5 Stars Awesome

from FL on wrote:

Works super and resting well


5 Stars Amazing!

from DE on wrote:

Love, love, love this tea!!! I have a large cup every night before bed and can't remember ever sleeping this well.


5 Stars Helpful

from IL on wrote:

This tea really helps me sleep at night. I drink it every night before I go to bed. Has a smooth, calming taste. I wouldn't be without it.



from CA on wrote:

FABULOUS !!!! Puts me to sleep overnight, instead of laying 3 hours waiting for sleep

Get some Zzzs

5 Stars Get some Zzzs

from IA on wrote:

Painsomnia, this really helped me

I’m in love 😍

5 Stars I’m in love 😍

from CA on wrote:

I love AFRICAN vanilla red tea. It’s perfect for drinking after lunch and dinner since it smells and tastes like homemade pound cake. I even mix it with chamomile to help me sleep. It feels like I’m cheating and eating cake, but it’s it’s guilt free delightfully delicious vanilla tea not cake. YAYYY IT’S THE BOMB DIGITY.🤘🏽🤘🏽🤘🏽


5 Stars Amazing

from ID on wrote:

Amazing amazing amazing!! That is all.. :)

Restful brew

5 Stars Restful brew

from AR on wrote:

Relaxing brew, great flavor.

It works

5 Stars It works

from MI on wrote:

I have a noisy neighbor who gets in at 2 am or so. I have a terrible time with sleeping. I gave this a try and now sleep soundly. And can go back to sleep easily. The biggest benefit is the flavor...great.

What dreams are made of

5 Stars What dreams are made of

from WA on wrote:

I have been having restless sleep issues for about a year or so and I hate taking sleeping pills, I just can't function the next day! So I thought I would try this tea! What did i have to loose? Well, It taste deliciouse and it actually help me to fall asleep faster and really get a restful sleep! I am so very grateful!

One of the best

5 Stars One of the best

from CA on wrote:

It really works!!! I’m so glad for purchasing zzz. It helps to get relax and sleep well. I recommend it highly.?

Very relaxing.

5 Stars Very relaxing.

from KS on wrote:

I have a cup every evening. It mellows and relaxes me. It soothes me and eases me into a restful sleep.

Peaceful Sleep

5 Stars Peaceful Sleep

from OK on wrote:

Love this product. I had my doubts, but having disturbed sleep patterns I ordered it. I have taken it twice, depending on how I sleep for the week. I drank a cup about an hour before bedtime. It did not knock me out like other products which I appreciate. I slept an entire 8 hours and woke without a headache or feeling groggy. I highly recommend this tea.


5 Stars ZZZZZZZ tea

from OH on wrote:

This was a wonderful experience in tea drinking. This tea relaxed me & allowed me to easily fall asleep. It had a refreshing taste & a calming effect upon me. I have trouble with insomnia so decided to give this a try. Although I was not able to stay asleep all night, I did fall asleep in about 15 mins.

Zzzz's for Sleep

5 Stars Zzzz's for Sleep

from PA on wrote:

I purchased this tea immediately, once I saw it. My husband, for years and years, does not sleep more than 2-3 hours a night. Restless, stress from work, etc. I have tried everything to give him: Melatonin, warm milk, honey, tart cherry juice, essential oils, etc. He tried a night time over the counter sleep aid, but doesn't like chemicals. I got the 6 tea bag sampler tin. OMG, it worked. Every single night, it worked. Purchased the large tin and he sleeps deeply and nothing bothers him. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for coming out with this tea!!!

Love this tea

5 Stars Love this tea

from WI on wrote:

I love this tea hot in the evening. smelling it in the container, you can smell the valerian root, but that smell is not noticeable when I am steeping or drinking! It's a relaxing, kinda minty taste that my whole family enjoys. It doesn't knock you out with a single cup, I just like it and for whatever reason I slow down and enjoy the ritual of drinking tea with this. oh, my kids drink this with a little dollap of honey and a splash of milk. I do not add anything. Like I said, we all enjoy it a lot!!

Just reordered

5 Stars Just reordered

from CO on wrote:

I love this unique tasting tea, it is the perfect way to wind down before bed. The taste is not too strong and it is pleasant. Either through placebo effect or though the power of the tea, I do not have any distruptive dreams after drinking it.

7:26pm mountain time

5 Stars 7:26pm mountain time

from TX on wrote:

Excellent very calming

Great taste

5 Stars Great taste

from NY on wrote:

I love the get some zzz's tea!! Very tasty! I get a great nights sleep after having a cup or two. Very relaxing!

It works!

5 Stars It works!

from MI on wrote:

I have been needing half a xanax to go to sleep recently. This tea has reduced my need for the xanax. It brings on a lovely sleepy state and I am well rested in the morning.

Get Some ZZZ's tea is AWESOME!!!

5 Stars Get Some ZZZ's tea is AWESOME!!!

from CA on wrote:

I read the reviews for this tea and bought some for my husband who has always had a hard time falling asleep and staying asleep the whole night. I thought what the heck? At the very least we would be getting some good tea. I am SOOOOO happy to be able to tell you that this tea truly works!!! My husband drinks his tea about 30 minutes before going to bed and he is able to fall asleep and stay asleep!!!!! Thank you Republic of Tea! We LOOOVE You!!!

Miracle tea!

5 Stars Miracle tea!

from CA on wrote:

After years of suffering from insomnia and taking various sleep aids to help me fall asleep I was truly amazed when this tea actually worked for me. I fall asleep more quickly and sleep 5-6 hours without waking up. It is truly a miracle tea for me.

get some sleep

5 Stars get some sleep

from WV on wrote:

I love this tea and have ordered several times taste great and works like a charm. Great great stuff!!!!

Get some zzz's

5 Stars Get some zzz's

from OR on wrote:

This tea does what it says. I find this tea as delicious as it is effective. Both my husband and myself drink this tea when we are having trouble sleeping or when we are sick. We often recommend it to others and have done several reorders. It is a staple in our home.


5 Stars Helps!

from FL on wrote:

Helps me sleep a little deeper and easier to get back to sleep. Tastes good too!


5 Stars Sllep

from IN on wrote:

Love this tea!! Bought it a week ago to try it and it works amazing! I suffer from insomnia and this puts me to sleep at night ! :) will be ordering more!


5 Stars ZzzzzzzzzzZzzzz.....aaaaah.

from PA on wrote:

Wow! Picture a busy day. Your mind going in twenty different directions. You really want to relax and head to bed but that seems like an extravagance, right? Brew a cup of this and sit the time you're done, you'll be so relaxed that sleep seems like it's right. I like to get everything ready for bed- the dog has been out, the kids are all ready, doors are locked, all is set, then I enjoy and let all the thoughts subside. (Only downside is I needed some sweetener to enjoy this, but a little raw honey was all I needed)

Best sleepy tea ever

5 Stars Best sleepy tea ever

from NH on wrote:

I have had sleep issues for atleast 15 yrs, this tea works better than any pill or other tea I've tried, never tred ambien, bc I'm mostly naturalist, and I have tried everything under the sun that exists to help with sleep, this tea actually helps me fall asleep and stay asleep!!!

I am officially well rested!!!

5 Stars I am officially well rested!!!

from MI on wrote:

This stuff WORKS people! I suffer from chronic, severe insomnia. I will try just about anything for a better night's sleep, so I tried this. I have finished the first package and re-ordered. I don't want to be without this. I fall asleep faster, sleep more soundly and wake refreshed. I couldn't ask for more! It's a relief when I wake up in the morning knowing that I was able to get a good night's sleep without drugs. Also, thank you for the samples with my order, it's fun to try different teas!

Yummy tea

5 Stars Yummy tea

from NJ on wrote:

This is really good tea, the only problem I have is I want to drink multiple cups which then means I wind up getting up a few times during the night.

Nice flavor

5 Stars Nice flavor

from CT on wrote:

I always enjoy the teas I receive from this company. I especially love the free samples that are sent with each order and in the catalog. I brought into work, the Double Green Matcha Tea, so everyone can enjoy it!

Works for me!

5 Stars Works for me!

from CT on wrote:

I am a very poor sleeper. I find that when I drink this tea an hour or so before bedtime, I sleep very nicely.

It works!

5 Stars It works!

from FL on wrote:

This tea tastes good and is relaxing to drink before bedtime. I sleep very well after I drink it.

Did not disappoint

5 Stars Did not disappoint

from IA on wrote:

I have not been able to sleep well ever since we moved out of our house. That was two months ago. I put my hope in Get Some zzzzz's and have not been disappointed. I love the taste and the results!


5 Stars Rested

from TX on wrote:

This tea really does what it says...helps you get some ZZZ's

LOVE this tea, and I sleep so well

5 Stars LOVE this tea, and I sleep so well

from OH on wrote:

I just started seriously drinking tea, and this is one several I bought to get my feet wet. I typically have troubling staying asleep at night, and will wake up several times. After drinking this tea before bed, I sleep all through the night! The valerian root, and chamomile really help to relax and calm me before bed. I do dream even more deeply now, and I had some very strange dreams the first few nights. Not bad, just strange. I wouldn't really call that the teas fault though! It's a very subtle herbal taste, light and refreshing almost. With a splash of milk and a pinch of rock sugar, it's the perfect night cap.

Rock a bye baby

5 Stars Rock a bye baby

from NY on wrote:

Have this every night before bed mix it with the caramel vanilla and off to sleep Buy it buy the 250bag size .

It Works!!!

5 Stars It Works!!!

from OK on wrote:

Love. When I have trouble sleeping, I just sip a cup of It some ZZZZ's and I fall to sleep.

Delicious !

5 Stars Delicious !

from CT on wrote:

A well balanced flavor, light,tasty and relaxing we are definitely reordering

A great tasting tea!

5 Stars A great tasting tea!

from AZ on wrote:

This tea helps me relax before bed. It has a nice spearmint flavor which I love. Even my fussy coffee drinker husband enjoys the flavor.


5 Stars It WORKS!

from CA on wrote:

I was so skeptical to try this tea and did not think it would help me sleep. I now drink it every night and have heavy eyelids within 5 minutes of drinking it! I love it. It does smell really weird to me....but it tastes great! Very soothing. I always fall asleep very quickly after this. My husband loves it too!

My traveling companion

5 Stars My traveling companion

from TX on wrote:

I really dislike flying…the pressurized cabin and the turbulence all make for a very unpleasant experience! My saving grace has been this tea. A small double strength cup an hour before I fly makes all the miserable happenings just melt into the background.

Weird buzz feeling

1 Star Weird buzz feeling

from TX on wrote:

For about an hour or so after drinking it I felt a weird buzz--not relaxing, but more like I might be going to be sick. It was really uncomfortable--maybe the valerian? I do take BP and arthritis meds at night, so there might have been some interaction? I did not at all like how it made me feel, and I didn't sleep better because of it, so this tea is not for me. I am grateful that I had the opportunity to buy the sampler tin. Those sampler tins are great for finding out if the tea is one your body or taste buds like!

Perfect alternative to OTC sleep aids!

5 Stars Perfect alternative to OTC sleep aids!

from WA on wrote:

I have trouble sleeping and restless leg syndrome (RLS). With RLS, sleep aids often make it worse and that is the case for me. I've tried 'sleepy time extra' tea in the past and felt it had a strange taste-- something I couldn't put my finger on but figured was the valerian. So when I saw this tea while out shopping I thought I'd give it a try despite my past experience with valerian. So far it is helping me get to sleep and the valerian isn't causing my RLS to flare up. Plus, no unpleasant aftertaste. Thankful for this tea. :)))

Helps me sleep through the night

5 Stars Helps me sleep through the night

from MN on wrote:

I love this tea. I wouldn't say that it "knocks you out," but it's definitely relaxing. I tend to wake up during the night, but when I drink this tea, it helps me stay asleep -- usually through the whole night! Pleasant taste, it's lightly minty and calming.

Very Relaxing Tea, Our Bedtime Tea

5 Stars Very Relaxing Tea, Our Bedtime Tea

from CA on wrote:

This has become our bedtime tea. We have a pot in the evenings. It has a lot of flavor but yet it is a relaxing tea. Has a excellent slight spice smell to your nose too. My husband has been addicted to it now as he will drink it when he wants to totally relax. We both think it helps us sleep better as we are more relaxed. I like its flavor the best, but then I also like its aroma too!

YUM (and works!)

5 Stars YUM (and works!)

from TX on wrote:

This tea truly taste amazing! I am an avid green tea drinker (no black)NAND have been having a hard time sleeping. Saw this tea, and I thought I would give it a try -- I'm very glad I did! It tastes so yummy! I would drink it throughout the day, except it truly does make me a bit sleepy -- and it has solved my sleep problem of waking up throughout the night. When I drink this tea, I wake up once as opposed to four to twelve times! I keep on buying and highly recommend.

I've finally found "the one".

5 Stars I've finally found "the one".

from GA on wrote:

I was expecting to have to add some sugar or honey because anything that helps see usually tastes gross, but it is naturally sweet and reminds me of hibiscus. It is very soothing and relaxes me in ways pills can't. I'm very glad I tried this although I wish that it came in loose-leaf form so I don't have to tear open packets every night to use my French press :)

Great Night Tea

5 Stars Great Night Tea

from MI on wrote:

I drink this tea every night before bed. Really helps me relax and drift off to sleep.

snooze time

5 Stars snooze time

from FL on wrote:

This tea is good as a sleep aid but also helps clear my head. It's minty notes were the real highlight in my experience. I enjoyed this tea and will purchase it again.

Bedtime ritual

5 Stars Bedtime ritual

from KS on wrote:

My S.O. and I enjoy a cup of this tea before we start getting ready for bed. The tea is soothing and really does help to relax one for sleep. I prefer a gentle lull to sleep rather than a drug induced "coma".


5 Stars Amazing

from MA on wrote:

I have struggled to find something non-medical that would help me fall asleep AND stay asleep. This tea does both, and tastes just fine too! I can't say enough good things about this tea, I recommend giving it a shot!


5 Stars Relaxing

from CT on wrote:

My new favorite nighttime tea. Tasty and relaxing.

Works Well

5 Stars Works Well

from OH on wrote:

This is one of those teas that I will always have on hand. It has become the evening ritual. It is the last thing I do at night. I put on the PJ's, sit in my comfortable recliner, with only the light from the street, and relax completely and drink this tea. It is so pleasant a feeling that you are ready for sleep when you're done.

It works!

5 Stars It works!

from CA on wrote:

This actually relaxes me enough to fall asleep. I drink it about 30 minutes before bed and feel myself getting drowsy. I've tried many things…this is one I will stick with. I also enjoy the taste, which is a bonus.

Great tea

5 Stars Great tea

from PA on wrote:

This is not only very good tasting, but helps me sleep.

Every night this is part of my bedtime routine

5 Stars Every night this is part of my bedtime routine

from NY on wrote:

One of my favorite bedtime rituals. It's become a major relaxation aid and stress reducer...almost as good as meditation!

It works!

5 Stars It works!

from OR on wrote:

Although I was skeptical that this would work any better than some of the other "sleepy" teas I've tried, I've been pleasantly surprised. This tea really works! I have difficulty staying asleep, but since drinking this tea, and still taking my melatonin, I'm sleeping much better! I even think I may be able to cut back on my melatonin because this tea works so well. I also really like the taste, and I don't sweeten it at all. Such a great relaxer; it even makes me sleepy, unlike the other teas I've tried, or the melatonin. I love this tea!

Great for falling & staying asleep

5 Stars Great for falling & staying asleep

from OR on wrote:

I have a very hard time staying asleep, and, even though melatonin helps, doesn't help me fully sleep through the night. So, after reading the reviews on this tea, I thought I'd give it a shot. Some other "sleepy" teas haven't helped much, but this one certainly has! This tea actually makes me sleepy, which is great, and I'm finding I'm sleeping much more soundly at night; I wake up far fewer times at night than with anything else I've tried. So far I'm still taking my melatonin with this, but I'm thinking I can start decreasing the amount I take because this tea works so well. It tastes great; I don't even sweeten it. This is truly a fabulous tea that does what it says!

Love this stuff!

5 Stars Love this stuff!

from AZ on wrote:

This tea is great. On nights that I am having trouble sleeping, I make a small pot of this and after a cup or two I am ready to snooze.

Effective And Actually Tastes Decent

5 Stars Effective And Actually Tastes Decent

from OR on wrote:

This tea definitely does make me sleepy, so it's effective, but I think what sets it apart relative to other similar teas is that it doesn't taste horrible. It has a pleasant, somewhat grassy taste, but still pleasant. This is probably the tea I drink the most. Good stuff!

Delicious & therapeutic!

5 Stars Delicious & therapeutic!

from VA on wrote:

This delicious tea helps me sleep each night. I drink it right before I go to bed, and it is better than any prescription medication I have ever taken. And you feel great the next day!

Best Nightime Tea I've Had

5 Stars Best Nightime Tea I've Had

from OR on wrote:

I've tried several "sleepy time" type teas, and this is my favorite, by a long shot. First, it does the job. It makes me very sleepy and puts me into a deep sleep. Also, with the addition of Valarian, you get the vivid dreams, which is kind of fun. But one thing that sets this tea apart, is that while similar teas often taste horrible, this one actually tastes pretty nice. Kind of "grassy", but still nice.

tea even a coffee lover will drink

5 Stars tea even a coffee lover will drink

from NY on wrote:

had trouble sleeping got zzz's tea made some slept well to the point hubby asked for some , said the tea was taste hot or cold , both of us are very happy with this tea the cup is awesome also

It Works

5 Stars It Works

from SC on wrote:

This is one of a few products that work. Most OTC meds do not do anything but take your money. You now have a life long customer. How about one that fixes a bad back?

ZZZZZZ"s tea, 3rd order buying in bulk now

5 Stars ZZZZZZ"s tea, 3rd order buying in bulk now

from LA on wrote:

Ordered by recommendation, skeptical. My 3rd order now for me a son. Found it in bulk, believe me I so Appreciate being able to get it in bulk. Now I am the one reccommending to friends!

Very relaxing tea!

5 Stars Very relaxing tea!

from CO on wrote:

This tea tastes very good and helps me to relax so I can get a good night sleep. I recommend it.

Wonderful Sleep Aid

5 Stars Wonderful Sleep Aid

from PA on wrote:

ZZZ tea helps me relax before bed which makes it so much easier to fall asleep. I have purchased some for my whole family for those times when they have trouble sleeping since it worked so well for me. Plus it is delicious.

5 Stars

from on wrote:

delicious taste, helps to relax for a restful night's sleep

5 Stars

from on wrote:

i lurv it


5 Stars ZZZZ

from SD on wrote:

This tea does exactly what it says! It doesn't make my sleepy and want to crash, instead it simply relaxes and shuts off my mind. When I'm ready to fall asleep I have no problem after drinking this. I drink a cup nightly regardless if I feel I "need" to. I put a little milk and honey in it and it's delish.

I am very glad someone found it for me.

5 Stars I am very glad someone found it for me.

from NC on wrote:

Pre-conceived ideas are not always of good counsel. My problem was a language problem. A “tea” in France is made from Tea-leaves, period, so I know it is not a sleep-aid. The word used in that country for other herb drinks is “Infusion”. With modern day stress and age progression, I found I was getting problems going to sleep and staying asleep too. Since I hate taking medication, I just endured with the situation until my daughter bought me a blue tin of this tea. More by courtesy than belief, I started drinking some of it, and I would probably have given up shortly after but for the fact that I liked the taste, and a hot drink at night has a soothing effect anyway. What happened, to my surprise, is that after a week or so (Yes, I was that bad!) I began to feel much calmer after my drink which I took just before going to bed. Then I noticed that I was not waking up so much during the night, a couple of months later, I stopped waking up at night all together.

The best evening relaxer

5 Stars The best evening relaxer

from NS on wrote:

Love my ZZZs tea in the evening . A nice comforting smooth beverage .

Great tea for fallng alseep.

5 Stars Great tea for fallng alseep.

from CT on wrote:

Generally takes less than 30 minutes for me. It's great when you wake up in the middle of the night, your mind won't shut up, and you find yourself wide awake. If I know I will be tossing and turning, I just get up and have a cup. It works wonders for returning to sleep, and a good sleep, at that.

Excellent sleep

5 Stars Excellent sleep

from WY on wrote:

A friend made me a cup one night and I was really sleepy within a half an hour. Not a placebo effect because I really had no idea what the tea's ingredients were or what it was actually suppose to do. Anyway, it really puts me into a deep sleep. A great way to unwind and rest after stressful days.


5 Stars heaven

from CA on wrote:

I cannot live without this tea! I have began buying it in the 250 bag supply. It is perfect, I wouldn't change a thing about it. I look forward to my zzz tea every evening after dinner.



from on wrote:

Calming robust flavor. I love this tea.

So far worked for me.

4 Stars So far worked for me.

from MI on wrote:

I was having issues sleeping, bought and tried it last nite, slept thur the night. Woke up fine, not sure if it was the tea, but whatever it worked for my winter blues, pre-menapausal body. Thank you Jesus!

My least favorite

1 Star My least favorite

from NY on wrote:

I have ordered well over 25 teas from this site, but this is one that I won't be buying again. The taste is funny and it certainly does not create any effects to get some's Zzz's. There are many other great tea's here: do not waste your money on this one! It is poor enough, that I gave it to a coworker, and the can has since been passed around to 6 other workers because nobody likes it.

Helps me sleep!

5 Stars Helps me sleep!

from MD on wrote:

Great tasting tea and helped me relax enough to get and stay asleep!

It helps

5 Stars It helps

from PA on wrote:

Not much of a tea teetotaler. however, coffee not go before bed. the tea have a lite mint and chamomile taste.

Makes me Sleepy

5 Stars Makes me Sleepy

from TN on wrote:

I don't usually have difficulty falling asleep at night, but every now and then when I've been too active in the day, I have trouble winding down at night. This tea has helped me on those days! It relaxes me and helps me to ease into sleep.

great tea

5 Stars great tea

from TX on wrote:

This is great tea. It relaxes me and helps me sleep and it tastes great too

Good Nights Sleep!

5 Stars Good Nights Sleep!

from on wrote:

I rarely have trouble falling asleep - it was quality that was lacking. I really enjoyed the taste of this tea - slightly sweet with a pleasant aftertaste. Best of all, I woke up the next morning knowing I slept sound and didnt wake up as often as I usually do. This will become a staple for me.

this tea really works for me.

5 Stars this tea really works for me.

from NY on wrote:

is really works for sleeping and is doesn't have a bad taste.



from CT on wrote:

the flavor is great but the best thing about this tea is the good nights sleep I get when I drink this before bedtime.

great tea!!!

5 Stars great tea!!!

from NY on wrote:

i love the tea,it works for sleeping.

Makes me Sleepy

5 Stars Makes me Sleepy

from TN on wrote:

I am a night owl, and most night it's really hard for me to go to sleep at night. On the nights that it's important for me to get to sleep I've been taking this and it works!

Works wonders

5 Stars Works wonders

from MN on wrote:

I have tried many natural teas, juices and techniques to help me fall and stay asleep. This one, along with daily exercise, really works. Tastes great too!


5 Stars Fantastic!

from IN on wrote:

I have purchased this tea many times over and can only say it does help you relax and get a good night's sleep. No hangover feeling in the morning, just a feeling of a good night's rest. Warning though, if you are a bit tired when drinking this anyway you may not get through the cup! It does work right away! Enjoy!

is the best tea to sleep

5 Stars is the best tea to sleep

from NY on wrote:

it taste great and really solve the issue of not sleeping well. its great if you want something nature and no medicine from doctors to sleep.

Don't care for the taste

3 Stars Don't care for the taste

from CA on wrote:

This tea is good for nighttime, but I didn't really care for the taste. Maybe it's because I don't really like mint teas all that much...

Really Works!

5 Stars Really Works!

from PA on wrote:

I don't often have trouble falling asleep, but on the occasions that I do, this tea is a real help. Within 15 minutes of sipping this tea, I can feel myself getting drowsy. I can even use this if I wake up in the middle of the night and can't get back to sleep. I still wake up easily in the morning - much refreshed.


5 Stars Wonderful

from SA on wrote:

This has been a life saver for my husband, this sleep aid is great and you do not wake up feeling drugged. It is a pleasant tasting and we enjoy it as out nightly cup of tea.

Please make it clear that these have stevia in them!

3 Stars Please make it clear that these have stevia in them!

from CT on wrote:

While drinking this, I kept noticing a very artificial sweetness to it. It turns out that it has stevia as a sweetener. Ick. If you are someone who adds a lot of sweetener to your tea, then you will like this. I thought it made it too sweet. My husband seems to like it and I do think it calms you down before sleep.

Good night's sleep

5 Stars Good night's sleep

from PA on wrote:

The combination of herbs is delicious, nice after taste. I've had good results in a night of sound sleep using this tea.


5 Stars GOT MY ZZZZZZ's!!!!!

from OR on wrote:

Love it, love it, love it!!! I can finally sleep at night - this tea is amazing. I have had OTC sleep aids, prescription medication - but I can now sleep for six or more hours at a shot. For an English woman, black tea w/milk and sugar drinker all my life, I can honestly say I have been saved by "Get more ZZZZ's". Thank you, thank you!

Evening favorite

5 Stars Evening favorite

from IL on wrote:

When you order your tea by the 250 bag bulk quantity, that's a statement in itself for the quality of taste. That's how I purchase my 'get some zzz's', a longtime favorite that I sip almost every evening in the winter season and most evenings otherwise. No one flavor overwhelms the others--a perfect blend. This is one ritual I truly enjoy.

Sleep a full night

5 Stars Sleep a full night

from CA on wrote:

Only thing that works! I've tried all types of tea and herbs, but this really works. and no sleep hangover.

Effective, But. . . .

4 Stars Effective, But. . . .

from VA on wrote:

Almost the perfect sleepytime tea. It puts me out quick, and I wake up the next morning without feeling cranky like I can after taking an OTC sleep aid. But, for me, this blends makes my heart race after drinking it too many days in a row so I now drink the Get Relaxed blend for the purpose but without the side effects.



from NY on wrote:

nice flavor , not heavey

I love this blend

5 Stars I love this blend

from VA on wrote:

I've been drinking this for years and will not be without it. Very soothing and calming

A must have evening tea

5 Stars A must have evening tea

from WV on wrote:

Love this tea in the evening. Really works - sleep good - no morning grogginess - good replacement for perscription sleep aids.

blissful sleep

5 Stars blissful sleep

from VA on wrote:

Ordered this when insomnia was making sleep difficult for me. It truly helps me relax at night so I can fall asleep.

Welcome release into slumber

5 Stars Welcome release into slumber

from ME on wrote:

I lay down and I instantly wake up and the mind races. I've tried presciptions and over the counter products, nothing has worked. This tea totally relaxes me and I drift into sleep before I know it has happened.

Rest Easy

5 Stars Rest Easy

from CA on wrote:

"Get Some ZZZ's" really does help us relax before bedtime. "Tea-time" now is alot better than back in the old days! This blend with Valerian Root was highlighted on Dr. Oz recently, which we watch occasionally. It does indeed seem to relax and calm the mind. (A healthy cookie or two along side of the tea doesn't hurt either!)

really works

5 Stars really works

from NY on wrote:

this tea is great! i gave it as a gift and my friend says that 4 minutes after drinking it he passes out.

Works for me!

5 Stars Works for me!

from CA on wrote:

I have used this tea for years now. While it does not work for everyone. I find every time I have a cup before bed it is easier to fall asleep, additionally I feel my sleep is more restful. Thanks RoT!

Smooth and Relaxing

5 Stars Smooth and Relaxing

from FL on wrote:

So maybe this tea doesn't put you to sleep but it is smooth and a wonderful ending to any day.

Great Night-cap

5 Stars Great Night-cap

from CA on wrote:

Very relaxing and flavorful night time drink. Loved the minty flavor. The tea makes for a wonderful ritual before going to bed.

zzz for real

zzz for real

from NY on wrote:

i have a cup of this tea everynight, i look forward to it, and it helps me to relax, i have given bags of it to my friends who all love it. i have a stress ful job and this teas helps me relax to sleep.

Perfect at bedtime !

5 Stars Perfect at bedtime !

from TX on wrote:

Perfect for bedtime! Takes the edge off and you can look forward to a good nights sleep!

I Love This Tea!

5 Stars I Love This Tea!

from PA on wrote:

This tea is one of my favorites--it is a delicious herbal tea. I have a cup most every evening. On the nights that I have this tea, I have always slept extremely well.

some zzzz

5 Stars some zzzz

from FL on wrote:

nice smooth calming tea, just right for bedtime.

very soothing

5 Stars very soothing

from TX on wrote:

has a very calming effect on the mind its a great way to end the night also a great way to start before meditating will continue to buy this brand of tea

wonderful night's rest

5 Stars wonderful night's rest

from VA on wrote:

Warm, comforting, restful. Sometimes we mix zzzs with lemon chamomile for a different experience. We give samples to all our tea friends to try. We look forward to our "nitey-nite" tea every evening. The best we've ever had. zzzzzzzz


5 Stars works

from on wrote:

great taste and works well to relax one for sleep.

Good Tea

5 Stars Good Tea

from CA on wrote:

This tea is pretty consistent in helping me sleep when I have been stressed or am having trouble mellowing out before bed. I recommend to all my friends.

This Stuff Works!

5 Stars This Stuff Works!

from IN on wrote:

I'm a lifelong insomniac and this stuff has done the trick. It really does send me off nicely, as if I'm just the right amount of worn out.


5 Stars Wow!

from NY on wrote:

I love this tea. It's so calming and I really do sleep great. I feel wonderful and refreshed in the morning not groggy like OTC remedies.


5 Stars LOVE IT!

from CA on wrote:

I'd been having trouble sleeping and every since I started having a cup of this tea before bed, I am sleeping so soundly! Highly recommend!

So hard to find

5 Stars So hard to find

from NY on wrote:

This tea is wonderful. Works so well without the grogginess in the AM. My local store sold out and I can't find it anywhere else. Should be on every shelf of every store that sells tea.

OMG this is really great tea for sleep

5 Stars OMG this is really great tea for sleep

from TX on wrote:

This tea is glorious to smell and the results are a restful and satisfying sleep.I never thought that tea would actually do the trick, but this tea does exactly what it says it will do.Thank You for sweet dreams

Lowers energy

3 Stars Lowers energy

from CA on wrote:

Lowers energy level and relaxes. The chamomile works really well in calming. Best to drink awhile before planning on sleeping, because it takes a little while for it to really work.

get some zzz's

5 Stars get some zzz's

from CA on wrote:

Sort of minty with a hit of citrus. I add one teaspoon of honey and sleep wonderfully! This is huge for me since I have tried EVERYTHING! Thanks for a great tea!

Great !!

5 Stars Great !!

from NY on wrote:

Awesome ! skeptical at first, but 15 minutes after drinking it I was asleep ! I had been trying to sleep for about 2 hours and even fatigue wouldn't do it. Drank the tea and bam ! fast asleep :D


5 Stars Awesome

from MI on wrote:

Taste great and helped me sleep. My wife got me the the travel tin to try it. I was skeptical that it would help me sleep but 20 minutes after I drank it I was out like a light.

love love love

5 Stars love love love

from on wrote:

This is my favorite by far!