Was expecting something different

3 Stars Was expecting something different

from MO on wrote:

I really wanted to love this tea but the orange flavor overpowers the delicacy I've come to expect in a white tea. Rather than a subtle orange blossom scent and flavor, the orange peel comes through with a flavor more similar to a spice. It's drinkable but in my opinion it would be a better tea if the orange was toned down a bit.

Delicious White Tea

5 Stars Delicious White Tea

from NJ on wrote:

I bought this tea years ago and have continually purchased the 250 refill of Orange Blossom. It just has such a delightful flavor, I look forward to a cup every morning. I also used to purchase White Melon Tea bags, but they discontinued this most wonderful tea. It had such a wonderful melon flavor. It was summer in a tea cup. Wish it would come back.


5 Stars Fabulous

from VA on wrote:

One of the best teas I have ever tasted. Hint of orange, not overpowering, mild white tea.

Quite Orangey

4 Stars Quite Orangey

from UT on wrote:

At first cup I was a little disappointed in this tea. It definitely tasted like orange or orange flavoring rather than like orange blossoms. But it did grow on me and eventually became one of my favorite morning teas. The flavor is still light and refreshing and would probably be good iced in the summer as well.


5 Stars Love!

from PA on wrote:

The most delicious, exquisite tea I've ever had! Look forward to getting some more soon!

Orange Blossom White Tea

5 Stars Orange Blossom White Tea

from SC on wrote:

One of the best tasting teas I've tasted from Republic of Tea. Smells great, and has a lot of flavor.

Out of this world pleasant

5 Stars Out of this world pleasant

from CA on wrote:

I was looking for white tea for the possible effects on reducing fat. First, I am amazed by the story behind the tea but very surprised by the relaxing, soothing flavor of this tea. I am careful to brew by the instructions so I don't destroy any of the qualities of its qualities and it is just too heavenly! I sip it after dinner. Finally, may I note that the packaging was done with remnants of tea bag paper, you can see where all the little circles were cut out...Republic of Tea truly respects our earth! Thank you all


5 Stars Delicious

from WI on wrote:

I bought this at a small local deli and absolutely love it. Being very recently pregnant, this is the perfect tea to drink that will not go over the recommended caffeine limit.

Smooth ... every cup!

5 Stars Smooth ... every cup!

from OK on wrote:

Every cup is a delightful moment! Even my kids like to brew a cup for themselves throughout the day. Wish we could order more than 250 for a less expensive price.

Not as flavorful as I would like

2 Stars Not as flavorful as I would like

from VA on wrote:

Was hoping to get a robust citric flavor without the addition of spices like cinnamon. The tea was OK but much weaker than I had hoped for.

Orange you glad you bought this?

5 Stars Orange you glad you bought this?

from TX on wrote:

I know I am!! I LOVE this tea and I am definitely ordering more as this is only available for a short time. What I love most about white tea is that it is so good for you and you can drink it with or without sugar. I personally prefer it without and this tea is amazing to drink alone. It's very light with hints of oranges and it has this natural sweetness that I'm digging. Thanks Republic of Tea and please don't ever discontinue this rare delicacy!

white tea

5 Stars white tea

from PA on wrote:

good flavor nice aroma part of my daily routine it helps my day remain stable


5 Stars Simple.

from OK on wrote:

I think this tea is quite good.

great place to start

5 Stars great place to start

from IL on wrote:

A nice introduction to white tea. Purchased the traveler to start. Enjoyed the subtle orange flavor. I realized my issue with tea being bitter, steeping to long didn't make that mistake with this one. Very nice for when I didn't want something strong and heavy days I didn't feel good. Usually not a honey user with tea tried it both ways, very nice without. Going to enjoy picking out my next sip.

Fresh Squeezed Oranges

4 Stars Fresh Squeezed Oranges

from AZ on wrote:

Calorie-free orange juice! The strong aroma gives most of the flavor to the tea, it's really a subtle orange flavor and just delightfully refreshing.

Really excellent

5 Stars Really excellent

from CA on wrote:

Wonderfully fruitty, clean, and crisp. As with all whites, it must be brewed correctly or it will be bitter - something I myself had to learn. But if done right, it is light and fresh. Really superb!

Orange Blossom White

5 Stars Orange Blossom White

from CA on wrote:

I have enjoyed so many of your wonderful teas, but the Orange Blossom White Tea is my favorite. It has a delicious flavor and the hint of orange is so soothing and relaxing.Thank you for such an outstanding product. I'm spoiled.

A Summer Favorite

5 Stars A Summer Favorite

from GA on wrote:

This is one of my summer favorites. It's a nice, light tea and the hint of orange flavor is perfect.

Nice Aroma and Great Taste

5 Stars Nice Aroma and Great Taste

from CA on wrote:

The tea is light and pleasant with a wonderful aroma. for those that say it's bitter, it is important to remember that you MUST brew white tea correctly. I used to think that this tea was bitter then Republic of Tea actually came to my company and did a tea demo (odd I know!) I have been drinking assorted types of tea forever, and I thought I was handling the white correctly. But I was actually brewing their whites too long AND a smidgen too hot. Once I made those adjustments, the tea was perfect.

Orange Bloosom White Tea

5 Stars Orange Bloosom White Tea

from NE on wrote:

This is one of my first and favorite white teas. It is delicate with just the right amount of orange flavor and a great aroma.

Even just sniffing the bag is nice

4 Stars Even just sniffing the bag is nice

from TX on wrote:

This is a flavorful but not overwhelming fruity tea that is quite enjoyable. It's a good afternoon tea.

Orange Blossom White

5 Stars Orange Blossom White

from CA on wrote:

Your tea is the most delicious tea I have ever had the pleasure of sipping. Thank you for such a wonderful and enjoyable product.

GREAT Tea alone or blended

GREAT Tea alone or blended

from FL on wrote:

Incredibly light but distinct orange flavors but without any trace of acidity. I love blending this tea with Mango when I brew iced teas. It also blends well with pomegranate and gives the best refreshing flavors for summer or warm days.

Mostly Orange

3 Stars Mostly Orange

from on wrote:

I haven't really been a huge fan of white tea that has been chilled. However this was a pretty nice blend. My only complaint would be that I don't really taste the tea as much as just tasting the orange flavor. It does taste good, however.

Wouldn't order again

2 Stars Wouldn't order again

from OK on wrote:

I have been disappointed in both white teas I ordered - this and coconut vanilla. This was a little better than coconut vanilla but not much. The smell of the orange is good, but the tea turns too bitter too fast. Even when I brew it for a minute or two in barely hot water and it's still bitter. Take the tea bag out asap if you want it drinkable - my husband left it in there and it turned so bitter it was not drinkable. I will not be ordering their white tea line again.

Love it!!

5 Stars Love it!!

from TX on wrote:

I love this tea for several reasons. It is so fast to brew because you don't boil the water (since it is white) and you only steep it about 30 seconds, so prep time is a big plus for me since I have a baby and a 5 year old! But the taste is just wonderful, hot or iced. I never add sweetener, it has a great orange taste and is a light refreshing tea. I love this all day long, and when we have any type of Asian food we love this tea with it! One big note: you can't use water too hot or steep longer than needed (60 sec. max) or it will get bitter fast. I don't like some of the other white flavors but this is one of my top 3 teas of any variety.

Too light for me

3 Stars Too light for me

from MO on wrote:

Bought this on the "citrus" tagline... and while it isn't a bad tea, I don't think it's a great tea, either. It's too light and delicate for me. Very little orange flavor and the nose just isn't there. If you put two bags in the mug and load up on the sugar (which I don't like to do) then the flavor comes out more.


5 Stars Wonderful!

from CA on wrote:

This is one of the best White Teas that I have had. It is very healthy, tasty and soothing.

Wonderful taste & aroma

5 Stars Wonderful taste & aroma

from IL on wrote:

This, along with the Emperor's White, was my first experience with white tea. This is delicate, yet flavorful and it is perfect for late afternoon.

Very Pleasant

4 Stars Very Pleasant

from NC on wrote:

Very nice afternoon tea. I would like to taste the orange a little more but none the less it is very pleasant.

An alltime fav

5 Stars An alltime fav

from IN on wrote:

This is one of my all time favorites

4 Stars

from TX on wrote:

very light flavor, no after taste, but not very orange-y

Love it!

5 Stars Love it!

from WI on wrote:

This is my favorite white tea! The flavor and aroma are wonderful and I love it that its low in caffeine.

Husband's Favorite White!

5 Stars Husband's Favorite White!

from NY on wrote:

The man in my life is a dyed-in-the-wool Earl Grey man... until Orange Blossom White. He loves the flavor and says no other white compares. Take his word for it, since I'm a coffee girl!

Delightfully refreshing

5 Stars Delightfully refreshing

from on wrote:

Light flavor that lifts the spirits.


5 Stars YUM

from MI on wrote:


4 Stars

from MO on wrote:

smooth tasting, delightful aroma

Blends Incredibly Well with Pomegranite

5 Stars Blends Incredibly Well with Pomegranite

from FL on wrote:

The orange blossom white is just enough to give a citrus note to a blend of mango ceylon and pure pomegranite juice as an iced tea. It is the most refreshing tea you will over pour over ice!

Very good

4 Stars Very good

from WI on wrote:

This tea is very good. It has a nice light flavor.

Delicate and Divine

5 Stars Delicate and Divine

from MI on wrote:

The white tea and orange blossom balance perfectly, this is a WONDERFUL light, white tea. Perfect when brewed iiced in the summer, too!

Gentle Tea

5 Stars Gentle Tea

from MI on wrote:

This is a gentle tea with a mild orange flavor. It's a nice change of pace from a black tea.

very good, smooth

4 Stars very good, smooth

from on wrote:

I've ordered this tea before, and have enjoyed it each time. It's orangish without being over-powering or bitter or "too much". I especially enjoy it in the summertime over ice with a sprig of mint. It's just a good all around tea.

Love it

5 Stars Love it

from FL on wrote:

I got two bags of this tea in a sampler pack and it was one of my favorites out of the whole sampler. Even both my kids loved it!

Super teas!

5 Stars Super teas!

from IL on wrote:

This is a wonderful tasting tea! Just the right amount of citrus taste. I have really enjoyed all the varieties of tea that I have purchased from your company. I have also ordered teas for my daughter as Christmas gifts, and she loves them, too.

Relaxation in a teacup

5 Stars Relaxation in a teacup

from VA on wrote:

This is a wonderful tea to sip in the evening to help chase away the cares of the day.

Excellent afternoon tea

5 Stars Excellent afternoon tea

from IN on wrote:

I drink a white tea every day for my afternoon "tea time". This has become one of my favorites. I would also suggest the Asian jasmine white tea.

Medium Taste

5 Stars Medium Taste

from on wrote:

You can't go wrong with any of the orange teas on this site. This tea has a medium orange taste. Another favorite.

A Departure from White Tea

3 Stars A Departure from White Tea

from CA on wrote:

I was not thrilled with this cup. I was expecting a solid White Tea flavor with very light notes of orange blossom, but instead the tea is overly scented with a flavor more of Orange Peel than that of the blossom. Certainly not a bad tea, but not what one would expect from the title. Bottom line: The orange flavoring overpowers the White Tea.

5 Stars

from CA on wrote:


My favorite white tea

4 Stars My favorite white tea

from on wrote:

I love this white tea! It is fragrant and refreshing. My only complaint is that I wish it came as whole leaf as well as tea bags. Overall, I think Republic of Tea should expand its whole leaf white tea selection.