great stuff...

5 Stars great stuff...

from WI on wrote:

I love this tea... I mix it with the Ginger Peach Decaf, and drink it everyday...

Peach Ginger Red Tea

5 Stars Peach Ginger Red Tea

from GA on wrote:

Absolutely love it. Figured to try it it's awesome

Good tra

4 Stars Good tra

from FL on wrote:

The rooibos gives it an acquired after taste if you don't know what rooibos taste like. still great tea absolutely no caffeine perfect before bed you might actually fall asleep drinking it

I love this tea

5 Stars I love this tea

from OR on wrote:

I love peaches. I love Ginger. This tea has both. I prefer it with a little sweetener. I can't think of anything I don't like about this tea.

Not a fan

3 Stars Not a fan

from MD on wrote:

I was not a fan of this tea. I was expecting something a bit sweeter, and more peach flavor. I don't think that I care for the Ginger within it. It's not necessarily BAD tasting, but not a flavor I would pick over my other Republic of Tea favorites.

Not an herbal version of the black

4 Stars Not an herbal version of the black

from WI on wrote:

The black is the rich and delicious original... this one is good, but has an odd, almost minty backtaste that is slightly off-putting. I prefer many other flavored reds over this one.

Just Peachy at any Temp

5 Stars Just Peachy at any Temp

from LA on wrote:

Wonderful peachy-ginger flavor for the greatest iced tea EVER!!!!

More Flavor

5 Stars More Flavor

from ME on wrote:

I recently switched from Ginger Peach Black Tea to the Ginger Peach Red Tea. Always loved the first, yet find the Red even better. Really clear, clean flavors which are exciting but not overwhelming. Good alone or with a dash of milk. Glad I tried it.

Best Tea ever

5 Stars Best Tea ever

from DC on wrote:

Peach, Ginger



from WA on wrote:

This tea is so pleasant, never has this amazing taste and scent. I can't live without it and I drink it a few times a day. I'm so happy I found this!!!!

Best tea ever

5 Stars Best tea ever

from DC on wrote:

This is hands down the best tea, perfect all by itself, doesn't need sugar, never bitter. Caffeine-free rooibos is paired with sweet, lush peaches and spicy ginger to create heaven in a cup that will make the head wiggle with delight. Each cup is brimming with healthful properties. I drink it all day long. I've converted several people to drink this.

Love this Tea

5 Stars Love this Tea

from WI on wrote:

I love this tea... I drink it everyday... and because it is caffeine free, I can drink it late into the night... It is so yummy, can't live without it...Try it you'll love it too..


5 Stars Yummy!

from MD on wrote:

Delicious hot or iced, this is a great all day tea. I love the whole ginger peach family, but especially the ones without caffeine because I can drink them to my heart's content and still get to sleep at night!

Great tea!

5 Stars Great tea!

from WV on wrote:

As always, the flavor combination of ginger and peach is perfect, and with the added bonus of caffeine-free red tea, creates a wonderful any time of day beverage.

Excellent Mild Tea

5 Stars Excellent Mild Tea

from OH on wrote:

Excellent all-day drinking tea, especially iced. Peach is mostly in the aroma, barely a taste. Light ginger flavor, but I wish there was more of it.

My favorite caffeine free tea!

5 Stars My favorite caffeine free tea!

from MD on wrote:

I was excited to find this as a red tea because I have been a big fan of the ginger peach black tea but was looking for something without caffeine. It is my all day/all evening favorite tea. I decided to by the 250 bag refill size, I like it that much! Can't wait to try the decaf green ginger peach.

My favorite tea!

5 Stars My favorite tea!

from VT on wrote:

Since I have to restrict caffeine in my diet, this ginger peach has become a staple in my house. I have given it to friends and they also like its flavor. They have told me they plan to order it!

Just the right combination

5 Stars Just the right combination

from OH on wrote:

This is the perfect blend of the 3 ingredients, none outweighs the other. My elderly mother, who is extremely selective about tea, adores it, too! For those who want ginger for an upset stomach it works really well without that bite of too much ginger. This tea is one of my all time favorites. Good job!

great tea

5 Stars great tea

from on wrote:

very good tea as described.

Super Iced

5 Stars Super Iced

from OR on wrote:

I know Ginger Peach is one of everyones favorites, but I prefer this version (Rooibos) because of no caffeine. It is absolutely fabulous iced, so is a great replacement for sugary ginger-ale. I can drink it all day and sleep at night too.