Rosemary Flavor

2 Stars Rosemary Flavor

from CA on wrote:

A little heavy on the rosemary flavor. It takes some getting used to.

Don't care for the taste

3 Stars Don't care for the taste

from FL on wrote:

I love some of the other wellness teas, but I can taste the rosemary in this, so I just don't enjoy it as much as some of the others.


5 Stars Awesome!!

from CO on wrote:

I am nothing but very happy with this tea!!! It does what it says it does. And the flavor! Hooked!!!

Good stuff

5 Stars Good stuff

from CO on wrote:

I really love the flavor and the effects I get from this wonderful tea! I like it a lot!

Very good!

5 Stars Very good!

from IN on wrote:

I bought this to keep in my desk drawer at work, and hoped it would replace my morning cup of coffee. It has worked so far today, and I'm on my second cup - not because I need it, but because it just tastes that good! I didn't put any sugar or honey in it, just the teabag and water.

Perfect cup for a distracted day.

5 Stars Perfect cup for a distracted day.

from AK on wrote:

I have a really bad habit of making a cup of tea and then going back to my writing before I pull out the tea bag. This can make quite a distasteful cup. Not so with Get Smart or the other I like to pair ir with Get Burning. I can pop one of each in my bug and type until the cup is dead cold with no ill effect. Hot or cold, hours long steep or just 5 mins and it is still delicious. As for the memory/focus aspects, I do feel as if my thoughts are a bit more in focus afterwards but it isn't a replacement for a strong cup of coffee or any of the High Caf teas. Enjoy for the great taste and you won't be disappointed.

UPDATE TO: I Think It's Working!

5 Stars UPDATE TO: I Think It's Working!

from MS on wrote:

Yep! IT Works!! After almost a year later. I can say for a fact it works! I have replaced my morning coffee with two bags of this and 1 bag of the relaxed tea together. It's the first thing I do when I get to work in the morning. I have given away samples to friends and some of them have bought it also. After buying a tin. I knew I was hooked so I went for the bulk bag!!

5 Stars

from on wrote:

One of my new favorites, I especially like it iced!

I Think It's Working

4 Stars I Think It's Working

from MS on wrote:

Before I drank this my mind was all over the place thnking of all the things I had to do. So I decided to make a cup to see what would happen. After a few min i realized, how relaxed and focus I became. I used two tea bags. Usually one does not have enogh flavor for me. I had to 'doctor' up the taste a bit though.

Gave My Skin a Nice Glow

5 Stars Gave My Skin a Nice Glow

from LA on wrote:

I recently went back to work and started drinking lots of coffee, which caused my face to break out. I purchased three The Republic of Tea's and decided to try them instead of a cup or two of coffee and I'm glad I did. I must admit, I wasn't too crazy about the taste of this one (Get Gorgeous has a better taste) but the benefits of clear glowing skin was worth me finishing the can... I was also pleasantly surprised that it gave me the same effect of drinking a cup or two of coffee (waken me) so maybe all it takes is a nice warm/hot drink and not caffine :) I also have Get Gorgeous... not sure if Get Gorgeous will give me the same glow but we'll soon see (drinking Get Gorgeous now) ?

It works

4 Stars It works

from TX on wrote:

I like mixing this tea with a black tea. (One tea bag of each.) It gets you some booster in mental clarity/etc like with caffeine but without all the jittery energy. Probably good for someone who can't have caffeine too.

5 Stars

from on wrote:

Tastes good and my 9-year old brother can focus better in his studies after drinking this. I am amazed by how well it works considering it's decaff tea! He likes it with a bit of honey.

Just the warm scent hones in my focus

5 Stars Just the warm scent hones in my focus

from MN on wrote:

when i'm feeling overwhelmed, flighty, forgetful and can't hang on to just one thought... I drink my Get Smart tea. Fuzzy no more! yummm