So delicious

5 Stars So delicious

from CA on wrote:

Love this tea! One of my favorites.

Cinnamon orange.

5 Stars Cinnamon orange.

from NJ on wrote:

Fantastic!!! Love it steeped fir 5 minutes



from NY on wrote:


Wow - great flavor!

5 Stars Wow - great flavor!

from IL on wrote:

Received this today from RoT - fast shipping! Couldn’t wait to open and try. Did not disappoint. Everything it claims to be and more. Will be purchasing this again! Loved!!

Found MY tea !

5 Stars Found MY tea !

from WA on wrote:

I was introduced to this tea is a small restaurant in Mt. Vernon, WA many years ago. The discovery of ordering on line has increased my consumption as well as the indoctrination of many friends over the years !

Cinnamon Orange Roiboss Tea

5 Stars Cinnamon Orange Roiboss Tea

from FL on wrote:

Excellent flavor combination and aroma. We really enjoyed it.

My favorite tea (right now)

5 Stars My favorite tea (right now)

from CA on wrote:

I love this tea--great any time day or night. Perfect blend of cinnamon and orange. it's my go-to tea.

Winter favorite ⛄️

5 Stars Winter favorite ⛄️

from MO on wrote:

Nice warming taste, with bright orange flavor and only a hint of cinnamon.



from SC on wrote:

the orange and cinnamon are holiday tastes to me

Warm and bright

5 Stars Warm and bright

from NJ on wrote:

One of my new favorites! It’s a soothing lifting afternoon pick me up!

Great flavors

5 Stars Great flavors

from IN on wrote:

Great flavors in this tea. Goes great with a cookie.

Cinnamon Orange

5 Stars Cinnamon Orange

from GA on wrote:

I liked this before they renamed it. Still good

Love This Tea!

5 Stars Love This Tea!

from NY on wrote:

This tea is one of my new favorites. I love it!

Tea received 4-17-17

5 Stars Tea received 4-17-17

from CA on wrote:

I enjoy this tea especially in the evening. The red teas are very good; when it becomes available again I will order Dream by the Fire.

I miss Safari Sunset!

3 Stars I miss Safari Sunset!

from TN on wrote:

This tea is great, and I drink it often, but Safari Sunset is even better! I hope that it will return because I used to alternate the two, but prefer Safari Sunset more.

Need Safari Sunset

1 Star Need Safari Sunset

from OH on wrote:

I have been buying safari sunset red tea from the republic of tea for 8 years. Came looking to refil my depleted stock and I find out it is no longer available!!!! I am traumatized. I love this tea. Please bring it back.

Bring back Safari Sunset

4 Stars Bring back Safari Sunset

from CO on wrote:

You are the best tea company ever but no Safari Sunset is making me very unhappy. How about an explanation, an idea of when we may see it return. You make us addicts and then take away the drugs not fair lol! Just kidding RoT but I like Rooibos the best and I am very particular about my drinking habits when it comes to tea. I also request (demand) a straight strawberry tea. Okay if you added a small amount of cherry it would be fine! No vanilla in my tea please, hate it! Keep up the almost perfect work~

Cannot replace Safari Sunset

2 Stars Cannot replace Safari Sunset

from IA on wrote:

ARE YOU HEARING US?? We are your consumers. We want Sarari Sunset back please.

Safari Sunset

4 Stars Safari Sunset

from CA on wrote:

I tried to order more and was told it is no longer available. LOVE this tea, please bring it back! I only have 2 tea bags left :(

African Safari Sunset

4 Stars African Safari Sunset

from NY on wrote:

I have finally run out and am so upset there is no African Safari Sunset. OMG nothing compares!!!! Please bring it back!


3 Stars SAFARI SUNSET!!!!!

from DE on wrote:

I NEED Safari Sunset back. I have kept a nice stock pile of it over the years and now that I need more it is GONE!!!! What am I supposed to do? I only have enough to last me 2 weeks! Please tell us it is coming back soon. And SOON!!!!

I want safari Sunset.

5 Stars I want safari Sunset.

from FL on wrote:

I bought safari Sunset in the big bag and it has been my favorite since 2003. Please. Bring it Back!Marilyn

Bring Back Safari Sunset!

2 Stars Bring Back Safari Sunset!

from CO on wrote:

Oh no! Why do you mess with a good thing? This is the only reason I buy from Republic of Tea and I won't again nail it returns⛈⛈⛈

Where is Safari Sunset

2 Stars Where is Safari Sunset

from FL on wrote:

I agree with Cindy. I really loved drinking your Safari Sunset Tea and have not found a tea that compares to it. It was so-o-o-o lovely. Please bring it back?

No Safari Sunset?? NOT AGAIN!!!

3 Stars No Safari Sunset?? NOT AGAIN!!!

from CA on wrote:

I got Cinnamon Orange the last time Safari Sunset wasn't available and I remember being SO happy when Safari Sunset came back. I don't remember the difference, but know I love Safari Sunset so much more and I've been getting it in bulk for nearly 15 years. It makes the perfect iced tea which I drink daily. LISTEN TO US!!! BRING SAFARI SUNSET BACK!!!

Safari Sunset

5 Stars Safari Sunset

from SC on wrote:

Please bring back the Safari Sunset tea it is so very good. This is my favorite tea blend.

Where did Safari Sunset Go?

3 Stars Where did Safari Sunset Go?

from FL on wrote:

I've been drinking Safari Sunset for over 10 years - please bring it back!!!! The whole reason I get your e-mails is so I can order more when I run out (like now).


5 Stars Yummmmmm......

from FL on wrote:

I bought this tea because it sounded like an interesting combination. It is, and delightful on its own. However, I found a new use for it, necessitating the purchase of several more tins so I make sure I still have it when winter arrives. Several years ago, I found a marvelous spiced wine, which, when sipped warm, made the world a very cozy and comforting place. It had notes of cinnamon and orange and cloves in it, but was also full of sugar. The other day, (a nice, rainy day) while making myself a cup of this Cinnamon Orange tea, I got the brilliant idea to add a splash of a good Merlot I have to it, and oh what a find! Here is the perfect cold weather (or not - I live in Florida) spiced wine, with none of the sugar involved in the real thing. It feels like a hot toddy going down, lifts your spirit way up, and makes the world a very cozy and comforting place! ROT - please don't discontinue this flavor!

Safari Sunset tea

5 Stars Safari Sunset tea

from IN on wrote:

I have been buying this tea for many years. As a Mormon I do not drink anything caffeinated, so I drank Safari Sunset tea all day long. I made it up in half gallon batches and kept it in the fridge to drink over ice in the summer or heated in the microwave in the winter. Now that the tea is no longer available, I am sooo sad. Please bring it back!

Sunset??? for Safari Sunset???

5 Stars Sunset??? for Safari Sunset???

from IN on wrote:

The STARS are for Safari Sunset I have been drinking Safari Sunset for 20+ years. It was my perfect substitute for the Assam/Darjeeling mix I would make but could no longer have due to the severity of migraines and the need to eliminate ALL caffeine. I tried Safari Sunset and found heaven. I have tried many others, but none has the body, aroma, taste, and lingering joy.... nothing compares to Republic of Teas Safari Sunset. So, I got online today to purchase a fresh batch of loose Safari Sunset only to find - what? -- it has been discontinued? My great husband has been purchasing 3-4 bulk bags of 250 tea bags for me because I drink it every single day all day long! Discontinued???? Say it isn't so...........

Please bring back Safari Sunset

5 Stars Please bring back Safari Sunset

from WA on wrote:

Cinnamon Orange is a good start, but Safari Sunset is subtle, sophisticated and absolutely unique. It is the ONLY decaf tea I've drunk in 25 years . . . please reconsider, or at least open up a window where I can place a big order, or two or three!!! Remember Coca Cola had great success bringing back the real deal!

Love this tea.

5 Stars Love this tea.

from NE on wrote:

This is a tasty tea that invigorates!

Safari Sunset

5 Stars Safari Sunset

from CA on wrote:

i can't believe this tea is no longer available. I gift it to family and friends and the love love love it. :(

Miss Sunset Safari

3 Stars Miss Sunset Safari

from OK on wrote:

I have been ordering Sunset Safari for years. I just convinced two co-workers to get some and then find out it's gone. Now I have to let them know so that they can decide if they still want to order. Cinnamon Orange Red Tea sounds okay but after the other I'm not so sure.

Good but it's not Safari Sunset

4 Stars Good but it's not Safari Sunset

from TN on wrote:

The tea is a great taste! But I've been drinking the Safari Sunset for years now and love it! Please bring it back! This is a good flavored tea. I love The Republic of Tea! I just hate when things you love are discontinued.

No substitute for Safari Sunset

1 Star No substitute for Safari Sunset

from UT on wrote:

I've been a Safari Sunset drinker for years and am disappointed that you no longer make it. Cinnamon Orange was put forth as a substitute, but it doesn't even come close. Please bring back Safari Sunset!

It's good, but not as good as Safari Sunset.

4 Stars It's good, but not as good as Safari Sunset.

from IA on wrote:

I love rooibos tea, and this one is a good one. However, it's no replacement for Safari Sunset. SS has always been my number one tea, and now it's gone. I tried this one instead, but it's just not as full-flavored.

NOT a Replacement for Safari Sunset

3 Stars NOT a Replacement for Safari Sunset

from MA on wrote:

This tea is okay, but it is in no way a replacement for Safari Sunset. Please, bring Safari Sunset back!

2nd place to Safari Sunset

4 Stars 2nd place to Safari Sunset

from AL on wrote:

I drank Safari Sunset for YEARS - and then it was gone! Imagine how happy I was this past Christmas to order a tin of Safari Sunset. When I went to reorder, it's gone again! Cinnamon Orange is an acceptable 2nd, but it will never totally replace Safari Sunset. Please bring it back.

A good tea, but doesn't replace Safari Sunset!

4 Stars A good tea, but doesn't replace Safari Sunset!

from WA on wrote:

As a *long* time drinker and enjoyer of Safari Sunset, I would say this tea can't replace it. Cinnamon Orange is a pretty good on its own, but doesn't come within miles of replacing Safari Sunset IMO. Please RoT - bring back Safari Sunset! :)

favorite tea

5 Stars favorite tea

from MI on wrote:

the perfect tea, well balanced, gentle citrus notes, not overpowering yet very flavorful

Wonderful hot or cold!

5 Stars Wonderful hot or cold!

from OH on wrote:

Perfect combination of orange and cinnamon. Was not sure the combination would be good together but glad that I was wrong. I cannot handle caffeine so I am glad TROT makes so many red tea flavors. It is my favorite iced tea and one of my favorite hot teas, along with Safari Sunset, Peppermint Chocolate, Downton Abbey, Banana Chocolate, Ginger Peach... the list just goes on. I think I need a sampler of the entire product line!


5 Stars Delicious

from AL on wrote:

This tea is delicious, healthy and being caffeine free you can have a nice relaxing cup however late in the day it is.

Must have!

5 Stars Must have!

from OH on wrote:

A mainstay in my pantry. Buy it in bulk. I make nearly a gallon of iced tea a day and 90% are made with this tea. Can't even drink "regular" decaf store bought teas anymore - this is my "regular". Nice blend of spices. Love the earthy tones of the Rooibos. Would be lost without this one! Never tire of it.


5 Stars outstanding!

from TN on wrote:

A real favorite, always refreshing whether hot or cold! Cinnamon and orange flavors are just right.

Best tea

5 Stars Best tea

from OK on wrote:

I love this tea hot or cold. My 4 year old grandson loves it too. Love that it is caffeine free so I can drink it anytime.

Delicious tea

5 Stars Delicious tea

from OH on wrote:

This is one of my favorite teas! I love rooibos teas and this one is a winner with its citrus orange flavor and touch of cinnamon!!

Deliciousness in a Bag!

4 Stars Deliciousness in a Bag!

from AL on wrote:

This tea smells wonderful and is so inviting. I love the smell; the warmth of the spices is the icing on the cake. I highly recommend this tea; you won't be disappointed!

Great Hot or Cold

5 Stars Great Hot or Cold

from CO on wrote:

I love this tea hot or cold. It is the only tea that the household likes cold which is why we buy it in bulk. It is comforting in the winter and refreshing in the summer. It is also my go-to when trying to avoid a mid-afternoon sugary snack. Good stuff!

Cinnamon Orange Red Tea

5 Stars Cinnamon Orange Red Tea

from OH on wrote:

A delicious orange rooibos tea!!

Great Tea!

5 Stars Great Tea!

from NY on wrote:

I drink a lot of hot tea during the winter, and this has become one of my favorites. Love it!

Cinnamon Orange Red Tea

5 Stars Cinnamon Orange Red Tea

from NV on wrote:

If you like cinnamon and orange then this is the tea for you. I really like that this tea brews a full bodied cup that not only smells of cinnamon and orange, but tastes like it smells. This is my second favorite tea behind Black Currant Cardamom. The Cinnamon Orange Red is tied with the taste of Passion Fruit Mango herbal tea.

Another good one

5 Stars Another good one

from IN on wrote:

As an avid tea fan, I love all the different varieties that Republic of Tea offers. I had not tried this, but it turned out to be another good one.


5 Stars Excellent

from OH on wrote:

Cinnamon Orange & the Safari Sunset have been my husband's favorites since day one!

Love it

5 Stars Love it

from OK on wrote:

We love this tea. My husband loves it hot and I love it on ice.

5 Stars

from IL on wrote:

I have tried a lot of teas, but this one by far is the favorite in my home. I give it as gifts to friends and they love it to. It is mmmm good, to the last drop.


5 Stars Ms

from TN on wrote:

Love this tea! I brew with double red, sweeten with truvia a drink cold!

Never expected this taste

5 Stars Never expected this taste

from NY on wrote:

This tea is simply OUTSTANDING. The aroma and taste are wonderful. I just love this tea. The Orange comes through beautifully, the cinnamon not so much. However the tea is perfect. . The weekend after I received it, I developed laryngitis and needed to not speak and have warm soothing liquids for the entire weekend (we had a blizzard on the East Coast so I was home bound anyway). This tea was perfect. Delicious, easy on the throat and all around yummy. Without question, I will order this again???


5 Stars yum!

from OH on wrote:

The Republic of Tea does tea right! This is a delicious tea that is so soothing on a cold winter day. Love it!

Perfect all day long!

5 Stars Perfect all day long!

from UT on wrote:

I love this tea! It's wonderful hot or cold. The fragrance fill the room. Every sip is delightful. LOVE IT any time of day! (And it's GREAT for sipping while decorating the Christmas tree!)

Great fall tea

5 Stars Great fall tea

from IA on wrote:

This is a great, warming fall tea.

Perfect Anytime Tea

5 Stars Perfect Anytime Tea

from AL on wrote:

I think this tea is very well-balanced and satisfying - truly delicious! However, I prefer brewing a demitasse cup (4 ounces of water per bag)) because I like the greater intensity of flavors this produces. Super!

pleasant but a little weak

4 Stars pleasant but a little weak

from CA on wrote:

I love the flavors in this tea, but I was disappointed that the taste wasn't stronger.

Great flavor

4 Stars Great flavor

from NJ on wrote:

This tea has a great orange flavor. I wish it was a little stronger on the Cinnamon. This was my first tasting of red tea and I really enjoy it.

Excellent iced tea!

5 Stars Excellent iced tea!

from CA on wrote:

I make this year round but everyone especially loves it during the summer months. So much flavor without being too bold. It's a welcome change from plain iced tea. Several of my friends think it's just the best! I always buy the bulk bag because I use 16 per gallon of hot water... the seem to just disappear!

Brand new and absolutely lucious !

5 Stars Brand new and absolutely lucious !

from WA on wrote:

So glad you brougght this on board ! What a lovely flavor for anytime ! Good at any temp - just use some to make ice cubes and your off to summer dreamland !

My New Fav Summer Tea

5 Stars My New Fav Summer Tea

from CT on wrote:

I make a pot of iced e everyone morning with this tea...delicious and full of flovor, does not need lemon or sugar. I also enjoy it as my extra hot cup of tea...just as is, no milk or sugar, full of orange and cinnamon flavor

5 Stars

from FL on wrote:

This is the second time I have bought this tea, and hot or cold it is delicious! When I run out of this I will buy more and plan to keep it in my pantry.

5 Stars

from IL on wrote:

Love the blend of flavors. This is a great afternoon tea.

Very enjoyable

5 Stars Very enjoyable

from TX on wrote:

I have been enjoying the various Roisboos teas and this decided to try this one and was extremely pleased with the wonderful flavor this tea brings.

both bright and sweet tasting

5 Stars both bright and sweet tasting

from CA on wrote:

This tea tastes great hot, and I can't wait to try it iced this summer. I drink all my teas unsweetened, and this tastes great without sweetener. The orange gives it a sweet and bright citrus flavor, and the cinnamon balances it perfectly.

the best cinnamon orange tea

5 Stars the best cinnamon orange tea

from PA on wrote:

I am a longtime fan of Cinnamon Orange or Spiced Teas and this is the best I've tasted.Extra points for being naturally caffeine-free and good hot or cold! Love it!


5 Stars Intervention

from OR on wrote:

I love this tea! It is by far my favorite. I have one tin at work, one at home and a stash in my purse. I just placed my first bulk order after buying three tins in two weeks time. My coworkers are thinking of staging an intervention. The tea smells amazing and tastes just as delicious. I usually drink it with nothing added, however I occasionally add some honey and/or cream. The flavor isn't overpowering and I've never had it get bitter. It's going to become a constant :)

My all time favorite

5 Stars My all time favorite

from TX on wrote:

This is my favorite red tea. Flavorful with no caffeine worries!

My Rock!

5 Stars My Rock!

from MO on wrote:

Continues to be my favorite! I personally do not care for flavored coffee or tea; however, this flavor is so subtle and mild, it's totally yummy. I drink it winter and summer. I will keep buying it in bulk.

Wonderful Tea!!

5 Stars Wonderful Tea!!

from CO on wrote:

This tea is absolutely wonderful. It has just the right spiciness, and is really delicious. My favorite of all.

One of my new favs..

5 Stars One of my new favs..

from CT on wrote:

oneof my favs...a great combination of flavors that can be enjoyed anythime of day..I have been making iced tea the last couple of days...yummy!

love this stuff

5 Stars love this stuff

from OK on wrote:

I love this tea!

favorite tea ever

favorite tea ever

from NY on wrote:

I've tried a lot of teas and this is the absolute best in my experience. It has a clean, spicy flavor and needs no sweeteners at all. I like to mix this with the organic turmeric tea for a complex, complementary blend loaded with health benefits. Please keep producing this tea!

Sweet and delicious

5 Stars Sweet and delicious

from MO on wrote:

If you love oranges and cinnamon you won't be able to get enough of this sweet, flavorful tea.

5 Stars

from MO on wrote:

By the way, I brew mine in a large cup through a Kuerig single cup coffee brewer. Always comes out perfect.

5 Stars

from MO on wrote:

I just keep coming back to this tea. It is so soothing at the end of the day, an easy eye-opener first thing in the morning, and with a little honey, it satisfies my sweet tooth during the day. I've tried many, many, many other teas but always return to this one. Love it !!!

Good for Congestion and Colds

5 Stars Good for Congestion and Colds

from on wrote:

It taste just like it sounds and is one of my favorites. I work with all men and when they are congested they ask me for it. These are people who usually don't drink tea. It's good for coughs, congestion, and sinus issues.

5 Stars

from NE on wrote:

I love this warm spice tea. I'm not a tea drinker but I love this. The aroma alone is to die for.


5 Stars Wonderful!

from CA on wrote:

When I first found this tea it was called Safari Sunset. I fell in love with it since it tasted like a spice tea my mother made growing up at holiday time. I enjoy it hot with a little orange blossom honey to compliment the orange in the tea or iced without any sweetners. It's great iced on a hot summer day. Drink it into the evening without fear of caffine buzz or GERD flare!

Cinnamon Orange--You make my day!

5 Stars Cinnamon Orange--You make my day!

from IN on wrote:

I love the Cinnamon Orange Rooibus for iced tea. Trader Joe's used to have a similar tea but it disappeared over a couple years ago. I've been searching for a similar tea ever since and finally found this one. Even BETTER. I like a light, refreshing iced tea so I steep 3 - 4 bags in 3 cups or so of water then dilute with about the same amount of cold water. I was also very happy with the savings for buying 250 bags. I've enjoyed many of your teas over the years but this is the first time I've bought online. Thank you Republic of Tea.