Great stress reliever

5 Stars Great stress reliever

from MD on wrote:

I have a lot going on in my day to day routine and this is my favorite way to wind down after a difficult or stressful day. This aromatic tea surrounds me with a relaxing lavender scent. Oftentimes I drink this tea if I need to relax before bedtime to promote a deep healthy sleep.


5 Stars Amazing

from NY on wrote:

Quite tasty and makes me feel calm! Mom loves it. She is gonna left me with 0 bag without realizing 5/5 :U

Get relaxed

4 Stars Get relaxed

from NC on wrote:

I liked it calming effect. If you can just let your worries go away this can help you to just chill out. Love to drink something at night to help me relax. Thanks only complaint I have is that it has a very strong flowery taste to it. Otherwise the taste is good.


5 Stars Great

from OK on wrote:

I really enjoy drinking this tea in the afternoon just to chill. I really like the taste.

Favorite herbal tea!

5 Stars Favorite herbal tea!

from CO on wrote:

This is my absolute favorite herbal tea! I always have some on hand. When life gets difficult I can relax and refocus with the smell of rose petals and lavender thanks to this tea. Flavor is light and perfect for any time of day.

Mmmmm. Aromatherapy in a glass

5 Stars Mmmmm. Aromatherapy in a glass

from MD on wrote:

This is my favorite Republic tea. Soothing, floral, and definitely mellow-inducing. What a perfect blend of lavender and rose.



from FL on wrote:

I have 2 chronic diseases which makes sleep very difficult for me most nights. Normally if I'm really having difficulty I will make a cuppa Chamomile Tea...not anymore! The aroma wafting up my nostrils as I bring this cuppa bliss up,to my mouth almost immediately relaxes me. The flavor I sent divine and it is my new favorite tea to relax at night! Even if you don't have difficulty sleeping and just need to unwind I highly recommend a cuppa this delightful tea!

Get Relaxed Tea

5 Stars Get Relaxed Tea

from TX on wrote:

I absolutely love this tea, the flavor and aroma are awesome. I try to always breathe deeply through my nose before each sip so I can get the true flavor. Just the smell puts me at ease.

Get Relaxed Indeed!

5 Stars Get Relaxed Indeed!

from VT on wrote:

Taste is great and the relaxation level is even better. Highly recommend this tea if you are looking for a tea to unwind with at the end of the day or on a lazy day.

Great nighttime tea

5 Stars Great nighttime tea

from TX on wrote:

I bought this tea because I was looking for a nighttime or "sleepy" tea that was more floral and not minty (I hate mint). This tea is perfect! A lovely lavender and rose flavor, but not at all overpowering or potpourri-like. A cup of this lovely tea is my signal that it's time to relax. This is the best nighttime tea I have ever purchased, and I have re-purchased it many times.

Lovely Lavender

5 Stars Lovely Lavender

from WI on wrote:

Love the flavor, not too sweet, just right. I sometimes substitute the Lavender for the Get some ZZZ's tea. It is also soothing and puts me in a relaxed state before bedtime!

Smells beautiful.

5 Stars Smells beautiful.

from FL on wrote:

It works, it smells good and tastes good. I'm going to make sure I always have some in the cupboard.

Relaxing Roses

5 Stars Relaxing Roses

from CA on wrote:

This tea is really relaxing. I can only drink it at night or on a rainy day at home. Its got a strong rose smell to it but the taste is much more subtle. Great hot with some cream.

Yum - relaxing roses

5 Stars Yum - relaxing roses

from CA on wrote:

This is truly one of the most relaxing teas I've ever had. At first the rose scent seemed strong and kind of fake, but it does not translate into the taste of the tea, it tastes wonderful!

It works

5 Stars It works

from TX on wrote:

With a high stress job and stress outside of work as well,I needed relief. I've made stress therapy a part of my life because of the attacks it causes me,but I needed something more. On a high stress day I will have a cup of this tea with breakfast,lunch,dinner and before bed. It calms me. I would recommend this tea as part of stress therapy.

This tea rocks!

5 Stars This tea rocks!

from FL on wrote:

I bought this tea to "try" to "chill out" after a grueling day at work (e.g., I am a nurse who works in a super busy outpatient endoscopy center); however, my son, who is bipolar and on several medications to manage his symptoms, wanted something in the evening to relax him so he can lay down comfortably in his bed without the urge to get up. He drinks this tea one hour prior to going to bed (e.g., after taking his evening medications as well a couple of hours earlier) and actually gets sleepy, which can be quite a feat for someone who possesses hypomanic characteristics. In addition, to my son's predicament, I also enjoy the relaxing properties that lavender possesses without sedating me while I'm at work. If this tea can help my son, believe me, it can help you to relax, too.

wonderful tasting tea

5 Stars wonderful tasting tea

from MI on wrote:

got mine at Frankenmuth mi, I just love for clearing my head and body of stress. a great find. I will definitely be getting some more.

My Favorite Herbal Tea

5 Stars My Favorite Herbal Tea

from ID on wrote:

This is available at the spa I work at and I give it to my customers as a token gift and nice follow up at home after their massage. It is like drinking perfume with the smell of lavender and rose. My only complaint is that this is not available on retail shelves at my local grocers that stock TheRoT products.

Soooooo yummy

5 Stars Soooooo yummy

from WA on wrote:

This is must have for me, perfect cup of tea for the end of the day to get relaxed. Love love love this tea!!

A Bouquet To Savor

5 Stars A Bouquet To Savor

from NY on wrote:

I love this tea, it certainly lives up to it's name. Great to enjoy in the evening.

Good for anxiety.

5 Stars Good for anxiety.

from NC on wrote:

Works really well for my anxiety. Tastes great too.

Can't give it away.

1 Star Can't give it away.

from MN on wrote:

I really wanted to like this tea. I work in the ER/Urgent care in a medical hospital and I feel stress at times. The roobo's is very strong and it taste just like a cup of rose's or lavender. Pot puree as someone stated earlier. I tried to share it with other tea lovers and they give it back. It taste's like flowers. Great if you want to freshen the room.

Not for me

1 Star Not for me

from OR on wrote:

I was really excited about this tea since I love anything lavender flavored, but the red rooibos flavor is so prominent, it really overpowers the other flavors in the tea. I really wanted to like this tea more, but it just hasn't grown on me. I will definitely stick to green rooibos instead of red rooibos teas from now on. ROT has some excellent teas, but this one isn't one I'd recommend.

works very well but my stomach doesn't like it

3 Stars works very well but my stomach doesn't like it

from VA on wrote:

I tried this tea twice now. the taste is alright and it most definitely calms my nerves and relaxes me but, my stomach feels like it's on fire both times.

Very Disappointed

1 Star Very Disappointed

from OH on wrote:

I really wanted to like this tea. I love lavender and rose teas. However, the rooibos overpowers any other flavor. I bought this tea last summer and have only had two cups of it. I would not recommend this tea.


5 Stars Delicious

from HI on wrote:

This arrived today and I love it. Can smell the lavender but it's not overpowering in the flavor. Hints of rose in there too. Can't wait for another cup!

Tastes like lavender

1 Star Tastes like lavender

from PA on wrote:

This had a flowery taste, all I could taste was lavender. Next I tried the Chamomile and it was just all right. Thank goodness they came out with Get Some ZZZ's. It is now my nighttime tea and replaced my old favorite of Lipton's Quietly Chamomile that was discontinued. Love all the others that I've tried.

Get Relaxed

5 Stars Get Relaxed

from FL on wrote:

I love the flavor of this tea. I was not expecting very much in results. I was extremely stressed out, living in Alabama, with high blood pressure. After trying this tea for a few weeks my blood pressure started going down. As it went lower and lower my doctor would take me off a medication or reduce the dosage. My blood pressure gradually became normal!!

Great Night's Sleep

5 Stars Great Night's Sleep

from IL on wrote:

After a particularly stressful day, I drank a cup of this after taking a long, hot bath. Knocked me right out and I slept like a baby! You can definitely taste the rooibos (which I love) but some may not so be aware of that when you purchase this blend.

Replaces my Xanax

5 Stars Replaces my Xanax

from GA on wrote:

On tense days when I need to take the edge off but don't want the full effect of Xanax, this does the trick!!

What a find!

5 Stars What a find!

from DC on wrote:

I was given this tea as a "get well" gift, and it did it's job! All anxiety about my diagnosis was surprisingly better immediately. This tea delivers!

Extremely Effective

5 Stars Extremely Effective

from WI on wrote:

This tea has a very pleasant taste is is extremely effective. I am prone to insomnia, and when I need to unwind I first have a cup of this followed by Get Some ZZZs tea. It's like magic for helping me get a good night's sleep.

Floral & Lovely

5 Stars Floral & Lovely

from MA on wrote:

This is a very floral tea, with strong notes of rose & lavender that carry through to the palate. I found it to be a lovely flavor. 2 strong cups of this tea indeed provided a very relaxing effect, the combo of herbs is perfect for providing a calming effect. My new fav!

Tastes great

4 Stars Tastes great

from CA on wrote:

I love the taste of this tea. I find that the taste itself is what's relaxing about it. It's very flavorful. I intend to buy it again when I run out.

Works really well for relaxing. Also tastes great.

5 Stars Works really well for relaxing. Also tastes great.

from WI on wrote:

This tea is very effective for relaxation, and the taste is very nice.

Soothing and Relaxing

5 Stars Soothing and Relaxing

from NY on wrote:

I picked up this tea at whole foods. This tea is beautiful - the aroma is very soft and the taste is very pleasant. It relaxed me and took the stress away after a few sips. Very calming, and a blend of lavender, chamomile and rose is just perfect.


1 Star Disappointed!

from VT on wrote:

After reading the description and all of the positive reviews I was very excited to try this tea. I work a stressful overnight job and drink about 5 cups of tea a day; I am looking for something to drink towards the end of my shift that is decaffeinated and will help me unwind. The aroma of this tea is wonderful, and reminiscent of a stress relieving bubble bath that I use. However, to me this tastes like what I imagine drinking potpourri would taste like. I love some of the floral notes in other Republic of Tea blends but this was just too overwhelming for me.

My favorite ROT tea!

5 Stars My favorite ROT tea!

from MA on wrote:

This is my go-to tea. It's the tea that I make in the evening after dinner (nice with fresh ginger slices and honey added), and it's great for relaxing and de-stressing before bed too.

Best Relaxation Tea ever!

5 Stars Best Relaxation Tea ever!

from FL on wrote:

I am new to drinking teas and I decided to go with the best brand I knew of. I am SO glad I did! Of all the ones I have tried (7 of which are from Republic of Tea) this one is my absolute favorite. The aroma truly is wonderful. I love to just open the can and waft it around me! It is very relaxing to smell as your drop the tea bags into the water. And drinking it is a real joy. I literally feel stress melting away as I sip at this cup. I plan to keep this in my pantry from now on!

amazing tea, but Don't Buy it in Bulk!

1 Star amazing tea, but Don't Buy it in Bulk!

from AK on wrote:

I adore this tea. The fragrance, the taste, the feel, the way it makes you feel. This is the perfect cup of tea for any time of day, in any mood and state of mind. But Don't Buy it in Bulk! Sadly I just learned that the hard way. I have to assume it is something in the packaging of the bulk tea bags that reduces the quality of the lavender and rose while bringing out the red tea more. There is virtually no lavender or rose aroma, there is virtually no lavender or rose flavor, it's just plain old red tea. it smells like plain old red tea, it tastes like plain old red tea. And now i've got 250 bags of the stuff to gag down instead of the delectable taste and aroma I'm used to having three and four times a day with the canister stored bags. Learn from my mistake!


5 Stars Scrumptious!

from MA on wrote:

Almost too delicious to describe! I bought a travel pack just to try it out and I will be getting more ASAP! Not only is it yummy, it helps that sweet craving before bed and helps me to chill out and get some rest. Oh, and the tea bags are strong enough to get 2 cups from 1 bag! <3

Fragrant and delicious

5 Stars Fragrant and delicious

from UT on wrote:

One of my favorite teas: Not too sweet, but subtle and delicious. The fragrance is lovely and calming and relaxing. Sip by sip this is one of my all-time favorites!

What a wonderful surprise

5 Stars What a wonderful surprise

from MA on wrote:

We were just on vacation and went out for breakfast, and the place had so many teas that the waitress said she would pick one for me (did I still look stressed out?). I was blown away on the first sip. I've never tried your herbals and was turned off by other brands. On my second cup I insisted she tell me what it was, and here I am ordering in bulk. And yes I felt wonderfully "together" after drinking it.

Stop the mind racing

5 Stars Stop the mind racing

from CA on wrote:

When my mind won't relax and I'm all up tight I sip my tea and all the muscles relax. It is great.

Steady As She Goes

5 Stars Steady As She Goes

from VA on wrote:

This is my best sleepytime tea. It relaxes me before I actually fall off to sleep. I wake refreshed the next morning. But, it only has a calming effect for my hubby. He ends his evening drinking the Get Some ZZZs to go to sleep. Both teas are effective, wonderful, and a blessing to have to unwind.

Best for relaxing AND sleep

5 Stars Best for relaxing AND sleep

from IL on wrote:

Love the taste... and this tea not only is good for "decompressing" but also works better for me than the Get Some ZZZ's for helping me sleep. I order it over and over again.

Best. Tea. Ever.

5 Stars Best. Tea. Ever.

from MA on wrote:

I absolutely LOVE this tea. It is by far the best "Relax" tea I have ever tried (and I've tried a lot). It works. And, as a huge bonus, it tastes (and smells) WONDERFUL!

Great Tea for relaxing!

5 Stars Great Tea for relaxing!

from ME on wrote:

I love drinking this tea in the afternoon after a hectic morning. It tastes delicious and actually does help a person relax!

Every Night Ritual

5 Stars Every Night Ritual

from ME on wrote:

I look forward to having this tea every night. I absolutely love the smell of it, and the taste is wonderful too. Just a perfect, RELAXING cup of tea!

pretty good

4 Stars pretty good

from NY on wrote:

i tried this tea since i couldnt find the get a grip in any of the stores. i was a little apprehensive because the description of flavors seemed very flowery, but to my surprise the taste was not overwhelming. i enjoyed it and i think it did help me unwind at the end of my stressful day.

replaced my wine!

4 Stars replaced my wine!

from OH on wrote:

The name says it all. This delicious tea has replaced my evening glass of wine to relax and wind down after a hectic day!

best tea for stress

5 Stars best tea for stress

from AZ on wrote:

If you are under stress or grumpy you should drink of cup of this tea a day!! I cannot live without this tea!

Calm down!

5 Stars Calm down!

from TX on wrote:

I drink this tea while at work or at home to keep my stress level from going over the top!

great tea

5 Stars great tea

from on wrote:

great tea. actually tastes like lavender - i should know, i grow them for tea. would order again if my lavenders die here in zone 8.

One of my favorites

5 Stars One of my favorites

from IA on wrote:

I really like the lavender and rose in this tea... it is very soothing (and tasty!)

Love IT!!

5 Stars Love IT!!

from CA on wrote:

Absolutely wonderful. I drink this before I go to bed and I get the best nights sleep ever! I definately recommend this tea. Very smooth and easy to drink without any sugar.

Would be better without the rooibos

3 Stars Would be better without the rooibos

from NY on wrote:

I find that rooibos has too assertive a taste for me. I like the florals in this tea and mostly enjoyed it, but would enjoy it more without the rooibos. I don't understand why so many tea companies are putting rooibos into so many herbal blends.

Soothing, delicious

5 Stars Soothing, delicious

from PA on wrote:

I absolutely adore lavender so when I saw this tea in a local store, I was so excited. This is a good, calming tea that soothes the soul. :)

Sublimely unique

5 Stars Sublimely unique

from OR on wrote:

This herbal tea blend is heavenly. What's more, its marvelous aroma will subtly fill the room. Simply elegant - and it works!