

Not so spicy

4 Stars Not so spicy

from NY on wrote:

I had purchased this tea because I read others writing about the strong spice flavor of this tea. After having drank it 4 times already (steeped to perfection) I can say that this isn't the case. The spice is rather light, and in no way overpowers the rooibos flavor. If you like a heavy Chai flavor, this isn't necessarily for you.

taste with no caffeine and no sugar

5 Stars taste with no caffeine and no sugar

from WA on wrote:

Love this tea cold! It has taste and no sugar -- save the calories for something else, and no caffeine -- can drink it anytime of day.

Great Tea

5 Stars Great Tea

from TX on wrote:

I was so excited to find a chai tea that was caffeine-free - this one doesn't disappoint!

Tasty spice tea

5 Stars Tasty spice tea

from TX on wrote:

I am well pleased with the flavor of this delightful tea. I particularly pleased with the fact that when fully brewed, there is no need to add sugar or honey for sweetness.

Excellent flavor/spice heat combo

5 Stars Excellent flavor/spice heat combo

from OR on wrote:

I was looking for a late night tea when I am craving a cup of tea, but want no caffeine. I thought I would try a chai, and was surprised at how absolutely wonderful the flavor of it is. There is also a small amount of "heat" to it, due to the pepper, but it is exactly right for me. This has become my very favorite tea. I ordered my second tin of loose leaf, and three other tins as Christmas gifts for my tea-loving sister-in-law and daughter-in-laws.

Not my cuppa

3 Stars Not my cuppa

from CT on wrote:

I agree with the other reviewer who said it was a bit too spicy - not sure what it was that I didn't like (nutmeg? cardamom?) but I'm glad I only sprang for a trial size. The can is cute, though.

Yummy and Spicy

4 Stars Yummy and Spicy

from NJ on wrote:

Yummy and spicy. Great with a bit of rock sugar and almond milk. VERY peppery so if you don't like that kind of spice, try the Rainforest Tea-it's very similar but lacks the zing.

Great Partner

5 Stars Great Partner

from KS on wrote:

This is a great partner to the Merchant's Green Chai. I mix two parts green chai to one part red chai, and it is delicious!!

a little much at first, but good till the end

5 Stars a little much at first, but good till the end

from on wrote:

My friend got this for me for my birthday along with a tea press mug, and at first I didn't know how to use it, or drink it. I like tea, but I don't like coffee. Something just doesn't taste as good about coffee. But when I tried this, it was shocking how powerful it was! It is spicy, but it is not intollerable. The flavor is amazing when brewed at about 7-8 minutes. I have gotten used to it within the last day or so, and I now LOVE it. It is very relaxing and I for a girl who likes spice, but also love sweetness, drinking this hot any time of the day hits the spot! WONDERFUL! :D

Good but VERY spicy

3 Stars Good but VERY spicy

from CA on wrote:

Good flavor but very very spicy, almost too spicy, leaving a slow burn like after taste in my mouth and stomach...thank goodness they offer the trial tester size, if unsure this size is your best bet!!

nice aroma and flavor

4 Stars nice aroma and flavor

from WA on wrote:

nice robust flavor right to the end

5 Stars

from TX on wrote:

One of the best chai teas I've tasted. I'm hooked. I switch to this one in the evenings and drink the black chai through the first 1/2 of the day. Great flavor.