Love all tea!

5 Stars Love all tea!

from CA on wrote:

My favorite teas are green with a fruit flavor. Then black with fruit flavors. I’ll drink any of them, any time of the day.

Awesome Tea

5 Stars Awesome Tea

from OK on wrote:

I love the flavor of this tea.

Best green ever!

5 Stars Best green ever!

from TX on wrote:

This is my absolute favorite green tea. I've been drinking it for years, and I love the black raspberry flavor.

Black Raspberry Green and several others

5 Stars Black Raspberry Green and several others

from IN on wrote:

About 3 or 4 were ones I've bought before and love; and got a couple of new ones that sound like teas I like.


3 Stars Ok

from IA on wrote:

This tea does not have a lot of flavor, no matter how long it steeps. It is ok and I will finish the tin, but won't purchase again.

Delicious iced or hot

5 Stars Delicious iced or hot

from AZ on wrote:

The first time I bought this fragrant, delicious fruity green tea I only purchased 50 bags. It has a lovely taste, wonderful either iced or hot and easy on the stomach. Have already purchased a larger size and shared with my daughter and granddaughters.


5 Stars Yum

from OH on wrote:

Love Black Raspberry Green tea. I drink it any time of day. One of my all time favorites.

Love, love, love this tea

5 Stars Love, love, love this tea

from CO on wrote:

I'm in love with Black Raspberries, and have them growing in my back yard. They are an extremely healthy berry, and this tea blend of Black Raspberry and green is delicious. We average about two pitchers of Black Raspberry Green iced tea per week at our house. I had to quit drinking black tea about a year ago as it was messing with my sleep and my gut, but green tea feels so therapeutic, and there is nothing better than a cool glass of this tea over ice, sprinkled with fresh black raspberries from the garden. Everytime I serve it to company, they ask about it and where to get it. Oh, and it makes a great cup of hot tea on cold snowy evening too!

This one's my favorite

5 Stars This one's my favorite

from NM on wrote:

I even use it for sun tea. So good cold on a hot day, so good hot on a cold night.

The Ultimate Tea

5 Stars The Ultimate Tea

from OH on wrote:

Served hot or cold, I believe this is my all-time favorite tea. Delightful flavor…thirst quenching…perfect! Try it with a wedge of lime.



from DE on wrote:

This green tea has a great flavor and I enjoy it year round!


2 Stars Ehh

from UT on wrote:

This one missed me. There's an underlying flavor that ruined it for me.


5 Stars Superb

from IN on wrote:

As a iced tea fanatic, this is the best green tea on the market. The black raspberry reduces the bitterness of the green tea and sweetens the tea without sugar or artificial sweeteners. I usually buy 5 canisters as I enjoy this tea at least 2-3 times per day.


5 Stars delicious!

from MI on wrote:

Loved the flavour of the raspberry and smooth green tea! I'll be purchasing this again!


4 Stars Fruitful

from PA on wrote:

Very earthy with a wonderful back raspberry flavor! I cant wait to try some of the other super fruit teas.


5 Stars Wonderful

from OH on wrote:

This tea is wonderful. It tastes just like fresh berries.

Great tea!

5 Stars Great tea!

from AZ on wrote:

Black raspberries are my favorite berries--and the flavor of this tea is wonderful! It's great for hot tea or iced tea.

wonderful tea

5 Stars wonderful tea

from PA on wrote:

I got a sampler size of this tea and wished after tasting it that I had gotten a full size can. This tea is amazing, I love it

Very Good

5 Stars Very Good

from CA on wrote:

Very good, love the flavor not to overwhelming just sweet enough without being too sweet or fruity!

Wild and Free

5 Stars Wild and Free

from CA on wrote:

Reminds me of the wild blackberries I used to pick during summer trips to northern Arizona. Rich and hardy yet smooth, light and pleasing. Like all the Superfruit Green Tea flavors, I love it.

Nice and Fruity!

5 Stars Nice and Fruity!

from NJ on wrote:

Lovely blackberry nose and light green tea drinkability. Very refreshing and nice iced too. I will also give a can of this to my friend for her birthday. Not overpowering, great combo of fruit and tea.

Summer in a tea cup!

5 Stars Summer in a tea cup!

from OH on wrote:

This tea has a delightful aroma and taste that transports me to a perfect summer day. It's a favorite among family and friends and is great hot or cold. It's part of my daily rotation of green teas. I'm a 10 cup a day tea drinker and enjoy this several times a week!

Great tea

5 Stars Great tea

from PA on wrote:


black raspberry grn tea

5 Stars black raspberry grn tea

from NY on wrote:

best tasting tea i've ever had, doesn't need milk or sugar, just steeping

Love this to start my day

5 Stars Love this to start my day

from CA on wrote:

Always makes the perfect cup of tea to start my day! My favorite flavor!


1 Star Perfect!

from WI on wrote:

Smooth, no after taste but flavorful sipping tea! Fast celery too. Put your website and teas on my Christmas wish list!

A Votre Sante!

5 Stars A Votre Sante!

from NY on wrote:

This tea is a light blend with berry flavor that will bring you right back to the Fourth of July! Black raspberries, which are neither blackberries nor raspberries, have super-healthful properties exceeding even those of blueberries.

Excellent Tea!

5 Stars Excellent Tea!

from NC on wrote:

Great tea with an excellent berry flavor! I ordered this tea along with several other berry flavors and have found this to be among my favorite.

Black raspberry tea

Black raspberry tea

from DE on wrote:

Their is nothing finer than Black Raspberry's. They come for 2 weeks and their gone for the year. Have 40 plants I baby sit all year for 2 weeks worth of saving and eating. I dry them and freeze them. Add a few to tea, Just great.



from CA on wrote:

Delicious scent, wonderful flavor. Sweet - yet subtle. Ordered more already!

Great as iced tea!!

5 Stars Great as iced tea!!

from CA on wrote:

The most delicious tea I have ever tasted.I make it iced and it is wonderful! Will definitely be buying more.

A new favorite...

5 Stars A new favorite...

from MN on wrote:

This was my first tea from The Republic of Tea, and it lived up to its reviews. Delicious, strong flavor but not too sweet. Still has that wonderful green tea flavor. Highly recommended!

OK for High BP persons

5 Stars OK for High BP persons

from FL on wrote:

This tea has the best taste AND the best health properties. Low caffine makes it a great coffee sub for persons with HBP. I drink it with freeze dried black rasberry suppliments.

The Best

5 Stars The Best

from on wrote:

I've tried most of the superfruit green teas, but this one is definitely the best of all of them. It's good either hot or over ice!


5 Stars Delicious!

from NC on wrote:

This was the first tea that I have tried from Republic of Tea and I was so impressed I came to the website to write a review immediately (I haven't even finished drinking my first cup yet)! I have found most fruit teas to be overpowering or taste artificial but this tea is completely different. Smooth and delicate with just enough black raspberry to give it the perfect flavor. I'm sure it would be wonderfully refreshing as an iced tea as well. Can't wait to try more products from this great company!!

Love This

5 Stars Love This

from KS on wrote:

I LOVE THIS tea over ice. Just tried it for the first time today. It is so delicious as iced tea and very fragrant. Called where I bought it to reserve a big tin:)

Aroma to Swoon By

5 Stars Aroma to Swoon By

from MN on wrote:

The first time I tried this tea I shared it with a friend. She loved the way it smelled so we just enjoyed the fragrance for a few minutes before we tasted this wonderful tea. Perfect for special occasions with friends or while enjoying your nightly book. I highly recommend this tea. I ordered the sample size but will be coming back for the tin size.


5 Stars OH SO GOOD!

from GA on wrote:

This is a great tea, especially right now with spring in the air! I love the subtle flavor, and just the right amount of sweetness! It will be one of my favorites!



from WI on wrote:

LOVE IT! I was reluctant to order tea I haven't tried yet but I was ready to expand my flavors and I was NOT disappointed. I have been drinking the Blackberry Sage tea for YEARS. And now I can say I have another fav. Thank you! :)

5 Stars

from on wrote:

This is the best tea ever. Just got compliments on it from people I had given tea to as gifts also. You need to try it!!

Love the aroma!

5 Stars Love the aroma!

from MO on wrote:

This is an absolute favorite; however, I love several of the superfruit teas!

Delicious, fruity, and light

5 Stars Delicious, fruity, and light

from MN on wrote:

Just had my first 4 cups this morning. This is a delicious, fruity tea that tastes like a fresh, juicy black raspberry. I drink green tea daily and this is my new favorite blend.

5 Stars

from on wrote:

I'm not a huge fan of green tea, but I still enjoy it from time to time. I find I'm more picky about which flavors are mixed with green tea than with black tea, but this is a winning combination! The fruit flavor is strong, but not overpowering and you can still taste the flavor of the green tea. The two work perfectly together. It's not too sweet and not tart. This will likely be one of my go-to green teas from now on.

Best Tea ever!

5 Stars Best Tea ever!

from IA on wrote:

This tea has the most amazing aroma so I was pleased to find out the taste was just as awesome. I absolutely drink this "hot" every day.

Best Tea ever!

5 Stars Best Tea ever!

from IA on wrote:

This tea has the most amazing aroma so I was pleased to find out the taste was just as awesome. I absolutely drink this "hot" every day.


5 Stars Fabulous!

from MA on wrote:

Smells wonderful and has a delicate berry flavor.