My new favorite

5 Stars My new favorite

from VA on wrote:

I love the roibus teas from The Republic of Tea, especially. Good Hope Vanilla has been my all-time favorite for about 10 years, and I love the cinnamon in this one!

Husband's favorite

5 Stars Husband's favorite

from OR on wrote:

My husband loves this tea; since it was only seasonal early on, I would buy a large package of the teabags to try to last him until it came up for sale again.

Favorite Winter Tea

5 Stars Favorite Winter Tea

from AZ on wrote:

Love many of your teas! Long time customer! This tea has great balance of cinnamon and vanilla. Very comforting morning or night!

Season's Best Blend

5 Stars Season's Best Blend

from PA on wrote:

Cinnamon Vanilla is my very favorite tea; I stock up on it, so that I can continue to enjoy it into the new year. It has an inviting and comforting taste that is perfect for chilly winter evenings - and even chilly lunches!

A Comforting and Delicious Cup of Tea

5 Stars A Comforting and Delicious Cup of Tea

from KY on wrote:

This tea is a new favorite. The cinnamon and vanilla blend well together with neither being overpowering. As the weather gets colder this is a comforting cup in the afternoons and evenings.


5 Stars Delicious!

from CA on wrote:

This is my new favorite tea. The smell and taste is perfect. Love!

Very Good

4 Stars Very Good

from OH on wrote:

just as described,

Cinnamon Vanilla Red Tea

5 Stars Cinnamon Vanilla Red Tea

from WI on wrote:

This is my favorite tea so far. I did not think the two flavors would go together but it is a delicious cup of the only downfall is it is only seasonal. So make sure you order to last all year.

One of my favorites

5 Stars One of my favorites

from IL on wrote:

This is one of my favorite teas to drink during the winter. The cinnamon flavor is so good and that is saying something because I’m not really a cinnamon person.


5 Stars Relaxing

from PA on wrote:

This is just a delicious cup of tea! Smooth & relaxing. A great cup of tea to enjoy on a chilly day.

not bad but disappointing

3 Stars not bad but disappointing

from DC on wrote:

Maybe my hopes were up by the name, but this tea doesn't pack enough flavor. Not bad at all but not the best in the lineup

My grandson asks for us to do tea.

5 Stars My grandson asks for us to do tea.

from NL on wrote:

I love this blend of tea. My grandson would come and ask if we could do by the fire tea. I share with friends. I bought the 250 size.

One Of Our Favorite Teas

5 Stars One Of Our Favorite Teas

from AR on wrote:

We have iced tea all year around and use this tea in combination with the Good Hope Vanilla to make a great tea.

Dream by the Fire

5 Stars Dream by the Fire

from ME on wrote:

I bought this for the first time last year. It came in the three tin holiday sampler and I quickly ran out. It is one of my favorite winter flavors: warming and soothing, with a hint of sweetness. I love this tea!

A Nice, Cozy Tea

5 Stars A Nice, Cozy Tea

from TN on wrote:

The cinnamon addition to the basic Good Hope Vanilla is a nice variation. Soothing on a cold day!

Best Christmas tea EVER!

5 Stars Best Christmas tea EVER!

from WA on wrote:

This is my favorite Christmas tea by far.

Dream by the Fire

5 Stars Dream by the Fire

from WI on wrote:

The spices in Dream by the Fire tea put me in the holiday mood. Subtle, smoothe, not in your face perfume. Have one each night while relaxing. My favorite tea by far.

Tea review

5 Stars Tea review

from OR on wrote:

A delicious sipping tea for enjoying any time of day but I love it just before bedtime. For those who want a cariety throughout the year, I recommend Good Hope Vanilla Red Tea. Roobius tea and vanilla, just sprinkle in some cinnamon and it’s the same ingredients as the Dream by the Fire blend.

A favorite!!!

5 Stars A favorite!!!

from UT on wrote:

I LOVE this tea!!! The flavors of cinnamon and vanilla are DELICIOUS!!! It’s perfect during the cold Utah late fall and winter! Actually, I’m always cold and I’d love to drink it all year long! I’m sad I’ll have to try air until September 1st.

Love it!

5 Stars Love it!

from PA on wrote:

This has become one of my favorite teas! I love the smooth warmth taste of the cinnamon!Karen

Makes me dream of having a fireplace

4 Stars Makes me dream of having a fireplace

from KS on wrote:

I love this tea so much! I usually drink unflavored or minimally flavored black tea, but I could make this a regular weekend tea. It really does live up to its name. Everything about it is so full of warmth and comfort (and I'm not just talking about temperature). I don't have a fireplace, but I hope to be able to sip this next to a fire at some point, because the flavor of the spices paired with the gentle crackle of a fire would be just the most cozy tea drinking experience ever after a long cold day. I both love and hate that it's seasonal. On hand, I just discovered this tea this month and I don't want to wait forever to buy more. On the other hand, like other seasonally available treats, only having access at certain times sort of adds to the special experience of the treat. Like egg nog and ribbon candy, this is one more holiday treat to look forward to every year.

Dream by the fire

5 Stars Dream by the fire

from LA on wrote:

I am enjoying a hot cup of Dream by the Fire and I love it!

Dream by the Fire

5 Stars Dream by the Fire

from RI on wrote:

I LOVE this tea, and I wish I could buy it all year, so I try to stock up so it will last all year. I find it very comforting.

Too Much Vanilla

2 Stars Too Much Vanilla

from PA on wrote:

The description of the tea enticed me to purchase it and try it out. I was really hoping for a strong cinnamon flavor with a hint of vanilla, something to warm me up on a cold day. Upon making the tea, the largely predominant flavor is vanilla. Barely any cinnamon flavor. Overall, I was pretty disappointed.

Should be Year Round

5 Stars Should be Year Round

from PA on wrote:

I drink this year round and am very disappointed that I can't get it when I need it.

home in a cup

5 Stars home in a cup

from TX on wrote:

bought this on a whim while on vacation, tried it as soon as be got back to the camper while sitting next to the fire, i was instantly transported to a slice of heaven. The aroma of vanilla and spice combine with the flavors of comfort to give you the comfort of wrapped in your favorite blanket on Christmas morning by a warm fire. ordered three more tins to make sure i wouldn't run out before it was available again.

Delicious Flavor

5 Stars Delicious Flavor

from VA on wrote:

I am a sucker for any "Christmas" or "holiday" themed products, but this tea did not disappoint. It had the perfect blend of spice that I love and soothing vanilla to make it not be overpowering. I cannot wait for it to come back in season to stock up!

Love this!

5 Stars Love this!

from MO on wrote:

We received this tea as a gift last Christmas. My husband who really hates cinnamon said this tea still tastes great! We bought another canister and look forward to when it will be available again in the fall and winter!


5 Stars Awesome.

from MI on wrote:

It has a great taste & is smooth w/o an after taste. I highly recommend it.


5 Stars yum

from PA on wrote:


Dream by the Fire Tea

5 Stars Dream by the Fire Tea

from CA on wrote:

I love this tea & am sad I can't find it locally!

My Favorite Winter Tea

5 Stars My Favorite Winter Tea

from IN on wrote:

I'm surprised by the reviewer who found this tea's cinnamon notes too intense; rest assured, this person's experience is the exception in my experience. I always make sure to order this flavor the minute TROT makes it available in the late Fall; not only as a refill for me but as gifts for my friends, parents and my in-laws. We're all over 50, so maybe that has something to do with our preference for the gently complex favors of this tea, so perfect for a cold wintry day. My only sadness this year was that TROT ran out of the travel tin sizes of this flavor before I had a chance to order them! Next year!

Dream by the fire

5 Stars Dream by the fire

from LA on wrote:

I thought it was quit LOVELY!!!! Thats why i am giving my opinion. Yumm-a-licious!!!

Not a fan

1 Star Not a fan

from TX on wrote:

I got a bag of this tea with a sampler gift. As much as I love every other seasonal tea, this one is just not good. I haven't had too many roobios teas, so maybe that was the issue. However, to me, this tea had a medicine-like aftertaste that I just couldn't get past. I drank about half of it before dumping it.


5 Stars Yum!

from ME on wrote:

My go-to winter tea. Just the right mix of flavors.

Think Fireball or Red Hots Candy!!

2 Stars Think Fireball or Red Hots Candy!!

from IA on wrote:

Rooibos tea is the only tea I drink, and Good Hope Vanilla is my very favorite. I also love cinnamon rolls, and apple pie with cinnamon, so I thought this would be the perfect tea for me to try. This tea is NOT like the cinnamon in desserts... it is like the sizzling hot cinnamon of Fireballs, and Red Hots candy. I could not finish one cup. If you are a fan of these candies, then I'm sure you'll like this tea. Sadly, I am not, so trying this tea was disastrous. Fortunately, the excellent customer service of TROT is making it right so I am very happy. But... no more Dream By the Fire for me. I don't even know of any family or friends who would enjoy it if I gave it to them. What a shame... I really wanted to love this tea!!

Lovely all year long!

5 Stars Lovely all year long!

from IL on wrote:

I love this tea! I drink it all year long. I have so many family and friends hooked on it we all by it in bulk.

Great Tea!

5 Stars Great Tea!

from OH on wrote:

I have been ordering and enjoying the red Dream by the Fire tea for several years. Today (Labor Day) I am ordering 10 tins, taking advantage of Republic's free shipping offer. Since this is a seasonal item, I try to order enough in the fall to get through the next 12 months, and I have less than a half tin left right now. I love this tea! It has a wonderful taste and aroma. One reviewer complained it's too weak. One solution for that is to steep the tea as usual, then put the cup of tea in the microwave (with the tea bag) for about 45 seconds. That produces a very strong tea that I sometimes have with cream. Whichever way I prepare this tea, I enjoy it immensely!

My absolute favorite!

5 Stars My absolute favorite!

from CA on wrote:

I have had countless teas from Republic of Tea. This is my absolute favorite. I love it w. a touch of sweetness (honey or sugar) & a splash of milk. Perfect tea for the warmer seasons, but delicious any time.

A Very Satisfying Tea

5 Stars A Very Satisfying Tea

from OR on wrote:

This is a really flavorful and satisfying tea. I wish it was available year-round.

Loved it!

5 Stars Loved it!

from NH on wrote:

Was sent this as a sample. First tea I've had that I didn't need to add sugar to. I loved it. Just went to order more and saw that it is sold out for the season. Yes, please supply this all year. I'll have to find a way to keep the name of this so I can order when available again.

Loved this

5 Stars Loved this

from IA on wrote:

Love this. Nice and spicy, a good bite.



from CO on wrote:

I tasted this tea last year at Christmas time and I have been looking all over for it! One taste and I couldn't get enough. This is my all time, hands down favorite tea. Perfect flavor and mix of spices, as well as a lovely aroma.

Slightly disappointed

3 Stars Slightly disappointed

from GA on wrote:

I received a free sample of this tea with my purchase. I was excited because the flavor profile is something I really love and I happily brewed myself a cup according to the directions included. The aroma was incredible and I couldn't wait to taste it. It was rather weak, and frankly didn't have a tremendous amount of flavor. I added honey, which helped some, but it still was disappointing. It certainly isn't a BAD tasting tea, it just lacked much flavor, and by the aroma I really expected more.

Wow, that was good

5 Stars Wow, that was good

from NY on wrote:

I received this tea as a sample and upon smelling the bag didn't think I'd like it. Tried it anyway and absolutely enjoyed it. Great taste, fortifying. Thanks for the sample, TROT! I'll be purchasing this.

Favorite Decaf Tea

5 Stars Favorite Decaf Tea

from GA on wrote:

This is my all time favorite red tea/decaf tea because it is perfect with milk. This tea is strong enough to hold milk which makes it a family favorite. Great all year round and perfect in the afternoon and evening.

Wonderful Surprise

5 Stars Wonderful Surprise

from GA on wrote:

I bought a tin of this tea in a specialty grocery store while visiting STL. I liked the can. Later, when my sis and I shared a cuppa, I discovered that it's DELICIOUS and I spent the rest of the season trying to find it again. I keep asking at places like Whole Foods and World Market, but it keeps not being there. Please sir, I'd like some more.



from MO on wrote:

Please, PLEASE make this available year around. This one is my absolute all time Favorite ! Added a wee bit of cream & coconut sugar. YUMMY

My newly found favorite

5 Stars My newly found favorite

from PA on wrote:

Recently, I bought the stackable holiday tea collection. I have always enjoyed plum teas, however the velvety smoothness, followed by the soft vanilla taste of the "dream by the fire" tea has completely won me over. I will order more of this irresistible tea while I can.

Look forward to this every year

5 Stars Look forward to this every year

from on wrote:

I love this tea in the evening. I am always nervous it won't be back next winter... glad to see it back. I wish it was available all the time.

Not nearly as great as it sounded

3 Stars Not nearly as great as it sounded

from MA on wrote:

I had high hopes for this, but the tea falls flat. The cinnamon taste is too bright (think fireball, rather than cinnamon bun), and there wasn't enough vanilla to cancel out the woody taste of the rooibos. Not horrible, but not great, either.

Odd flavor

1 Star Odd flavor

from NV on wrote:

After having one cup of this tea I decided I didn't like the after taste. Or, maybe I just don't care for red rooibos tea. To my amazement, a number of people at work agreed with me because I couldn't give this tea away.

Not much spice flavor

2 Stars Not much spice flavor

from KS on wrote:

I love spice flavored teas and was looking forward to having a rooibos version of a spiced tea. However, I was quite disappointed by this one. I picked it up at my local whole foods store. I couldn't taste much cinnamon or vanilla notes other than the strong rooibos flavor. I only used 3-4 bags from the tin. My youngest brother really seemed to like it, though, so I gave him the remainder. If you want something with a good, strong spice flavor I would select a chai blend or the Cinnamon Orange red tea or the Cardamom Cinnamon loose tea. I thought the cinnamon orange red tea was delightful.

Year Around Please!

5 Stars Year Around Please!

from WA on wrote:

I have been a devoted Earl Greyer drinker for years and recently found this Dream by the Fire blend to be a perfect non-caffeine alternative for me. Hopefully, you will consider having it available year-round in the very near future...I love it!

Please make this year-round!

5 Stars Please make this year-round!

from on wrote:

I thought I'd ordered enough to at least get me through the winter, but I'm getting more and more addicted to this lovely tea, so now I'm going to have to ration just to make it through March. The rooibos/vanilla/cinnamon combo is balanced and perfect for an evening treat with a little milk and sugar.

Smooth, Warming

5 Stars Smooth, Warming

from VA on wrote:

This tea is absolutely delicious. The cinnamon and vanilla are not overpowering. Instead, they add a buttery component to the rooibos making it a perfect breakfast/morning tea (for the caffeine free drinkers like myself)! I hope this limited edition becomes a Republic staple.

One of my top favorites

5 Stars One of my top favorites

from WA on wrote:

This such a soothing, comforting tea. I hoard it and enjoy it all year. I have gifted tins of it to others and all have raved about it. One of the best teas ever.

I know how a bee feels...

5 Stars I know how a bee feels...

from NC on wrote:

it's like sipping from a most delicate flower.

So Good!

5 Stars So Good!

from WI on wrote:

I love this tea. It has a warm flavor and isn't too overpowering. I wish it was around all year.

NOT just for the holidays

5 Stars NOT just for the holidays

from UT on wrote:

This is one of my favorites; and I always purchase enough to get me through the entire year. Much too delicious to pass up! Too good to be a season tea. Please offer year 'round! Delicious vanilla flavor with just enough cinnamon. Not overpowering. Just delightful!

Warm and a little spicy

4 Stars Warm and a little spicy

from SD on wrote:

I love this tea on a cold snowy day. It has the subtle spice of cinnamon and sweetness of the vanilla mixed with the earthy flavor of rooibos. It's warmth in a cup.

Normally not a rooibos fan...

5 Stars Normally not a rooibos fan...

from CO on wrote:

... but this tea is great! Usually rooibos to me smells better than it tastes but this tea has it all; great aroma and flavor! Add a little a milk and sugar and it's fantastic winter drink to enjoy in front of a fire.

calming and awesome

5 Stars calming and awesome

from IL on wrote:

absolutely lovely hints of roobis and vanilla and just a touch of cinnamon that warms the entire palate.

Quite Yummy

5 Stars Quite Yummy

from VA on wrote:

I tried this when I got it as a sample in the mail. Delicious, I was very pleasantly surprised. Not too much cinnamon, just enough vanilla. Go light some candles, sit by the fire, and enjoy this tea.

Dream by the Fire Tea

5 Stars Dream by the Fire Tea

from NH on wrote:

I first tried Dream by the Fire tea sample with the catalog and fell in love with the warm cinnamon/vanilla taste. Since it's seasonal bought a large bag to last me a while! Another one of my favorites from Republic of Tea!


5 Stars Fantastic

from FL on wrote:

I bought a sampler pillow of this for my mother for Christmas, but I couldn't stop myself from snagging one to try for myself. As soon and I did, I ordered a whole tin for myself. It's amazing. So soothing and it's awesome on a chilly night!

Super good cold weather tea!

5 Stars Super good cold weather tea!

from CA on wrote:

Love this with a bit of heated milk and a tsp of vanilla syrup-better than dessert!

3 Stars

from on wrote:

I seem to be in the minority, but I didn't like this tea very much. I drank a few cups one winter and then pushed the container to the back of my pantry to be forgotten. I don't think that the cinnamon works well with rooibos, at least not in this tea. I'm a big fan of rooibos and love it with vanilla, but this tea left something to be desired. I think if there had been more vanilla flavor and just a slight hint of cinnamon, I would have liked it better.

Year round availability?

5 Stars Year round availability?

from AZ on wrote:

This is my favorite tea. Since it is caffeine free I can drink it at night and it satisfies my sweet cravings. Please consider making this year round instead of it being seasonal!

My Favorite Tea

5 Stars My Favorite Tea

from AL on wrote:

I just wrote a review and now I see it is all sold out. I ordered two bulk bags of 250 bags but I wish you had given an email warning of when you were discontinuing it because I would have ordered more!

My Favorite Tea

5 Stars My Favorite Tea

from AL on wrote:

This is my favorite tea and I wish it were available all year long. I like a number of the others but Dream by the Fire and Cinnamon Orange Red tea are my two very favorites.

mmm wintery goodness

5 Stars mmm wintery goodness

from IL on wrote:

this tea is amazing. hint of cinnamon and vanilla and delicious roobis. steep for a good 10 minutes and the flavor will fully come out and be wonderful.

Best o the Best !

5 Stars Best o the Best !

from MI on wrote:

I just happened upon this tea since it was a "free bag" included in my catalog. It has since become my favorite non-caff tea. It's title is perfect! When I take a sip, I just want to sit down, relax and enjoy it! Keep up the good work, Oh Emperor of Tea.

5 Stars

from OH on wrote:

this tea is the best i've ever had in my life, i didnt think that milk with tea would be so delicious!


5 Stars WOW! LOVE IT.

from PA on wrote:

Gentle, fresh red tea with a perfect balance of cinnamon/vanilla. LOVE this and highly recommend it!!!

My first rooibos tea

5 Stars My first rooibos tea

from CO on wrote:

I'm now hooked on this tea. It doesn't seem to need much sweetener like most teas I've tried. The flavors are subtly sweet and it smells wonderful. I especially love that it's caffeine free.

Strong Rooibos Undertones

3 Stars Strong Rooibos Undertones

from ID on wrote:

A good tea but the rooibos flavor overtakes the subtle vanilla and other spices. Honestly, not one of my go-to teas like Comfort and Joy or Double Dark Chocolate Mate.

good tea

4 Stars good tea

from on wrote:

good taste. better hot than cold.

Must be a seasonal flavor!

5 Stars Must be a seasonal flavor!

from AZ on wrote:

Love this tea & it saddens me its a limited edition. The perfect blend of vanilla & cinnamon. Must buy more!!


5 Stars Awesome

from NY on wrote:

This is a by-the-fire experience...comforting warm and toasty, I put cream in mine....amazing flavors..

Love this tea

5 Stars Love this tea

from OR on wrote:

I was given one tea bag as a gift at the hallmark open house. This tea is wonderful. I was hopeing hallmark was selling it but they are not so I will be ordering some. Reminds me of some teas my grandfather gave me when I was a child.

5 Stars

from AR on wrote:

Perfect blend of vanilla and spices. This should be a year round tea instead of a seasonal due to demand. I ordered a large supply so I can enjoy it long after the season is over. My favorite has always been Ginger Peach but now it is Dream By the Fire.

It's good

4 Stars It's good

from MN on wrote:

Honestly, very good tea... just doesn't compare to my favorite (Get Lost).

3 Stars

from IL on wrote:

I recently received the sample of this tea in the mail, and I am sorry, I can't count it among my favorites. The vanilla is too strong and rather spoils the spices. Think I will stick with the Comfort and Joy.

Cinnamon Vanilla Herb Tea

5 Stars Cinnamon Vanilla Herb Tea

from MO on wrote:

I loved this tea from the first sip! It has the perfect blend of cinnamon and vanilla. I am just disappointed that it is only a seasonal item. Wish they would sell it year round!!

Make It Available All Year

5 Stars Make It Available All Year

from TN on wrote:

I love this tea and wish that Republic of Tea would make it a regular (not seasonal) item! It's a great combination of cinnamon and vanilla, with the cinnamon flavor a tad stronger and more evident than the vanilla.

YES! I found it again.

5 Stars YES! I found it again.

from VA on wrote:

A local store sold this tea and I've loved it from first sip. Unfortunately, the store went out of business and although I got the catalogue, I couldn't find it. I didn't realize it was a seasonal item. Now that I have, I will be buying many refills and I have found a reason to enjoy the winter season.

First Rooibos Tea Ever Tasted

5 Stars First Rooibos Tea Ever Tasted

from AL on wrote:

Discovered Dream By The Fire about 2 years ago during Christmas. I am a tea drinker year round. While shopping at my local bookstore, I decided to try something different. I loved this from the first sip. I love the combination of the cinnamon and vanilla. Smelling this brewing brings back fond memories of my Mom baking pies and cookies. I went and bought a second tin to have at home. When I finished both tins, I was disappointed to find that this was seasonal only in the stores. Needless to say I found the website and have been ordering this tea 2 tins at a time.