Tastes like...

5 Stars Tastes like...

from TN on wrote:

The tea tastes like a warm spring day, like sunshine on my face and in my heart. The name suits this tea really well. It is great for these cold and rainy nights of winter. I will keep this one in my home from now on.


5 Stars Favorite

from IN on wrote:

Simply my favorite! Love the taste and love the way it makes me feel!

Great Tea !

5 Stars Great Tea !

from TX on wrote:

I Love this Tea, just to smell it makes me Happy - Thank You !

Happy Tea

5 Stars Happy Tea

from TX on wrote:

Love this tea. Tastes yummy and makes you feel Happy ‼️

The Happy Tea

5 Stars The Happy Tea

from MO on wrote:

I ordered this tea for myself. I steep a tea bag everyday. I feel happy drinking my happy tea!

Dealing with 5 young grandchildren

5 Stars Dealing with 5 young grandchildren

from SC on wrote:

I had concerns about not being a fun grandmother. I enjoy this tea anytime, but Ian sure to have when My grandchildren are staying with me. This tea takes the edge off being around 5 active kids and I enjoy my time with them a lot and I can plan artsy activities for us all to do on the spur of the moment.

Get Happy Review

3 Stars Get Happy Review

from PA on wrote:

I liked the taste and effects of this tea somewhat. Not as much as some others that I have tried.

Bye bye bad mood

5 Stars Bye bye bad mood

from OH on wrote:

I’m going through menopause and this is great for the randomanxiety and accompanying mood swings...... and tastes great


5 Stars Happy

from AK on wrote:

I’m happy with my Get Happy tea. LOL It’s my main go-to flavor though I use many different flavors from Republic Of Tea. P.S, I am VERY happy with ROT customer service. So easy and very quick shipping. So impressive!

So happy!

5 Stars So happy!

from NJ on wrote:

I love this tea. I use this for iced tea. I t tastes great and really does make me happy.

Get happy! Tasty

5 Stars Get happy! Tasty

from CA on wrote:

I recommend it highly! Love the peachy fruity taste.

My new morning ritual

5 Stars My new morning ritual

from NC on wrote:

Uplifting flavor. I make a double portion every day in my big travel cup to take work and sip on it all morning. Helps the work day go more quickly.


5 Stars Tea

from OK on wrote:

Liked it. Not sure that I’m happier-yet.

The best tasting St John's Wort tea out there

5 Stars The best tasting St John's Wort tea out there

from DC on wrote:

I love this tea not only b/ of its medicinal qualities but just for its pure flavor. My friend and I both agree that its influence over time is noticeable. And it's so refreshing. I haven't gotten tired of its flavor and I've been going quite fast through the 250 bag size

Don't question just try.

5 Stars Don't question just try.

from KS on wrote:

It's fruity but not "fruity". It tastes exactly like it smells. And yes, you will feel a bit calmer/relaxed. My boss now buys in bulk. She sad something about it reminds her of her childhood in Germany.


5 Stars Impressive

from OK on wrote:

This tea does exactly what it says it will! When you are feeling gloomy, take a sip. Tastes great also!

A new favorite

5 Stars A new favorite

from KS on wrote:

Love the smell. Love the taste. I look forward to a mug before lunch! Highlights my morning routine. Great over ice too.

Get Happy works!

5 Stars Get Happy works!

from NY on wrote:

I bought Republic of Tea's Get Gorgeous tea (which also works wonders for the skin, by the way) just a couple of weeks ago and had been eyeing Get Happy for a while. I literally just bought this tea this morning and steeped two tea bags after lunch. It not only satisfied my after-lunch sweet tooth (sans any honey), but also REALLY lifted my spirits. I work in customer service (in NYC-one of the most stressful cities in the world), and oftentimes I absorb customer's bad moods. I felt upbeat, sunshiney, and like my soul was glowing with happiness. Sounds so silly but honestly, BUY IT.

All about that happy tea

5 Stars All about that happy tea

from CA on wrote:

Found this at Whole Foods once (they stopped selling it there :( :( ) and I just love it. My job can get pretty stressful, we went thru a downsizing and my workload almost tripled at one point and this tea is really what got me thru the day not being completely frazzled. Slowly got alot of the office to drink it too when I saw agitation. I keep a few tea bags in my purse for when I need the mellow :) I really like the mild peach taste and my favorite is that it doesn't go bitter if I leave the tea bags in too long!! Also got my sister hooked on it, I end up now buying bulk bags to stock all of us up, ha!

Sunny taste

5 Stars Sunny taste

from AL on wrote:

One of my favorite teas. It has a sunny taste. Flavorful and comforting.

Love it.

5 Stars Love it.

from OH on wrote:

Wish it came caffeinated too.

Mood booster

5 Stars Mood booster

from MN on wrote:

I am a full time student and working 30 hours a week. I am under a lot of pressure and that has changed my mood. I read the reviews and thought I give this a try. This tea is definitely refreshing. I feel it does help my moods, keeping things positive and not trying to absorb other students frustrations. This tea is part of my daily routine. I need this to get through the day. It is refreshing. I drink it with or without honey, cold or hot.

Super Happy Tea

5 Stars Super Happy Tea

from WI on wrote:

A friend gave me a gift of your get happy. It took me a long time to finally open it and try it one day at work when things were getting me down. I didn't expect it to actually do anything to lift my spirits....I was wrong! The taste reminds me of a really light and refreshing fresh fruit salad. I had one cup each day for about a week. Suddenly I realized I was feeling better mentally. Nothing really had changed, but my attitude was more relaxed. I focused on not taking myself, or anyone else too seriously...and looked for ways to laugh more. It's true....get happy works!

Sunshine in a cup

5 Stars Sunshine in a cup

from CA on wrote:

This tea is one of the best herbal ones they've ever made. Tastes like happiness in a cup. I keep rebuying this one.

Very Effective

5 Stars Very Effective

from IL on wrote:

Effective and taste is a little better/different than the Yogi version

Love my happy tea

5 Stars Love my happy tea

from CA on wrote:

Absolutely love this tea!! I drink it at work and ended up buying a bulk pack to stock our tea collection. I'm always pushing a cup of happy tea on someone at work, ha! When I'm having a very stressful day, it helps mellow me out.

Love,love,love,love,love,love this tea!

5 Stars Love,love,love,love,love,love this tea!

from CO on wrote:

This tea makes me HAPPY everyday!

Get Happy enhances sleep

5 Stars Get Happy enhances sleep

from TX on wrote:

Get Happy helps me sleep so much better than before I started drinking this tea - I think they call it GET HAPPY because of the enhanced sleep it helps provide! My overall attitude is better with more sunny days through the winter clouds.

Oh Yeah!!

5 Stars Oh Yeah!!

from CO on wrote:

I have been drinking this tea for a couple of years now. I decided that I just needed to order it in bulk. It is my morning wake-up necessity. The flavor is smooth, yet invigorating. Fruity, but not overwhelmingly so. It is definitely uplifting. I have made iced tea and sun tea as well. It is perfectly drinkable morning, noon and night. Get some and GET HAPPY!!

ahh happy

5 Stars ahh happy

from MI on wrote:

I love this tea and rely on it when I'm feeling a bit down. It really does make you feel better. Sometimes I even drink it when I go out because I will have a better attitude and more fun. And it taste good too. : ))))

Yummy and helps a lot

5 Stars Yummy and helps a lot

from on wrote:

You can definitely taste a hint of peach in this tea. I wouldn't have known if it was red tea, had I not read the label (after I bought it I realized it!). I don't usually like red tea, but this is downright good! I live in a rainy, humid and cool climate so often times I'm under the weather. I'm not depressed, just get a little blah some days and this is a great, natural pick me up. I really suggest this if you are a depressed person or just feeling blue!! After drinking this for two months (a couple cups a week) it has helped me so much. Thank you. :)

like a sunbeam in a cup

5 Stars like a sunbeam in a cup

from TN on wrote:

I am really enjoying this tea- bought some for myself and to give as gifts. Luscious and uplifting. I do think that it is worth noting, again ( as another reviewer has) that St. JOhn's Wort can interact w/ oral contraceptives in such a way as to render them useless.. pretty important information for those who are relying on them for family planning.

Love it!

5 Stars Love it!

from PA on wrote:

Love the smell when I open the container. I started w/ the travel size to try it & I plan on ordering the 50 bag size. The taste is refreshing. I make a cup @ work during lunch to give me a pick me up for the rest of the day.

Get Happy!

5 Stars Get Happy!

from NJ on wrote:

It all starts when you reach for the canister of tea. The bright color begins to set your expectations which heighten when you open the lid and the aroma of the tea drifts out. As you pour the hot water, the aroma and expectations intensify leading you to that first sip! The hint of lemon and burst of sunshine hit you and you can't help but smiling. I just bought 250 to help with the moods caused by the shorter daylight hours.

Gotta Get Me More Happy

Gotta Get Me More Happy

from NH on wrote:

After taking in this lovely tea, usually calmer, zenned-out. Ordering more since I just checked the cupboard and the stock is low!

Tastes Great and Works!

5 Stars Tastes Great and Works!

from IL on wrote:

Not only do I enjoy the flavor, I count on it to improve my attitude. What more could you want?

Irrationally happy

4 Stars Irrationally happy

from on wrote:

I always feel irrationally happy after I drink this tea-- the first time I had it I seriously questioned whether they put some kind of drugs in it. (But I have come to believe they just label their tins very well) I prefer to drink it with agave or some kind of sweeter, but it's plenty delicious by itself.

3 Stars

from KY on wrote:

The taste remind me of fruit Loops cereal which I don't really care for. I don't hate it and will drink it anyway so it doesn't go to waste but not my favorite.

Great tea!

5 Stars Great tea!

from FL on wrote:

Excellent tea! It tastes great, smells great, and definitely gives my mood the boost I need! I get down a lot and am even on anti-depressents and this tea really helps me. :)

Be aware of drug interactions with this tea!

3 Stars Be aware of drug interactions with this tea!

from on wrote:

This tea smells HEAVENLY and I'd love to enjoy it, but it contains St. John's Wort, which unfortunately could render my birth control ineffective. Just wish these types of warnings could've been on the item description so I would've known before ordering it. I guess my better half will have to enjoy it for both of us. :(

It's good

4 Stars It's good

from NJ on wrote:

It's good. I'm not big on herbal tea and I'm not sure if it really works, but I drink it anyway.

Best Tea Ever

5 Stars Best Tea Ever

from ND on wrote:

Let me start by saying I hate tea, I've always been a coffee drinker. In an effort to ditch caffein but stil receive my "warm cuppa-something" throughout the day, a friend recommended rooibos. I LOVE THIS TEA, and specifically this blend. I find it to be more full bodied than others I've tried and sweet enough on its own that I don't have to add sugar. It has definitely helped me through some troubled, stressful times as well - so far without fail. Absolutely addictive!

5 Stars

from TX on wrote:

Sipping on this right now and can't help but smile. One of my favorite teas from The Republic of Tea yet.

It works

4 Stars It works

from CA on wrote:

Has a great, citrusy taste.

A New Favorite

5 Stars A New Favorite

from MA on wrote:

I got this because I love teas with lemon balm and lemon myrtle and this did not disappoint. It has a bright and cheery flavor that is grounded with the rooibos. I love it hot and cold.