Tea Spoon

5 Stars Tea Spoon

from OH on wrote:

Wanted to try loose leaf tea. This made it so easy for a first timer like me.


5 Stars gifting

from TX on wrote:

nice price

It works

3 Stars It works

from FL on wrote:

It works well enough. I always end up with a small amount of leaves at the bottom of my cup, but I've learned to live with it.

worked well

5 Stars worked well

from WV on wrote:

I bought this to keep from using a tea pot with a separate infuser for one cup/mug of tea. I am very pleased with the ease of use - one cup of tea, one mug used and great tea to sip.

super lilttle dipper

3 Stars super lilttle dipper

from MN on wrote:

love being able to use the tea leaves more than once , actually 3 times!

Works great, as I expected

4 Stars Works great, as I expected

from WV on wrote:

I have had a hard time even finding this item now that I have it I find that it works great, as I expected it would.

It works

4 Stars It works

from IN on wrote:

I don't know about tasting...I just know I bought it for my mom for her organic Earl Grey and she loves it!

Love My Little Dipper

4 Stars Love My Little Dipper

from IL on wrote:

It is great for brewing just one cup of tea. It is holding up great. I like that it is stainless steel. It cleans up great too!

Love My Little Dipper

5 Stars Love My Little Dipper

from OH on wrote:

This is perfect for a cup of tea. I use mine every day, and I'm had it for several years. It is an excellent investment. Only fill it on one side, as most teas expand a lot.

The Little Dipper

5 Stars The Little Dipper

from IL on wrote:

Made a great stocking stuffer. I use it every day! Great purchase!

Works great!

Works great!

from NY on wrote:

Awesome little item, I been using it every day for the past 4 months and have no complaints about it, I'm actually thinking of buying another one just in case.

2 Stars

from NY on wrote:

No good.....

Great for the office

4 Stars Great for the office

from NC on wrote:

Handy infuser for home or office if you use loose tea leaves. Never have to worry about being out of filters.

The perfect little infuser

5 Stars The perfect little infuser

from CA on wrote:

Awesome little infuser, just the right size. Stays shut very well and doesn't leak tea leaves. Takes a minute to clean, but otherwise perfect!

Perfectly Suits My Loose Tea Needs

Perfectly Suits My Loose Tea Needs

from TX on wrote:

I like the ease of use (spring-back mechanism), and am very happy with this item.

Snazzy little Helper

4 Stars Snazzy little Helper

from on wrote:

Very handy managing loose tea; just scoop it in and drop it into my cup. No escaped "edibles". Only recommendation would be to make the hand-held portion with a flattened area so it doesn't twist in hand when holding open

Looks great but leaks!

3 Stars Looks great but leaks!

from MN on wrote:

I bought the Little Dipper at a local store. I love the look of it. It holds enough tea for a single serving. BUT it leaks leaves out the sides, even when it appears to be snugly closed, even when I take care to tuck the leaves into one half and make sure none are in the way. Too bad, because I thought the point of an infuser was to keep the tea leaf-free. (Maybe I'm wrong. I'm relatively new to loose-leaf tea.) The handle absorbs heat from the water, of course, so be careful not to burn yourself when removing it from your cup. (This is not a problem with chain infusers.)

Does the job...

3 Stars Does the job...

from ME on wrote:

I currently use two of these infusers to steep tea in my large thermos a few times each day. They do the job... But not without escaped leaves (always). I do wish the capacity of each bulb was slightly larger, too. All in all, just OK.

Leaf Leakless

5 Stars Leaf Leakless

from VA on wrote:

One of the best things about it is that it doesn't leak tiny leaves like so many other infusers do. And it arrived so quickly!

Better than the kind on a chain

5 Stars Better than the kind on a chain

from MI on wrote:

Great for individual servings, just put the tea in,set it in your cup, and pour the water over. I don't know why I prefer it to the little ball on a chain type. It just has a 'cool' factor for me.

Best for smaller leaves

3 Stars Best for smaller leaves

from on wrote:

I've found that using this with a tightly rolled or large-leaf tea simply doesn't work-- the leaves expand too much and end up being cramped inside the infuser (steep them loose or in a basket instead). For smaller leaves, however, it is a wonderful and convenient addition to my tea shelf.