from NC on wrote:

What can I say! Pomegranate is a SUPER FRUIT and what better way to get in all year long! This is my favorite of the ALL. First of all the tea bag is filled with tea. You do not need 2 bags like some tea brands suggest you use. The flavor is rich and full and NOT watered down. Loaded with Antioxidants and Green Tea from China. OK China does tea best we all know that, so with this tea, we get the best of both worlds. My weightloss journey would not be complete without the Pomegranate Green Tea. Grab some today and let the healing begin!

Sweeter than I expected

5 Stars Sweeter than I expected

from NY on wrote:

Very tasty! Want to try it as an iced tea. Sweet all by itself. Nice for a change. Will buy it again.

Great Teas

5 Stars Great Teas

from MI on wrote:

so far, I have bought 5 different teas from your company. All have been excellent. I can't wait to try more! also delivery was great. received my teas in just 2 days after ordering,.

Just love good tea!

5 Stars Just love good tea!

from MI on wrote:

This is one of the best teas I have ever tasted. I have shared it with my friends. When I need a pick me up, I go for pomegranate tea.

Can't start the day without it.

5 Stars Can't start the day without it.

from CA on wrote:

Wonderful flavor, always refreshing to start the day.


5 Stars Excellent

from ND on wrote:

Excellent flavor and will be ordering more.


4 Stars Pomegranate

from CA on wrote:

was good!

Great mix of sour and sweet

5 Stars Great mix of sour and sweet

from MD on wrote:

Pomegranate is such a wonderful mix of sour and sweet. This tea brings that great flavor combination to tea...without the drugs (caffeine). I highly recommend this tea.

Wondeful and refreshing

5 Stars Wondeful and refreshing

from PA on wrote:

This is my go to tea for a quick refreshing pick me up.

I love it!

I love it!

from OR on wrote:

I love this tea. I started it as a, "double whammy," of antioxidents, but now really just prefer it to everything else. I drink a 12 oz mug, nearly every morning. I read the review that said this, the decaf, is weaker than the "caf." I haven't noticed that, but that could be because my tea steeps for quite a while before I get to drink it. Bottomline, I love it!

Family Favorite

5 Stars Family Favorite

from AR on wrote:

My family tried this last week and loved it, even my brother-in-law. I sent some back with them and everyone is enjoying it during these summer days!


4 Stars Tasty

from CO on wrote:

Lovely flavor to this tea. Be warned, though, it will curdle milk, so you must drink it black.


5 Stars staple

from IN on wrote:

This beautiful delicious tea has become a staple of my diet. I serve it to my alcohol free guests cold in a beautiful stemmed wine glass with dinner and all my girlfriends ask for it. I am grateful for the lesson on brewing green tea to enjoy the subtle taste.

I've had Better

3 Stars I've had Better

from MD on wrote:

My first purchase was regular pomgranate tea which I thought was very nice. Next I tried the decafe pomgranate tea and was disappointed due to the thin flavor. I have to use two bags to get a decent cup (12 oz) of tea.

Loved it!

5 Stars Loved it!

from MA on wrote:

Wonderful flavor, enjoying a cup a day!