Tasty but no miracle remedy!

3 Stars Tasty but no miracle remedy!

from LA on wrote:

I tried this tea in my first trimester. I've always been a tea drinker, and I really like ginger teas. Although this tasted pretty good, it did not take away my morning sickness or make me feel any better at all. The smell of it now reminds me of all the vomiting and I can't bear it. This is unfortunate, because I really wanted to like it, and was desperate for a cure! If anything, a straight rooibos or vanilla rooibos was more soothing for me. Its worth a try, but don't build up your expectations :)

Love it ~ Don't sweat the nettle.

5 Stars Love it ~ Don't sweat the nettle.

from NC on wrote:

I have been enjoying this tea daily in my second and third trimesters. Don't let the concerns over nettle fool you, since the Ministry uses only "aerial parts" there's nothing to worry about - it's the root that is not recommended during pregnancy. Since I'm avoiding mint, it was tricky to find a mama tea, but this one is delicious and good for me. I also love that the Ministry doesn't use string, paper, or staples on their tea bags. Great product, great company.

Safe & tasty

5 Stars Safe & tasty

from WI on wrote:

My midwives have said nettle is safe. Also I'm pretty sure this company has done the research before selling a product. With our 4th little one on the way I have never had any worries drinking this tea ever. It's tasty.



from on wrote:

This tea is very safe and I have been drinking it for years. My oldest daughter uses it faithfully to ease cramping during her cycle. She is miserable when she forgets to drink this beginning three days before, but feels great when she remembers.

Not Safe

1 Star Not Safe

from NJ on wrote:

This tea tastes fine--just like all Republic of Tea teas. However, it contains stinging nettle. Stinging nettle should be avoided during pregnancy. Everything else in this tea is absolutely perfect for a pregnant woman. Why put nettle in it!?

4 Stars

from MO on wrote:

Tasty yet subtle. I was able to drink this while dealing with some pretty serious morning sickness. Was calming to my stomach when my usual cup of joe was sounding quite revolting.

Great gift

5 Stars Great gift

from IL on wrote:

I haven't tried this tea, but I give this to my friends & co-workers once I find out they're expecting. All have said it's a great tea. One friend said it helped with cramping; and a co-worker said (after drinking it an hour earlier) that it eliminated her nausea, which prevented her from eating for two days. If that's not a good endorsement; I don't know what is! I will continue to gift this (with the agave nectar) as my "trademark" Congrats! present as long as Republic of Tea offers them.

My absolutely favorite tea!

5 Stars My absolutely favorite tea!

from UT on wrote:

Delicious! I don't need to add any sweetners to this naturally sweet and mild tea.


5 Stars Favorite!!

from CA on wrote:

My mom gave me this tea in my first pregnancy and I absolutely fell in love with it. It is soothing, calming, and perfect in every way for me. I adore the light mellow herbal flavors and still love to drink this with honey even though my baby is 18 months now! This is a wonderful tea and I have recommended and gifted it and will continue to enjoy it through future pregnancies and beyond!